Commencement - June 1879

Thursday, June 26, 1879

Graduating exercises of the Didactics Class.  Program

  • Piano solo for left hand, by Miss Jordan of Waverly
  • Truth, original oration by W. I. Benham of Garnavillo
  • Our Aristocracy, original oration by Anna E. Fitch of Janesville
  • Christian Art:  Its Influence on Civilization, original oration by Kate E. Mullarky of Cedar Falls
  • Science, original oration by Anna McGovern of Mitchell
  • Address to the graduates by the President of the Board, the Honorable S. G. Smith of Newton
  • Presentation of the diplomas
  • America, as sung by the congregation
  • Benediction
  • Graduating exercises of the Elementary Class.   Program, part I
  • Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah, as sung by the congregation
  • Man as Man, original oration by Will H. Harwood of Grove Hill
  • Anarchy in the South, original oration by Daniel Eiler of Cedar Falls
  • Literary Beauties of the Bible, original oration by Eva Cooke of Tripoli
  • Music by Ida Manatt -- La Reine des Fees, Galop
  • Nature's Hidden Treasurers, original oration by Alice McManus of Hudson
  • Scales, original oration by George Chandler of Riceville
  • Clouds, original oration by Cleland Gilchrist of Cedar Falls
  • The Pillars of Light original oration by Jennie Macy of Northwood
  • Piano solo by Miss Jordan
  • America and Her Religion, original oration by C. W. Johnston of Utica
  • Then and Now, original oration by Frank R. Willis of Nugent's Grove
  • Unrestricted Suffrage, original oration by S. B. Reed of Cedar Falls
  • Why Should She Study? original oration by Louisa Jennings of Janesville
  • Music duet by Misses Perkins and Flint -- Les Danus de Seville
  • Part II. Music quartette consisting of Messrs. Montford and Jordan, and Misses Hatch and Miller
  • Our Government a Success, original oration by Edgar Anderson of Marshalltown
  • High Lights and Deep Shadows, original oration by May Davis of Hudson
  • Keys, original oration by Lou P. Barrett of Ellington
  • Music by Miss Hatch -- Song
  • Influence of Nations, original oration by Rose E. Southard of Charles City
  • Our Early English Literature, original oration by Eliza Rawstern of Greencastle
  • Principal Gilchrist's son, Cleland, graduated in the second class.