Mildred R. Blackwood

Laboratory School Faculty
MILDRED RUSSELL BLACKMAN In Memoriam Mildred R. Blackman, Professor Emeritus, Teaching, died Tuesday, February 16, 1988, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Her high standards of teaching, love of beauty in nature, and creative abilities contributed to the rich heritage she left her family, friends, and university colleagues. Mildred was born November 19, 1908, in Elmo, Missouri. After receiving her early education in the Missouri public schools, she earned a Bachelor of Education degree at Northeast Missouri State College, Maryville, Missouri, and a Master of Education degree at the University of Missouri. Later she completed advanced study at the University of Colorado and Syracuse University. Her early years of teaching were in the Maryville schools. In 1948, she joined the faculty of Price Laboratory School, University of Northern Iowa. Throughout her university tenure, she made significant contributions to professional publications, curriculum development, and teacher education. In the classroom, with teaching expertise, quiet enthusiasm, and warm encouragement, she directed a succession of university teacher education students and elementary school pupils in their educational and personal development. She believed in the worth of every person as a contributing citizen, and, with remarkable skill and limitless patience, involved each individual in the process of attaining that goal. Following her retirement in 1976, Mildred kept alive her interests in children, education, nature, and poetry. Green is a Magnet, a collection of many of her poems, was published in 1983. Family members and friends, remembering the difference Mildred made in their lives, find reflections of her joyful inner spirit and her philosophy of life in her poetry. GOODWILL A smile when started, returns, redoubles, multiplies-- a web of happiness from one warm glow. -Mildred R. Blackman INFLUENCE A pebble dropped on still water pierces the surface, disappears. Its ripple shows no favoritism but spreads in widening circles-- amiably, kindly, sharing its potential. -Mildred R. Blackman Mary Margaret Schmitt, Chair Marguirette Struble Randall Bebb Howard Vander Beek