Jan Bruno Tulasiewicz

Economics Faculty

TO:  All Faculty and Staff Members FROM:  B. Wylie Anderson, Head, Department of Economics DATE:  May 5, 1981 Dr. Jan Bruno Tulasiewicz, Emeritus Professor of Economics, died Saturday, May 2, 1981, at Schoitz Hospital, Waterloo.  Dr. Tulasiewicz was born in Poland on May 16, 1910.  He graduated with a B. A. from the State College in Stanislawow [sic]. He earned his M. A. degree in 1933 and the Jur. D. degree in 1933 at the University of Foreign and Domestic Trade of Lwow [sic].  In addition, in 1931 he received an MBA degree.  In 1953 he received his Ph. D. degree in economics from the University of Michigan. After receiving his final degree in Poland, he taught economics at the State College of Stanislawow [sic] until 1935 at which time he received the nomination as a judge in the District Court in Poland, where he continued to work until the outbreak of the second World War.  In January 1948, he accepted a position to teach economics at William Penn College and in 1949 he taught at Olivet College, Olivet, Michigan, where he was chairman of the Division of Economics, Political Science, and Philosophy until 1954.  In May 1956, Professor Tulasiewicz accepted a position as Associate Professor of Economics at Iowa State Teachers College, currently the University of Northern Iowa.  He was promoted to Professor of Economics in 1964.  He retired from the University of Northern Iowa with emeritus status June 1, 1978. Between 1932 and 1939 he published two books in Poland. The first was published under the title Success and Failure of the Polish Agricultural Reforms; the second, The Shortcomings of the Polish Gold Standard.  He continued to be actively involved in research and writing including the publication of several books relating to his economic interest at the University of Northern Iowa.  In addition, he contributed articles to scholarly journals in economics and social science. Dr. Tulasiewicz was active in a number of committees at the University of Northern Iowa and was also active in various economic associations, such as the American Economic Association and the Midwest Economic Association. He is survived by his wife, Sigrid (Perkins) Tulasiewicz and one daughter, Kristina Worth, in addition to a grandson. Memorial services will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 6, 1981, at the Church of Christ in Cedar Falls.