Classrooms from the Late 1800s to the Early 1900s

This display features 16 photographs of early classrooms on the UNI campus. They range in date from 1891 to 1908, with one in 1930. For the majority of the photos, the building name is not identified. However, the classrooms were most likely located in Old Central Hall, the first building on campus, Old Gilchrist Hall, the second building on campus, or the Auditorium Building (Lang Hall), the third building. The purpose of these classes was to prepare individuals to teach the subject matter in public schools.

These photos and many others are housed in the Rod Library's Special Collections.

History classroom, 1891.

Art classroom, 1893.

Primary methods laboratory, 1891

Women’s physical culture class, 1891.

Latin class, 1893.

Chemical laboratory, 1891.

Chemistry classroom, 1908.

Physical science laboratory, 1905.

Apparatus manufacture physics class in 1891, Old Gilchrist Hall.

1908 Industrial Arts clasroom.

Early laboratory.

Geography Classrooms

1897, classroom.

Classroom Photograph

Classroom 1908.

Old Gilchrist Hall classroom, 1930.