UNI Biographies Portrait Book

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Paul Ross Trafton portrait
Mathematics Faculty
Jean Ann Trout portrait
Education Faculty
Todd Michael VanDenHul portrait
Computer Staff
Marjorie Fay Fink Vargas portrait
Laboratory School Faculty
Verna E. Vinding portrait
Engineering Services Staff
Edward V. Voldseth portrait
Vice President
William Waack portrait
Faculty, Teacher Education
Edward F. Wagner portrait
Library Faculty
Francis K. Wahner portrait
Marion McFarland Walker portrait
Dean of Women
Robert Waller portrait
Economics Professor/Author
Verla Arlene Walters portrait
Library Staff
Stanley D. Walvatne portrait
Campbell Hall Custodian
Catherine M. Ward portrait
Housekeeping Staff
Jack W. Warmuth portrait
Building Services Staff
Jennifer E. Watson portrait
Intercollegiate Athletics Staff
Elvin R. Watters portrait
Boiler Operator
Carl O. Wehner portrait
Mathematics Faculty
Harold Wengert portrait
Price Lab faculty
Lawrence W. Whitford portrait
Physical Education Faculty and Coach
Donald Wiederanders portrait
Laboratory School Faculty
Mona J. Wiesley portrait
Alumni Services Staff
Myron J. Wilcox portrait
Education Faculty
Monica Wild portrait
Physical Education Faculty
Anna R. Wild portrait
Executive Secretary
Donald C. Williams Jr. portrait
Head custodian
Frances M. Wilson portrait
Maucker Union Staff
Betty Jeanne Wilson portrait
Laboratory School Secretary
Nixon Albert Wilson portrait
Biology Faculty
Margaret Weiser Wirth portrait
Education Faculty
Stanley Wood portrait
Director of Theater
Mildred Hope Fisher Wood portrait
Education Faculty
David Sands Wright portrait
Mathematics, Religious Education Faculty
Ione M. Zach portrait
Housekeeping Staff