Commencement - June 1892

Wednesday, June 8, 1892
  • Baccalaureate address by President H. H. Seerley
  • Drill of the S. N. S. Battalion under the command of Major W. A. Dinwiddie
  • A Larger Hope by M. Elizabeth, an oration by Wyant of White Pigeon
  • The Partition of Poland, an oration by E. Avery Crary of Whitten
  • The Modern Growth, an oration of Freedom by Emma Silliman of Nevada
  • Kuecken's Onward, Bonny Boat, be Flying a musical performance by the Ladies' Chorus
  • Lost Stars of America, an oration by May Bixby of Cedar Falls
  • Boom and Boomerang, an oration by J. P. Huggett of Carbon Junction
  • Our Periodicals, an oration by Bridgie E. Cunningham of Cedar Falls
  • Liszt's Second Rhapsodie, a solo piano performance by Miss Florence Clay of Cedar Falls
  • The Story of the Stick, an oration by George H. Olmsted of Cedar Falls
  • Standard Time--All Watches Set, an oration by Mamie F. Hearst of Cedar Falls
  • A Military Record Reviewed, an oration by Edmund P. Cunningham of Cedar Falls
  • Orchestral musical performance
  • Address to Class of 1892 by the Honorable J. B. Knoepfler of the Board of Directors
  • Conferring of degrees
  • Benediction
  • First review of an S. N. S. Battalion exhibitionary drill by Governor Horace Boies