Sources of Information about UNI

This guide lists and describes a variety of information sources such as books, newspapers, and special reports that researchers may need when investigating topics related to the University of Northern Iowa. Most of these sources are located in Special Collections; some are also located in other parts of the Rod Library. For quick facts about such things as institutional name changes, president's names and terms, campus buildings, tuition and fees, and enrollment, see the "UNI Fact Sheet."

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Books about UNI

  • Wright, David Sands-----Fifty Years at the Teachers College

    LD 2587 W7; copies in Special Collections, Stacks, and Reference

    This anecdotal history covering the years 1876-1926 was written by one of the institution's pioneer faculty members. The tone is light with an emphasis on the people who shaped UNI's early years.

  • Hart, Irving Harlow-----The First 75 Years

    LD 2587 H3; copies in Special Collections, Stacks, and Reference

    This is an administrative history which places UNI in its Iowa educational background. The writing is accurate, factual, and focused on the organizational development of UNI through 1951.

  • Lang, William C. & Pendergraft, Daryl-----A Century of Leadership and Service

    LD 2587 L36 1990; copies in Special Collections, Stacks, Browsing, and Reference

    This well-illustrated centennial history of UNI covers the years 1876-1976. The two volumes present the definitive statement on many UNI historical matters including those relating to leadership, curriculum, and campus development. Detailed notes lead the reader to primary sources, most of which are located in the Rod Library.

Periodical Articles about UNI

There is a limited number of periodical articles on UNI and its place in Iowa educational history cited in the following bibliographies.

  • Petersen, William J.-----Iowa History Reference Guide

    Z 1283 P46 1952; copies in Special Collections, Stacks, and at Reference Desk

  • Dawson, Patricia-----Iowa History and Culture

  • Z 1283 D38 1989; copy at Reference Desk

Student Newspapers

Subject indexing for UNI student newspapers is nearly complete. This indexing, under the title Index UNI, is available online. The subject indexing focuses on athletics, traditional events, student life, organizations, administration, curriculum, and campus development. Many issues of the student newspapers have been digitized and are online in IndexUNI.

  • Students' Offering, 1878-1884

    Copies in Special Collections

  • Normal Eyte, 1892-1911

    LD 2583 N66; copies in Special Collections and Periodicals

  • College Eye, 1911-1967

    LD 2583 N662; copies in Special Collections and Periodicals

  • Northern Iowan, 1967-current

    LD 2583 N662; copies in Special Collections, Microforms, and Periodicals; the Northern Iowan is also available online. 

Alternative and generally shorter-lived student newspapers such as The New Prairie Primer, The UNI Sentinel, and The Northern Edition are available in Special Collections.

Student Yearbooks

A student yearbook was published annually from 1905-1969 and from 1979-1997. Yearbooks have been digitized and can be found online in ScholarWorks

  • Normal Eyte, 1905

    Copies in Special Collections

  • Pedagog, 1906

    Copies in Special Collections

  • Old Gold, 1907-1969; 1979-1997

    LD 2587 O7; copies in Special Collections and Stacks, most recent Stacks copies in Oversize.

  • UNI Quarterly, 1969-1972

    LD 2587 U22; copies of this magazine format "yearbook" in Special Collections and Periodicals

UNI Theses, Specialist Papers, and Dissertations

All theses, specialist degree papers, and dissertations accepted by UNI are listed in OneSearch under author, title, and subject. Some have been digitized and are available online in ScholarWorks. These works are available in Special Collections, the Stacks, and the Microforms Area a few months after they are accepted. Within the following Library of Congress classification numbers, the papers are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name.

  • Theses: LD 2585

  • Specialist Papers: LD 2585.1

  • D.I.T. Dissertations: LD 2585.2

  • Ed.D. Dissertations: LD 2585.3

Student Creative Work

Over the last seventy years UNI students have published collections of their creative work under at least twenty titles. Some titles lasted only an issue or two; other titles went through many issues over several years. Copies of nearly all such publications are in Special Collections; a few are in the Stacks or Periodicals as well. Recent titles include:

  • Signature

  • Draftings In . . . : PS 683 C6D7, Stacks

  • Francis Road

  • Seven: PS 508 C6S48, Periodicals

UNI Biographical Information

The most comprehensive sources of UNI biographical information are located in Special Collections. However, the first source in this list is also available elsewhere.

  • UNI Alumni Association-----Alumni Directory, 1986-current

    LD 2584 I6A42; copies in Special Collections, current edition in Reference, older editions in Stacks

    This directory lists a selection of UNI alumni, their degrees, the dates of their degrees, and their current addresses and occupations.

  • Biographical Files

    The University Archives in Special Collections has accumulated biographical information on many UNI faculty, students, and staff. Such information may include newsclippings, news releases, publications, photographs, and professional papers.

  • UNI Public Relations News Releases

    Special Collections staff have created a personal name index to all news releases issued by UNI Public Relations since 1929. The index and the news releases are available in Special Collections.


  • University of Northern Iowa-----Budget, 1929-current

    LD 2584 U54; all years in Special Collections, all except last two in Stacks, last two at MultiService Center

    This annual publication lists budgeted salaries for UNI faculty and staff as well as budgeted amounts for supplies and equipment. The budget is usually available a few weeks after the start of the fiscal year.

  • University of Northern Iowa-----Financial Report

    LD 2584 I6F5; all years in Special Collections and Stacks

    This report is a formal balance sheet showing actual revenues and expenditures. It usually appears a few months after the close of the fiscal year. The report also lists the cost and date of construction of all significant buildings on campus.

  • Iowa State Printing Board-----Salary Book

    HD 8011 I8; most recent edition in Reference, earlier editions in Stacks

    This publication lists salaries and expenses actually paid to all state employees. It usually appears a few months after the end of the fiscal year.

Student Demographic Data

The UNI Office of Institutional Research publishes a variety of reports about UNI and its students. The following are especially useful.

  • Profile of Students Enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa

    LC 205.5 I8P76; copies in Special Collections and Stacks

    This annual survey reports enrollment by gender, race, residence, disability, ACT score, major, and other characteristics.

  • University of Northern Iowa Graduating Student Survey . . .

    LD 2587 B57; copies in Special Collections and Stacks

    This annual survey measures student satisfaction with UNI activities, instruction, and services.

  • Trend Analysis for . . .

    LD 2586 B57; copies in Special Collections and Stacks

    This annual publication, whose early issues offer a retrospective view to 1968, reports numbers of students enrolled in particular majors, class size, FTE faculty, and changes over a ten year period.

  • Distribution of On-Campus Grades

    LD 2587 D57; copies in Special Collections and Stacks

    This semi-annual report shows grades broken down by department, college, and class.

Governance, Rules, Regulations

  • Iowa State Board of Regents-----Minutes, 1876-current

    Copies in Special Collections

    These minutes record the deliberations and actions of UNI's governing board. Matters covered include budgeting, major personnel changes, tuition and fees, building and remodeling, admission requirements, curricular modification, and significant administrative policy changes. Special Collections has a subject index beginning in 1928. Minutes are usually received about three weeks after a meeting.

  • Iowa State Board of Regents-----Budget Requests and Report for the Biennium

    L 148 B17; copies in Special Collections, most recent in Reference, earlier in Stacks

    This Regents report to the Governor provides an overview of each Regents institution's progress as well as statistics and projections relating to fiscal matters, capital projects, and enrollment. The early years of this series furnish quite detailed information.

  • University of Northern Iowa-----Bulletin

    LD 2584 I6B8; copies in Special Collections and Stacks

    This quarterly publication, which includes the Catalogue issue, is an excellent source for both current and historical information about curriculum, accreditation, academic rules, tuition and fees, the campus, student services, and the faculty. Some early issues are heavily illustrated. The most recent Catalogue issue is available online.

  • University of Northern Iowa-----Policies and Procedures Manual

    Copy in Special Collections

    This manual codifies UNI rules and regulations about such matters as tenure, grievance procedures, plagiarism, and probation.