Loan Policy

Special Collections & University Archives at Rod Library at the University of Northern Iowa generally does not circulate or otherwise loan materials from its collections, including University Archives, Manuscripts, Small Press, Rare Books, Wadle Paperback, American Fiction, and Stageberg Linguistics Collections. 

There is an exception for loans to the Digital Scholarship Unit at Rod Library. Such loans do not require the Loan Out Form but should still be documented on the Special Collections Materials Handling and Collections Usage Log.

Loans of material from SC&UA are exceptional and must be given prior approval by the University Archivist. Requests to borrow an item must be submitted in writing to the University Archivist no less than 48 SC&UA working hours prior to the date wanted by the Borrower. The Borrower will respect the University Archivist’s decision and the terms of the loan agreement, as explained below.

Terms of the Loan Agreement

  • The Borrower must have a valid UNI ID card or Visitor's Courtesy Card from Library Services.
  • The Borrower and University Archivist must complete a Loan Out Form, including an item-level list of loaned materials.
  • The Borrower must provide a written explanation of the purpose of the loan request and intended use, which must be approved by the University Archivist.
  • The loan period will be agreed upon and documented in writing by the Borrower and University Archivist, and is not to exceed 60 days.
  • The borrower will not damage, clean, or otherwise alter the loaned materials, which can include fees for conservation or repair. All loss or damage shall be reported to SC&UA immediately.
  • The borrower must follow the Special Collections General Use and Service Policies, as posted on the Library's website.
  • SC&UA reserves the right to refuse to loan materials, or to cancel the loan agreement and recall the materials.
  • Borrowers with outstanding overdue loans will be denied future loan requests.


Adopted or Revised Date: July 31, 2019
Review Date: 2019/07