Commencement - June 1902

Wednesday, June 11, 1902
R. C. Barrett, Board of Trustees
  • The Ladies' Literary Societies celebrated their anniversaries on Friday, June 6.
  • Class Day activities began on Monday, June 9, at 9: 30 AM.
  • Commencement activities began on Wednesday, June 11, at 9:30 AM.
    • "Slumber Song", by the Mandolin Club
    • "As the Twig is Bent", by Ida May Fell, Clarence
    • Decisive Battles, by J. Foy Cross, Shellsburg
    • "Queen of the Night", by the Cecilian Glee Club
    • Hero Worship in Modern Times, by Lucretia Eighmey, Cedar Falls
    • Heirs of All the Ages, by Orrell Larrison, Dexter
    • Samuel Adams, by Arthur Vincent, Murray
    • Characteristics of America, by Sedona L. Fesenbeck, Danbury
    • The Spirit of the Nineteenth Century, by John O. Kirkpatrick, Brighton
  • This marked the first year in which the Women's Literary Societies celebrated their anniversaries simultaneously.