"Industrial Technology Sculpture"

Robert Engman, Professor of Sculpture at the University of Pennsylvania
Year Installed: 
Industrial Arts Center
Location Detail: 
Northwest of the Industrial Technology Center, visible from University Avenue

The sculpture consists of 1,536 Cor-ten steel rods that are four feet long and one-half inch wide. These rods were welded together to form interlocking curvilinear patterns. The "Industrial Technology Sculpture" is approximately eight feet in both height and width, weighing 4,300 pounds. It is placed on a four and a half foot tall pedestal. The sculpture is meant to reflect the positive aspects of man's relationship with technology.

Other: The sculpture becomes a giant kaleidoscope because of the changing light patterns coming through the rods. Made of Cor-ten steel, the sculpture is intended to corrode to a point to form a protective layer for the steel within.


Compiled by Sarah Eaton; edited by Susan Basye Special Collections and University Archives February 1998