Commencement - May 1915

Friday, May 21, 1915
President Seerley (Baccalaureate Address); Hon. George Cosson, Attorney General of Iowa (Commencement Address)
  • The parade of the Literary Societies was held on Friday, May 21.
  • The Annual Concert was held Friday, May 21.
  • Class picnics were held Saturday, May 22 in the afternoon.
  • The commencement play was performed Saturday, May 22.
  • Baccalaureate services were held on Sunday, May 23, with President Seerley giving the address.
  • The Alumni Prayer Service was held Sunday, May 23 in the evening.
  • The Alumni Business Meeting and Dinner were held Monday, May 24.
  • A luncheon honoring the graduates took place on Tuesday, May 25.
  • Commencement was held Tuesday, May 25.
  • "Nathan Hale" was chosen as the commencement play.
  • A review of the play claims it was the best in the history of the college.
  • Miss Ida Fesenbeck is president of the Alumni Association this year.
  • Commencement is being held early this tear due to the change in the length of the College year to forty-eight weeks.
  • Alumni Day is May 24.