Jeanne E. Wier

Alumna, Teacher

Noted Historian Dies in Nevada Jeanne E. Wier, B. Di. '93, died on April, 1950, at Reno, Nevada, where she had been head of the department of history of the University of Nevada until her retirement in 1940. A native of Grinnell, Iowa, Dr. Wier went to Reno in 1899 to teach history at the university.  She made a life work of the Nevada Historical Society which she helped organize. She received a B. A. from Stanford in 1901 and her doctor's degree from the University of Nevada in 1924.  She was an ardent advocate of women's suffrage and helped launch the successful suffrage movement in Nevada. Dr. Wier was the author of numerous historical pamphlets and had contributed to the Encyclopedia Brittanica and other publications. The Alumnus, September 1950, p. 25