"Environmental Place"

Hu Hung Shu
Year Installed: 
Schindler Education Center
Location Detail: 
East of Schindler Education Center

Title: "Environmental Place"

Sculptor: Hu Hung Shu, Professor of Art at the University of Iowa

Location: East plaza outside Schindler Education Center

Description: The sculpture consists of two separate pieces, a fountain and a solar structure. Water is channeled underground and directed out of the red, white, and blue concrete fountain, falling onto a pattern of bricks constructed at an angle to form a "stepping stone reservoir" (Northern Iowan, 10/23/73). The reservoir fills to a certain point, and then the water moves on and is circulated through again.

A short distance from the fountain are two solar pieces, made of polished steel and concrete, that reflect against each other to give a sense of the sun's interaction with water.

Other: The intention of the sculpture is to extend art into the landscape. Hu Hung Shu wished to display and emphasize the value of air, water, sun, wind, and earth in their interaction, showing the importance of the environment and natural resources. In warm weather, it is not unusual to see students playing in and around the fountain.

Compiled by Sarah Eaton; edited by Susan Basye
Special Collections and University Archives
March 1998