"Variations on a Theme: Joy"

Robert A. Lorr, Associate Professor in Department of Architecture at Iowa State University
Year Installed: 
Mauker Union
Location Detail: 
North of McCollum Science Hall

The sculpture consists of three abstract figures made of stainless steel.

Critical Reaction: Most students had a negative reaction to the sculpture. According to one UNI faculty member, the student reaction was due to a lack of awareness of art trends (The Cedar Falls Record, 8/29/75).

Other: Originally the sculpture was to be placed inside Maucker Union. Instead, it was erected southwest of the building. A window was to be built in the Union Hemisphere Lounge through which students could view the sculpture, but this never materialized. The sculpture was then moved to the plaza between Maucker Union and Rod Library, shown in the photo here. Later, the sculpture was again moved to its current location between Seerley Hall and McCollum Science Hall.

A piece of the sculpture was broken off in the fall of 1977. The piece resurfaced one year later near Rider Hall. Plant Services modified the piece, which was not able to withstand outdoor wear, to make it stronger. In 1990, a piece again disappeared.

Compiled by Sarah Eaton, edited by Susan Basye
Special Collections and University Archives
April 1998