Commencement - June 1880

Thursday, June 24, 1880
Methodist Episcopal Church
Honorable G. S. Robinson of Storm Lake, Principal J. C. Gilchrist, Honorable Henry Sabin
  • Program.  Commencement week.
  • Anniversary of literary societies, June 8, 8 P.  M.
  • Baccalaureate address, June 9, 4 P. M.
  • High school graduate class, June 10, 2 P. M.
  • Annual address, Honorable Henry Sabin, June 10, 8 P. M.
  • Tuesday section, Didactics Class, June 11, 10 A. M.
  • Alumni literary entertainment, June 11, 2 P. M.
  • Wednesday section, Didactics Class, June 12, 10 A. M.
  • Scientific Class. June 12, 2 P. M.

Program.  Monday, 2 P.M...

Clara A. Boss
N. Emma England
Hilda G. Lunden
Martha H. Miller
May Roberts
Agnes Russell
Helen Sisson
Mary L. Stever
Katherine S. Townsend
Mary R. White

Tuesday, 10 A.M.

*Nellie F. Anderson
May M. Boynton
C. F. Curtis
Maggie L. Cunningham
Ella M. Ford
C. W. Cobb
Mary Hieber
Elizabeth R. Jones
C. A. Fullerton
Lizzie M. Kallenbach
*L. B. Moffett
Anna Morgan
W. L. Hearst
Minnie E. Stafford
Blanche Simmons
Anna E. Wilson
M. O. Roland

Wednesday, 10 A. M.

Bertha Bishop
E. D. Y. Culbertson
Laura J. Brown
Lizzie M. Ellis
B. B. Foster
Emelie M. Kreig
Minnie Mack
C. J. Griffin
Alma E. Morrison
Lizzie A. Rhodes
*Luella V. Simmons
John A. Kleinsorge
Alice E. Wright
*A. J. Stone
Libbie M. Wyatt
F. C. Sage
*G. N. Sabin

Wednesday, 2 P. M.

Thomas R. Amlie
Isabella Cowan
P. G. Fullerton
Lillian L. Crosley
Chas. C. Miller
Lizzie Hughes
W. R. Patterson
Pauline M. Leader

Commencement exercises.  Fourth year.
Graduating exercises of the Elementary class program. Part I

Anthem, "Glory be unto God on High," (Hunt), performed by the Normal Choir


Moral Heroism, oration by Frank R. Gardner, Miller's Creek
American Art, oration by Sue M. Sawyer, Le Mars
Progress, essay by Carrie M. Williams, Northwood
Across the Alps Lies Italy, essay by Clara Cooke, Tripoli
The Truths of To-day, the Mistakes of To-morrow, oration by Carrie J. Lang, Marshalltown
La Marsellaise, (Kunkel), piano solo Miss McLagan
Civil Service Reform, oration by Charles E. Moore, Miller's Creek
Heirs of the Ages, essay Louise Olbrich, Cedar Falls
Independent Thought, oration by M. M. Dietz, Waterloo
Patriotic Eloquence, oration by Cora Pierce, Belmond
Sweet and low, (Barnby), vocal music by Semi Chorus
Practical Education, oration by J. E. McCarty, Guthrie
Misfortunes of Literary Men, essay by Alice Felmley, Cedar Falls
Teaching as a Profession, oration by Kate E. Nevile, Ackley
The Influence of Faces, essay by Carrie Cox, Cedar Falls
Communism, oration by Mary D. Ballantyne, Brooklyn
La Somnambule, (Lickl), duo-piano and organ by Misses McLagan and Buchanan
Anthem, "Gloria in excelsis," (Mozart), by the Chorus
Harmony, oration by Ella M. Shaffner, Hudson
Chivalry, oration by Idella E. Chapman, New Hartford
Our Life Work, oration by Ella D. Williams, Waterloo
Music -- Sewall's Cornet Band
Our American Entertainments, oration by Hannah B. Gallagher, Le Mars
True Bravery, oration by Jennie L. Buchanan, Cherokee
A Cup of Cold Water, oration by Addie V. Gallagher, Le Mars
Is She Honored?, oration by Jennie M. Buchanan, Le Mars
Crises, Oration by Elizabeth Perkins, Sioux City
Piano solo -- Rigoletto (Lizt) by Miss McLagan

Graduating exercises of the Didactics Class

Part II
Milton, oration by Eva Cooke, Tripoli
Civilization, oration by Edward T. Moyer, Jesup
Does the World Need Fanatics? oration by Eliza Rawstern, Greencastle
Triumphal March, Damascus, (Costa), by the Chorus

Graduating exercises of the Scientific Class

Part III.
Boundaries of Human Knowledge, oration by Anna E. McGovern, Mitchell
The Education of the Emotions, oration by Maude Gilchrist, Cedar Falls
Address to graduates, by the Honorable G. S. Robinson, Chairman of the Educational Committee

Presentation of diplomas

Doxology, by the congregation

  • Commencement exercises came eight days after the conclusion of the State Examinations, and lasted most of a week.  They began with a Sunday baccalaureate sermon preached by Principal Gilchrist followed on Monday and Tuesday by meetings of the Board of Directors, literary societies, and alumni.  On Wednesday the "Annual Oration" delivered by a nationally prominent person preceded the actual Commencement Day on Thursday.  The final day, devoted mainly to orations by the graduates, concluded with a speech by a member of the Board of Directors and the delivery of diplomas and the address of the Principal.
  • Maude Gilchrist of Cedar Falls and Anna E. McGovern of Mitchell became the first students to graduate from the Scientific Course and receive the Bachelor of Didactics degree.
  • Fourth year of commencement exercises