"Impact of Experience"

Ted Egri
Year Installed: 
Rod Library
Location Detail: 
Between Rod Library and East Gymnasium

Title: "Impact of Experience"

Sculptor: Ted Egri, visiting Professor of Art

Location: Between the Rod Library and the East Gym

Description: The sculpture stands on an eight-foot cement base. Two abstract horizontal forms of Cor-ten steel stretch twelve feet across. The large shape represents experience, and the small shape represents the eager, uninitiated mind. Overall, the sculpture represents the clash between experience and the process by which one arrives at it.

Critical Reaction: Reactions to the sculpture ranged from curiosity and enthusiasm to indifference and apathy. The sculpture was often described as controversial; generally, it has not been understood.

Other: "Cor-ten" is made of two words-corrosion and tension. The sculpture has been intentionally rusting to deepen the color and to serve as a protective shell for the steel within.


"Impact of Experience" in 1977.


Compiled by Sarah Eaton; edited by Susan Basye
Special Collections and University Archives
February 1998