Commencement - June 1881

Tuesday, June 21, 1881
Methodist Episcopal Church
Principal J. C. Gilchrist, Governor Gear, Board of Directors
  • Annual sermon by Principal J. C. Gilchrist, Sunday, June 19, 1881, at 2:30 P. M., Central Hall
  • Oral examinations of classes.  Monday, A. M., and Tuesday, A. M.
  • Meeting of the Alumni Association, Tuesday, June 21, at 7:30 P. M.
  • Annual meeting of the Board of Directors, Wednesday,  June 22
  • Anniversary of the Philomathean Literary Society, Monday, June 20, 1881, 2 P. M., Central Hall
  • Anniversary of the Alpha Literary Society, Tuesday, June 21, 1881, Central Hall.
  • First Commencement day.  Wednesday, June 22, 1881.  Exercises began at 2 P. M., Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Second Commencement day.  Thursday, June 23, 1881.  Exercises began at 10 A. M. for the morning session, and at 2 P. M., for the afternoon Session, Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Presentation of graduates, and address of President of Board of Directors, Honorable E. J. Thayer, Clinton
  • Delivery of diplomas
  • Principal's reception
  • Baccalaureate address, June 9, 4 P. M.
  • High School graduate class, June 10, 2 P. M.
  • Annual address, Honorable Henry Sabin, June 10, 8 P. M.
  • Tuesday section, Didactics class, June 11, 10  A. M.
  • Alumni literary entertainment, June 11, 2  P. M.
  • Wednesday section, Didactics class, June 12, 10 A. M.
  • Scientific class, June 12, 2 P. M.
  • "The Governor delivered a spicy little speech, which was received with applause, and at the close of school, as the students filed out of the room, each had the honor and pleasure of shaking hands with our worthy Governor."
  • "The Reverend A. D. Mayo, D. D., of Boston, will be the orator before the officers and students of Iowa State Normal School at the next Commencement.  Dr. Mayo is a celebrated author and orator and a devoted defender of the common school cause.  This oration will be a masterpiece in thought and delivery."
  • Extracts from graduating orations of the Classes of 1881 appear in the student newspaper, The Student Offering, Volume 4, Issue 19.