Commencement - June 1887

Tuesday, June 21, 1887

Tuesday, June 21, 10:00 AM. English Course--Third Year Class.

  • Invocation
  • Music
  • The Dark in the Light Ages, by James Alderson, Strawberry Point
  • The Two Sunsets, by Ella N. Evers, Valparasio, Nebraska
  • The Banquet of Minerva, by Jennie Hogg, Manson
  • The Short-hand Spirit of the Age, by Elmer E. Harrison, Cromwell
  • Out Nation's Palladium, by Susie E. Mack, Fayette
  • Piano solo, "Caprice de Concert" (River King), played by Emma Showdy
  • Private or Governmental Control?, by Mary J. Palmer, Malcolm
  • Chorus, "How Lovely are the Messengers," (Mendelssohn)

Wednesday, June 22, 10:00, AM. Elective Latin Course--Third Year Class.

  • Invocation
  • Piano solo--"Fantasie", (Prudent), played by Jennie Hogg, Manson
  • American Feudalism, by W. O. Cummings, Mitchell
  • Gleams Through the Darkness, by Bridgie E. Cunningham, Cedar Falls
  • Free Trade View of the Tariff, by William T. Dick, Big Mound
  • The Goblet of Life, by Nellie L. Hearst, Cedar Falls
  • Turning the Grindstone, by George S. Dick, Gladbrook


  • The Royal Robe, by Sarah Peters, Princeville, Illinois
  • Study of Social Life,  by Thomas S. Lytle, Washington
  • Modern Socialism, by Livingston Morris, Bentonsport
  • Oratory, Minnie V. Wynkoop, Bellevue
  • Why is Ireland Destitute?, by J. J. McMahon, Aplington
  • Chorus, "Sing Ye Jehovah's Praises," (Werschkul)

Wednesday, June 22, 2:00 PM.  Fourth Year Class

  • Male quartette--"Annie Laurie," (Buck)
  • The Uncounted Factor, by C. H. Mishler, Hubbard
  • Dangers and Demands of the Age, by A. M. Fields, Cedar Falls
  • The Master's Vineyard, by Henry Ed. Nothomb, Colorado
  • Excelsior, by W. M. Fields, Jr., Cedar Falls
  • Vocal solo--"Sancta Maria", (Faurer)
  • Address to graduates, by J. C. Millman, member of Board of Directors
  • Conferring of degrees
  • Benediction
  • The anniversaries of the Philomathean Society (11th), the Alpha Society (11th), the Shakespearean Circle (3rd), and the alumni program were celebrated.
  • Excerpt from William Lang's A Century of Leadership and Service:  "Resolved by the State Board of Directors that the State Board of Examiners be invited to hold an examination at Cedar Falls in June 1887, and annually thereafter for the purpose of giving our graduates an opportunity to be examined for state certificates."  The Board adopted the resolution.  On June 13, 1887, the Department of Public Instruction issued nineteen certificates to Normal School graduates, who had successfully passed the certification examinations given earlier in Cedar Falls.