Commencement - June 1893

Wednesday, June 21, 1893
  • Baccalaureate address by President H. H. Seerley
  • Drill of the I. S. N. S. Battalion under the command of Major W. A. Dinwiddie
  • Invocation by Professor A. Loughridge, Latin
  • Salutatory delivered by Miss Olive Grobel of Cresco, Illinois
  • Eulogy delivered by A. L. Comstock of Eagle Grove
  • Orchestral musical performances
  • The Individual in History, an oration by Nellie McAlvin of Farmersburg
  • The Nobility in Labor, an oration by Carl Treimer of Dixon
  • A Political Problem, an oration by F. G. Miller of Elliott
  • Science and Child Nature, an oration by Ella F. Scurry of Eldora
  • Our Passion, an oration by Mary K. Fluke of Elma
  • The Jew in Politics, an oration by Charles Henry of Astor
  • Indices of Character, an oration by Gertrude Childs of Atlantic
  • Quartette performance of Brinkworth's Birds of Spring Waltz by Misses Marshall, McAlvin, Heverly, and Shaw
  • The Tragedy of Less and More, an oration by Leslie A. I. Chapman of Cedar Falls
  • Tsarism, an oration by C. C. MaGee of Cedar Falls
  • Address to Class of 1893 by the Honorable J. B. Knoepfler of the Board of Directors
  • Conferring of degrees
  • Benediction
  • Clara Blackburn was awarded first prize among the poets reciting their work for Class Day. Competitors included C. A. Frederick, C. W. Bartine, and S. Younkin.
  • This was the first year in which¬†both spring and winter ceremonies were held.