Laboratory School Heads, 1892-2012

Laboratory School Heads

Note:  1892-1893---1894-1895 means that a person served in the school years of 1892-1893, 1893-1894, and 1894-1895

Alice C. King 1892-1893---1894-1895
Etta Supplee 1895-1896
Wilbur H. Bender 1896-1897 (began in winter term)---1912-1913
George S. Dick 1913-1914
Cliff W. Stone 1914-1915---1917-1918
  The exact time of transition between Stone and Luse is unclear, but there does not seem to have been a gap between them.
Eva May Luse 1918-1919---1939-1940

The exact time of transition between Luse and Wagner is unclear; there might have been a brief gap with an interim head.


Guy Wagner 1941-1942---1944-1945
Dwight Curtis 1945-1946---his death, September 23, 1960
Guy Wagner September 1960---June 10, 1962 interim, 
Ross Nielsen June 11, 1962---1985-1986
James Doud 1986-1987 (acting)
John Tarr 1987-1988 (acting)
David Else 1988-1989---1989-1990
Roger Kueter 1990-1991 (acting)
Linda Fernandez 1991-1992---1996-1997
Wendell McConnaha 1997-1998---2000-2001
Nadine Davidson 2001-2002---2001-2004
William Callahan 2004-2005---2006-2007
David Smith 2007-2008---2008-2009
Bridgette Wagoner 2009-2010
Lyn Countryman 2010-2011---2011-2012

Prepared by Library Assistant Joy Lynn and University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, June 13, 2014; last updated, April 5, 2016 (GP).