Commencement - June 1883

Thursday, June 21, 1883
South Hall
Principal J. C. Gilchrist, N. W. Boyes
  • Baccalaureate sermon by Principal J. C. Gilchrist, Sunday, June 17 at 2:30 PM
  • Anniversary exercises of the Philomathean Society, Monday, June 18 at 2:00 PM
  • Anniversary exercises of the Alpha Society, Tuesday, June 19, at 2:30 PM
  • Alumni exercises, Wednesday, June 20 at 2:30 PM
  • Exercises of the graduating class, Thursday, June 21 at 10:00 AM

Graduating exercises of the Didactics Class, Thursday morning

  • Anthem, "Praise the Lord," (Root) sung by the choir
  • Invocation
  • Education and the Elective Franchise, oration by Edward H. Griffin, Cedar Falls
  • Memory, an essay by Nettie M. Davis, Sac City
  • Triumphs, an oration by Mamie F. Hearst, Cedar Falls
  • Alsacian Airs, (Leybach), piano solo by Miss Robbins
  • The Life Saving Service, oration by Alice M. Hurley, Ackley
  • The Axe is Laid at the Root, oration by Kate E. Nevile, Ackley
  • The Casket and its Jewel, oration by Alice F, Burbeck, Sac City
  • Thou Who Art Faithful, (Emerson), sung by the choir
  • The Imagination, oration by Florence F. Walraven, Wheatland
  • Conversation of Force, essay by Lottie E. Rodgers, Blakeville
  • Might Places the Burden, essay by Armindia Reynolds, Pella
  • Tendencies of American Civilization, oration by Elmer E. Bartlett, Cedar Falls
  • Elisire d'Amore, (Renaud de Vilbac), piano duet by Misses Robbins and Flint

Thursday afternoon

  • Anthem, "The Lord Reigneth," (Emerson), sung by the choir
  • Teachings of Fiction, oration by Clarissa A. Ensign, New Hartford
  • Higher Culture, oration by Marguerite Rae, Cherokee
  • Sublimity--Its Power and Influence, oration by Will A. Bartlett, Cedar Falls
  • Ballade, III, (Chopin), piano solo by Miss McLagan
  • The Fall of the Alamo, oration by Jennie Marble, Leadville, Colorado
  • Music and Its Mission, oration by Carrie Flint, Nashua
  • Vox Populi Vox Dei, oration by Elmer E. Best Evergreen
  • Return of Spring, (Emerson), chorus sung by the choir
  • Address to the graduates by E. H. Thayer, President board of Directors
  • Presentation of diplomas
  • Doxology, by the congregation
  • Benediction
  • First class to speak in the "new chapel", in South Hall, later named Gilchrist Hall
  • All exercises held at the new South Hall
  • This marked the seventh year of commencement exercises.
  • The day closed with a reception in the evening.