Commencement - December 1892

Tuesday, December 13, 1892
Normal Chapel
  • Piano duet of Weber's Overture: Oberon by Misses McKay and Wilcox
  • America's Great Teachers, an oration by Mary E. Bechly of Searsboro
  • The Ideal of Today, the Real of Tomorrow, an oration by Angie J. Elder of Ireton
  • Impersonation of the Empress Eugenie an oration by Olive I. Henness of Beacon
  • Solo performance of D. Buck's When the Heart is Young by Miss Annie Lees of Cedar Falls
  • Whittier as a Reformer , an oration by Florence Knickerbocker of Cedar Falls
  • The Thrush of Amesbury, an oration by Matie B. Steimel of Eagle Center
  • Solo and quartet performance of E'Lisire D'Amore's These Moments Entrancing by Mr. Robert Fullerton, Misses Lees and Heverly, and Messrs. Moore and Byers
  • Motives, an oration by Emma Sheffer of Cedar Falls.
  • The Ideal Citizen, an oration by George E. Welles of Riceville
  • Solo musical performance of Grieg's Open Thy Lattice by Mr. Robert Fullerton
  • Conferring of degrees
  • Benediction
  • First mid-year Commencement celebration.