Robert W. Cox Railroad Collection, ca. 1906-1998

Collection Overview

Title: Robert W. Cox Railroad Collection, ca. 1906-1998

Record Series: MsC-82

Record Group:


Creator: Cox, Robert W.

Date: 1906-1998

Extent: 32 boxes (37.60 linear feet) plus 1 oversize folder (3.58 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials are entirely in English.

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No restrictions. Materials are open for research.

Physical Access: Boxes 24 and 32 are located in Manuscripts Oversized 3.

Technical Access: A considerable amount of material was recorded using obsolete technology (VHS videocassettes). These tapes have not been digitalized.

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Historical Note

Cox Railroad Collection

Scope and Content

The Robert W. Cox Railroad Collection offers an extraordinarily wide variety of publications, audiovisual material, images, and realia associated with railroads, with a particular focus on railroads of southern New York, New Jersey, and the American Northeast.  There is also a collection of correspondence, photographs, and other print material relating to the operations and facilities of the Orange and Rockland (New York) Utility Company, and especially to that company's legal relationship with railroads.  Mr. Cox assembled this collection over the course of many years.

Dean of Library Services Christopher Cox, Robert Cox's son, delivered this collection to the University Archives in August 2013.

Boxes 1-2
Correspondence, photographs, clippings
The correspondence documents a portion of the business relationship between railroads and the Orange and Rockland (New York) Utility Company.  Specifically, the correspondence deals with easements, real estate, construction, modifications, safety, rights of way, rent, and other matters relating to the utility company's use of railroad property.  For example, a railroad might write a letter to the utility company to specify how deep a gas line must be buried under its tracks and how it must be maintained.  Only the incoming correspondence, from railroads to the utility company, is present in this file.  Material is arranged first by the name of the railroad, and then, chronologically within that file.  

There is a detailed list for the photographs and clippings located in Box 2.

Boxes 3-10
This collection of approximately 160 books relates to all facets of railroading.  The emphasis of the collection is on American railroads, but there are also books that deal with railroading outside of the United States.  The books include works on specific railroad companies, histories of particular line-building efforts, and close looks at locomotives and rolling stock.  Most of these books are relatively recent, well-illustrated publications.  The books in these boxes are arranged alphabetically by author's name.  Three oversized titles are out of alphabetical sequence and are housed in Box 10. 

Boxes 11-13
This is a collection of periodicals devoted to railroading.  Some of the periodicals include serious historical articles, but most are of a popular nature, with good illustrations.  There are long runs of some periodicals, but only scattered issues of others.  The periodicals in this collection are arranged alphabetically by title.

Boxes 14-20
Audio Visual Material
Like the book collection noted above, this collection of approximately 160 pieces of audiovisual material is devoted to all facets of railroading.  The collection is arranged alphabetically by title.  Most titles are in VHS format, but a few are in DVD format.

Boxes 21-22
Lapel pins and badges
This is an attractive collection of lapel pins and badges relating to railroading.  Most of the pins and badges are associated with attendance at a railroad convention or membership in a railroad group.

Box 23
Greeting Cards and Postcards
This is a collection of greeting cards and postcards relating to railroading.  The greeting cards are commercial in nature.  The postcards document significant facilities in southern New York railroading.

Boxes 24-31
This is a wide ranging collection of objects relating to railroading.  It includes pieces such as mugs, clothing, trivets, model trains, refrigerator magnets, collector's edition train cards, iron-on patches for clothing, and signs.

Box 32
Maps and Drawings
This is a small collection of maps and drawings that shows electric lines over railroad tracks.


Correspondence, photographs, clippings

Box 1
Correspondence files for some railroads are large; others consist of only a few letters.  Dates range from the early 20th century, but most correspondence is concentrated from the 1940s through the 1980s.

  • Association of American Railroads
  • Conrail
  • Delaware Otsego System
  • Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company
  • Erie Railroad Company
  • Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Middletown and New Jersey Railway Company
  • Middletown and Unionville Railroad Company
  • New Jersey and New York Railroad Company
  • New Jersey Transit
  • New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company
  • New York Central Railroad Company
  • New York Central System
  • New York, Ontario, and Western Railway Company
  • New York, Susquehana, and Western Railway Corporation
  • O & W Lines
  • Penn Central Corporation
  • United States Railroad Administration

Box 2
Photographs and clippings
This is an excellent collection of photographs and images clipped from publications relating to the facilities, work, and operations of the Orange and Rockland (New York) Utility Company.  Many photos are identified and dated.  The folders are arranged chronologically, with dates ranging from 1906 through 1998. The deepest coverage occurs from 1982 through 1992, but, except for a gap from 1961 through 1981, there is reasonable coverage for earlier years.

Robert W. Cox Railroad Collection, Box 2:  photographs and clippings detailed list


  • Reproduction of a photograph in possession of Mr. Roscoe W. Smith, Vice President of Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
  • First Generating Plant
  • Rockland Light and Power Company employees posing with a line truck. Theo Abrams, Bill Hegner, Roy Kolter, Everett Ackerley, Bill Campbell, and Charlie Haines, Jr. (background).
  • Miscellaneous photograph.
  • Business information. The Lehigh and Hudson River Railway Company.  General offices located in Warwick, N. Y.   Mr. R. W. Smith, President. John E. Barrett, Supt. of Tracks, Bridges and Buildings.  Dated October 15, 1913.


  • Two photographs of line pole construction in Nyack Park.  Employees unknown.
  • Rockland Electric Company’s Closter, N. J. district office.  Carriage merchant present in the background.


  • A Ford belonging to the district manager of the Rockland Light and Power Company’s Suffern office and a line crew posing for a photo. 
  • Business information.  New York Ontario and Western Railway Company.  Office of general manager located in Middletown, N. Y.  J. H. Nuelle, General Manager.  Dated November 9, 1923.
  • Diagram showing the locations of poles owned by the Postal Company at Salisbury Mills, Orange Co., N. Y.
  • Harrison J. Watts, an Orange County Public Service Corporation employee, posing with a company-issued 1925 Ford pickup.
  • Eight Rockland Light and Power Company meter indexers posing in uniform.
  • Trustees of the village of Goshen, N. Y.  Dated January 15, 1930.


  • Business information.  New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad Company.  A. L., Kline, General Manager.  Dated July 16, 1941.


  • Andy Klopchin and his crewmates of the “Boomerang Betsy."


  • Business information.  Valvoline Oil Company.  Atlantic Division: Edgewater, N.J.  Dated December 4, 1944.
  • Business information.  War Department Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army.  Office of Division Engineer, New York, N. Y.  Dated October17, 1944. 
  • Rockland Gas Co., Inc.  Dated October 17, 1944.


  • Rockland Electric Co. entrance
  • Business information.  New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad Company.  General Manager, F. C. Kronauer.  Dated June 22, 1946.


  • Summary of employee activities for Orange and Rockland Electric Co.
  • Write up on sales, revenue, and income for Orange Rockland Electric Co. 
  • List of members of long service club
  • “The Insulators” group photograph of mixed bowling team
  • President Roscoe W. Smith presenting Edison Electric Institute Award to Charles A.  Beach and Richard F. Hillas
  • Photograph of Sam Hillas , Dave Alden, and Joe Knape working on electrical lines
  • Photograph of group meeting


  • Annual Report heading for 1948
  • New 110,000 volt sub-station dated 1949
  • Duplicate photograph of 110,000 volt sub-station
  • First generating plant, dated 1905
  • Article giving an overview of company activities
  • Close up of new 110,000 sub-station


  • Business information.  New York, Ontario, and Western Railway.  Trustees, Raymond L. Gebhardt and Ferdinand J. Sieghardt.  Dated May 12, 1949.
  • Middletown & New Jersey Railway Co.  General Manager, Louis F. Zierer.  Dated September 19, 1949.
  • Garage and storehouse
  • Harriman Sub-Station and switching station.  Reverse: Sterling Lake switching station
  • Flock of swans and geese on the lake
  • President R. W. Smith feeding the swans
  • Power house, office, garage, storehouse, substation, and portion of Condensing Lake
  • Entrance to the main office
  • Alternate view of main office
  • Christmas lighting of an island pergola.  Reverse:  Wisner switching station (two copies)
  • Chester substation.  Reverse:  Florida substation
  • Greenwood Lake Substation.  Reverse:  Tuxedo Substation and penstock to hydro generator
  • Goshen Substation with local representative’s house. Reverse:  Warwick Substation and house
  • West view of 33,000 volt Switching Station at Monroe. Reverse:  Switching station
  • Another view of 32,000 KVA/110,000 volt Monroe Substation. Reverse:  Dedication ceremonies
  • East view of 33,000 volt switching station at Monroe. Reverse:  Alternate view of 32,000 KVA/110,000 volt Monroe Substation
  • First substation building at Monroe.  Reverse:  Ribbon cutting and dedication ceremonies
  • Men working on power lines.  Reverse:  Accountants’ Certificate and summary
  • Short write-up on history of the company and its progression
  • List of recipients of certificates for long service
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations


  • Main office
  • Two men working on power lines
  • Switching station
  • Old building that housed substation
  • Lake overlooking a house
  • Road running alongside a reservoir
  • Fallen trees that broke power lines in Goshen, Murray Avenue
  • Partially uprooted tree against pole on South Main Street
  • Transformer hanging from a single wire; other storm debris in Washingtonville
  • Another scene on Route 208, Washingtonville.  Reverse: More storm debris, Washingtonville
  • Fallen pole with transformers on street, Monroe.  Reverse: More storm debris, Monroe
  • Fallen tree on apartment, North Main Street, Monroe. Reverse:  storm debris, East Main Street, Washingtonville
  • Maple tree resting on power lines, South Main Street, Monroe
  • Camp LaGuardia at Greycourt, a rehabilitation center
  • Entrance to main office
  • Alternate view of main office
  • Bear Mountain Inn, Hessian Mountain
  • Goshen Central School
  • New York City Reformatory at New Hampton.  Reverse: Kosuga’s Cold Storage at Pine Island
  • Aerial view of Borden’s at Washingtonville.  Reverse:  St. Anthony Hospital in Warwick
  • American Telephone & Telegraph Company’s relay station at Southfields.  Reverse:  Woodbury Theatre
  • The Monroe Theatre.  Reverse:  Manufacturing plants of Nepera Chemical Company
  • List of Directors, Officers, and General Counsel
  • Aerial view of poultry farm near Chester.  Reverse:  United States Military Academy, West Point
  • Red Apple Rest.  Reverse:  U. S. Hotel Thayer at West Point
  • Barn of electrified farm between Chester and Goshen. Reverse:  Electric cutter and blower
  • Dairy farm near Blooming Grove.  Reverse:  Field cutting of ensilage on farm in O & R territory


  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations
  • Office scene.  Reverse:  Men working on power lines (two copies)
  • Map of transmission lines and switching stations.  Reverse: Statement that financial statements are correct and accurate
  • Letter from Samuel M. Cuddeback to Francis E. Manley


  • Power lines.  Reverse:  Office landscaping (two copies)
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations
  • “Reddy Kilowatt” graphic for accident prevention
  • “Reddy Kilowatt” graphic for sports chat
  • Electric cooking demonstration.  Reverse:  Statement that financial statements are correct and accurate
  • Men working at switching station.  Reverse:  Power lines
  • Man working on power lines
  • Dedication ceremony for new substation.  Reverse: 32,000KVA/110,000 volt Monroe Substation
  • Building overlooking water
  • Different building overlooking water


  • Rebuilding and relocation of transmission and distribution lines
  • Town landscape near water.  Reverse:  Switch station (two copies)
  • Electric cooking demonstration.  Reverse:  Statement that financial statements are correct and accurate
  • Men working at switching station.  Reverse:  Power lines
  • Building overlooking water
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations


  • Main office building
  • Switching station
  • Substation
  • Switching station
  • Orange & Rockland Electric Company, Florida substation
  • Printed signature of Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Worst ice storm in history of Western Division
  • Man opening hydrant
  • 200-ton electric shovel used during construction of Route 17 Quickway
  • Light for Freedom Power for Progress award
  • Electric line work from a platform truck
  • Rockland Light and Power Company heading
  • Graphics of “Reddy Kilowatt” and little flame character (4 small clippings)


  • Report of the President for 1955.  Reverse:  List of Directors, Officers, Operating Manager, and General Counsel
  • Before and after Route 17 where dual highway was constructed.  Reverse:  Changes in utility equipment
  • Two men working on power lines
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations
  • Switching station
  • Dual highway on Route 17 after construction
  • First use of heavy duty aluminum wire on an express feeder
  • Invoice from Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., for Hillburn Dam area, dated August 22, 1955.
  • 50th anniversary of Orange & Rockland Electric Company graphic
  • Business Information.  Lehigh and New England Railroad Company.  624 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Dated June 6, 1955.   


  • Heading for mascots, Watts ‘n Therms
  • Truck #52 with crew posing in front of truck
  • Article:  Middletown’s “Second Team”:  Continuation of Gas Transmission Line in Western Division along with various photographs include in the article
  • Pie chart breakdown of how much of each dollar is spent
  • 33,000 volt substation at Monroe
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations (two copies)
  • Workers inspecting and adjusting all substation equipment
  • Modern mid-span service connection used in special installations.  Reverse:  Men working on power lines
  • Cover for Annual Report of 1956
  • List of Directors and Officers
  • List of members of the Editorial Board for Watts ‘n Therms
  • Heading for Watts ‘n Therms Volume IX, Number 5
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”
  • Electric refrigeration used in new vending machines--Miller’s Milk
  • Landscaping and dual highway on Route 17 after construction


  • Write up on company activities
  • Graphic of “Reddy Kilowatt”.  Reverse:  Map of transmission lines and switching stations
  • Landscaping and dual highway on Route 17
  • Graphic of “Ready Kilowatt” reminding people to vote
  • Graphic of “Ready Kilowatt” about saving money for Christmas
  • Short write-up how peak loads hit new highs
  • Write-up on American Nuclear Power Associates formation
  • Building overlooking water
  • Cover Rockland Light and Power Company 1957.  Reverse: growth and expansion for the company and consolidation results


  • Ski jumping competition at Bear Mountain Park
  • Orange County Community College
  • Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. heading
  • Letter from Roscoe W. Smith about company operations, dated February 27, 1958
  • Map of water reservoirs for electric power
  • Rockland Light and Power Company consolidated income accounts and consolidated earned surplus account.


  • Small graphics of Watts and Therms (one of each)
  • Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. heading
  • Ford’s largest assembly plant at Mahwah, New Jersey
  • List of Officers
  • Graphical representations of electric customers, sales, and average annual use of electricity per residential customer
  • Graphic of the revenue and expense dollar featuring Watts and Therms
  • Two men working on power lines
  • United States Military Academy at West Point
  • Graphical representation of sales of gas
  • Men working on power lines
  • Map of gas traveling from Orange and Rockland Utilities to customers
  • Business information.  New York Central System.  Division Engineer, J. E. Spangler.  Dated August 17th, 1959. 


  • Large power line
  • Graphical representation of revenues and expenses
  • Grand-Way Garden Center
  • Small graphics of Watts and Therms (one of each)
  • Sales of electricity each year 1951-1960
  • Playtags, Inc., Middletown, N. Y.  Reverse:  Glass manufacturing plant, Blauvelt, N. Y.
  • New headquarters of Country National Bank, Middletown, N. Y.  Reverse:  Installation of 138,000 volt transmission line
  • Open house celebration at new Port Jervis building
  • Interconnection between Consolidated Edison and Lovett Plant
  • Port Jervis, N. Y. Regional High School
  • Envelope addressed to William Honnerger from Erie Railroad Company
  • Power line alongside a highway
  • Hillborn, 1960
  • Power lines crossing a river
  • Alternate view of power lines crossing same river as above
  • Power lines near a river front house
  • Alternate view of power lines near a river front house
  • Dual highway on route 17


  • Twelve unidentified color photographs
  • Twenty unidentified black and white photographs
  • Ten unidentified black and white clippings from a magazine


  • Business information.  Amtrak.  Dated April 15, 1983.
  • O & R emergency crew on the way to make repairs
  • Man working on a transformer
  • Two men working in an office at desks
  • City skyline.  Reverse:  Men at work on a project
  • Truck out at work in the snow
  • Heading for Orange and Rockland Annual Report, 1983
  • Woman answering the phone.  Reverse:  Two women working at a computer
  • Lightning hitting power lines
  • A man working out in the snow
  • Two men drilling into the street


  • Twenty-five small photos of unnamed individuals
  • Quotes from various employees about the company
  • View from the bottom of power lines
  • Chuck Smith
  • Bob testing meters in Middletown lab
  • Fred La Flair and Gordy Mann working on a string of glass insulators
  • Art Voltaire, EHV Supervisor
  • Three colored photographs of a desk
  • Three colored photographs of a cottage and a parking lot
  • Three black and white photographs of a snow covered building


  • 1985 Orange and Rockland heading
  • Close up of man working on power lines at night
  • Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. address
  • Yellow service truck for Orange and Rockland
  • Board members Ralph M. Baruch, James F. O’Grady, and president Thomas A. Griffin.
  • Two men looking at construction plans.  Reverse:  Man inspecting equipment
  • Middletown sign
  • Gazebo in town
  • Man posing by truck with shovel
  • Orange and Rockland worker
  • Man in suit looking at construction plans
  • Parking lot outside of a building
  • Map of Middletown NY.  Reverse:  Map of Northvale NJ
  • Sign for Pearl River
  • Don Kennedy holding the newest meter reading equipment
  • A female meter reader
  • Article heading:  Lovett coal Reconversion Approved by EPA; Reconversion Information Center Opens.
  • Jessica Kogan having fun at an electric safety program for kids
  • Bob Jensen and Dan Coleman at the benefit race for the Blooming Grove Ambulance Corp.
  • Daniel A. Hunt doing some office work
  • Greta Dixon working at her desk
  • O&R Service Anniversaries for the month of July
  • Victor J. Blanchet and Bill Fredrickson awarding Bob McGarrah with the President’s Certificate of Commendation
  • O&R Service Anniversaries for the month of August
  • Donald L. Lavers
  • Woman helping children
  • Sue Gorse filling up the compressed natural gas tanks
  • O&R Non-Supervisory Promotions for the month of July
  • O&R logo
  • High-voltage transmission towers
  • Nicholas W. Illobre
  • Graphic of workers posing in front of a backdrop
  • Bob Katenkamp with his wife at his surprise retirement party
  • Logo for O&R’s Credit Union
  • Guy C. Peifer presenting some information
  • O&R non-supervisory promotions
  • Sealed envelope entitled 1985 25 year club
  • View of 750,000-gallon equalization tanks at Bowline. Reverse:  O&R team of runners for the Hanover Corporate Challenge race
  • Power lines from ground view
  • Workers moving a huge pole with a crane
  • Opening of O&R’s new office inside of Lloyd’s Shopping Center  in Middletown
  • Short article about the new record of megawatts delivered to customers in an hour time period
  • First company field day photo from 1913
  • List of employees who are participating in the Polio Walk-Run-athon
  • Man showing off new meter
  • Logo for the Polio Walk-Run-athon
  • Large office
  • Two men checking out the construction zone
  • Four men working on a truck
  • Service Anniversaries for the month of December
  • LampPost logo
  • View of men working on power lines
  • Large tubes at a switching station
  • Edward M. McDonough
  • Arthur A. Voltaire
  • John P. McDevitt
  • O&R employees being presented with the Corporate Award for outstanding participation in the Polio Walk/Run-A-Thon
  • Jim Youngman, Him Rogers, Bill Gllynn, and Clint Roosa working on Mobile Unit Number Three
  • Danny Coleman presenting Don Cavanaugh with a plaque. Reverse:  Red Augustyn accepting a plaque
  • Tisha Seaman giving a tour to the Girl Scout Troop of 386
  • Buzz Benjamin, environmental services
  • Barry Terwilliger racing on a track
  • Carol Matteo
  • Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lepore in response to the excellent service by O&R
  • Letter from Alfred A. Fusco thanking O&R for a job well done
  • Helicopter lifting some sort of box
  • John H. Bryan
  • Steve Conklin
  • Kingsland R. Archer
  • Michael Pagliocca, Jr.
  • Frank N. Sendrowski
  • John Lombardi
  • Norm Krause returns to his table
  • Lou Camplone talks with Red
  • Don Cavanaugh salutes fellow firemen
  • Bob Blanke and Al Moody
  • Man and woman laughing
  • Group conversing at an event
  • Fallen tree
  • Three men discussing plans
  • Several employees helping out at the Association for Help of Retarded Children
  • Walt Jensen with Mike Moore, Bud Cosgrove, and Bill Coddington
  • Barney Baxter and Don Lavers awarding Vic Castner with a certificate for 35 years of service
  • Barbra Muenzen, Buzz Benjamin, Nick Thompson, and Ray O’Sullivan discussing plans
  • Workers at an old rundown house
  • Crews working to restore service because of fallen trees
  • Many workers answering telephones
  • Crew headed to Long Island in front of the bus
  • Stu Russell, Charlie Ambrose, and Mike Honara locating damage done by a storm
  • Article heading:  The ECC at Five:  They keep the Lights on
  • Article heading:  Lovett Permit Approved!  After five year’s work, O&R wins approval from Stony Point Town Board
  • LampPost heading for Vol. 1 No. 9 dated October 18, 1985
  • Model of new plant
  • Worker on construction zone
  • Joseph H. Hansen
  • Large office with huge maps on wall
  • Jim Buonincontri looking at construction plans
  • O&R Service Anniversaries
  • O&R’s 1985-1986 United Way Campaign Committee Members
  • Color photograph of high voltage contraption


  • Lineman in training
  • Man working at the top of power lines
  • Susanne Zistler arranges a display of her folk art pieces
  • Carol Matteo and Prudie LaCavalla prepare an exhibit
  • O&R trainees at the Plymouth Meeting, PA, training site
  • Don Bailey arranging the mast on his boat model
  • Three men inspecting equipment
  • Photo of man looking down from top of power line pole
  • John Knape demonstrating the procedure for installing a service “eye”
  • Poem entitled Linemen
  • Another photo of a man working on power lines
  • Workers digging a hole
  • Robert R. Schaffer, Safety Administrator
  • William M. Grimes
  • Walter R. Lowerre, Store Manager
  • William J. Franciole
  • Frank X. Brennan, Jr. 
  • Stanley W. Meketa
  • Walter Schulz, Safety
  • Charles E. Cassaro
  • Tom Brizzolara
  •  Charlie Nardiello
  • Peter M. Hugerth
  • Harvey H. Hotalen
  • Catherine E. Anderson
  • John J. Knape, Jr.
  • Harold W. Greaves
  • Edward W. Johnson
  • John Del Pizzo, Safety Supervisor
  • Map of Tannery Woods and Swinging Bridge Overlook areas
  • List of employees retiring
  • Ray Dalland at his retirement celebration
  • Man checking a meter
  • Ron D’Auria and John Voss receiving awards for 20 years of service
  • Ric Skinner and Greg Conace review computer printouts
  • Man working on power unit
  • Another man working on a power unit
  • Jack Reilly on the vintage pumper at Franklin Lakes Fire Department
  • Ann speaking on the phone at work
  • Ed Johnson consulting with Warren on a work order
  • List of non-supervisory promotions
  • Large pipe being laid
  • Bill Price supervising loop installation
  • Man working on power lines
  • New Orange and Rockland logo
  • Night view of a house
  • Nick Thompson and Jim Koza discussing the projects progress
  • Charlie Poshadel and Matt Kennedy complete loops to tie transmission lines together
  • Service truck at a job
  • Ordevco’s Interchange Commerce Center
  • Service Anniversary awards for the month of January
  • List of active O&R Quality Circles and their leaders
  • Employees blowing into a contraption to demonstrate wind power
  • Blooming Grove Line Circle members working on a problem relating to the installation of service “eyes”
  • GoodCents heading for Orange and Rockland Electric Co.
  • List of the 1986 Chairman’s Award Recipients
  • Harry Murphy, electrician
  • Ester Clifford, librarian
  • Group of women at a celebration
  • Colored photograph of two women walking down a hallway dated 11/25/1986


  • Group conversing near lockers
  • Service Anniversaries for the months of July through October 1987
  • John A. Dunn
  • John Del Pizzo demonstrates back structure and discusses prevention of sprains and strains
  • Employees helping out with the United Way
  • Short write up and photo of John L. Carley
  • Worker smoking a pipe
  • Bob Jensen and Ross Sayer presented with awards for 30 years of service
  • Man presenting a lecture to numerous employees
  • Don Thorpe, Lew Lempka, and Jim Alto posing near a service truck
  • Ken McGarrah, electrical operations
  • Many employees that made a difference for safety
  • Ken McGarrah at his retirement party
  • Wilson E. Williams presented a plaque at his retirement party
  • Sparks flying
  • Stan Tice presented an award for 37 years of service at his retirement party
  • Hydro operations, rebuilding the Rio Penstock
  • The Rio penstock in the 1920’s
  • Charles H. Swartwout, Jr.
  • Robert E. Threm
  • Frank P. Kovarovic, Jr.
  • Guy Peifer
  • Cara Meyer
  • Clint Hesselgrave
  • Bob Burbridge
  • Fred Clark
  • Alan Freedman
  • Pete Casella
  • Dick Cunningham
  • Mike McDermott
  • Maureen D’Auria
  • Charlie Swarwout
  • John Garrett
  • Laura Walters
  • Charles P. Elliffe
  • Two men conversing by a large pipe
  • ’87 logo People Make the Difference
  • Jim Smith congratulates Charlie Swartwout for being one of the Chairman’s Award recipients
  • Men hooking something up to a crane hook
  • Steve Conklin and Harold Butler
  • Evelyn Fischer visiting with Barbara Jennings
  • Nancy Swartwout, Meg Smith, Charlie, Swarwout, and Jim Smith conversing
  • Gene Raponi and Jim McGarry
  • Retirees Ford Relyea and Ken Black
  • Nelson Scheuermann
  • Demi Van Blarcom, stained glass maker
  • Maureen McGuire
  • Daniel J. Clark being award with the President’s Award
  • Nina Herde and Peggy Lofstorm wrapping presents
  • Service Anniversaries for December 1986
  • Joe Hansen at his retirement party after 28 years of service
  • Man blowing snow after January’s snowstorms
  • Mary rose Debore at her retirement party after 18 years of service
  • List of those awarded the title of “Employee of the Month”
  • Robert W. Van Cura awarded the President’s Award
  • Lew Lempka, Jack Nevin, and Ron Paffenroth received Departmental Certificates of Commendation
  • Handmade picture of where money comes from and where it goes to
  • Quote from Tom Traskus
  • Quote from Bob Kosior
  • Quote from Jim Hartwell
  • Power lines
  • Woman answering the phone
  • Man sketching construction blueprints
  • Man on the telephone
  • Librarian pulling a book off the shelf
  • Worker leaving after a long day’s work
  • Man looking over plans
  • Dennis Gallagher entering the Middletown office
  • Switch board in an office
  • Multiple garages
  • Switch board
  • Vern Clark checking a rain gauge
  • Woman getting into a van
  • Building at night.  Reverse:  Men working in an office
  • Excavator
  • Orange and Rockland logo and address
  • O&R hard hat
  • Three office workers conversing
  •  Four lamp photos
  • Two men in an O & R truck
  • Black and white photograph of a man
  • Five color photographs of an office


  • Short write up about the summer heat causing more energy usage
  • Power lines at sunset
  • Allan Dolson raising the American flag as well as one commemorating POWs
  • People filling the streets
  • Men working on power lines at night after a snow storm
  • Man with an AMP hat on
  • Bill Conjura
  • Roy Kepler
  • Mike Foltin
  • John J. Arraiz
  • Donat L. Wood
  • Bob Kosior and Pete McGoldrick
  • Teri Johnson, Maria Sclafani and Bob Berkowitz
  • Russell J. Creeden
  • Dave Rivera
  • James R. McGarry
  • Edward A. Kiene
  • Peter T. McGoldrick
  • Stephen Padgett
  • Frances A. Dailey
  • Mike Pagliocca, Jr.
  • Frederick J. Clark
  • Jean H. Meader
  • John A. Traphagen
  • George V. Wontz
  • Mary E. Murphy
  • Curtis R. Mandoske, Jr.
  • Joy D’Auria
  • Robert G. Rich
  • Toni Veraldi Graziano
  • Mary Ellen Carroll and Pete Hall
  • Charlie Swarwout
  • Edward Horwath
  • Daniel Morales
  • Tom Whelan, Steve Babey, and Carol Mainey helped to gather over 200 toys
  • Man analyzing a print out
  • Tom Griffin and Victoria Perrotta examine the display of employee talent
  • Two men holding up a wire between two poles
  • Employees enjoying themselves at an event
  • Sam Evans receiving his retirement award from Don Engelhart
  • Man working at a computer
  • Man receiving an award
  • Children meeting the companies mascot
  • Linda Dennis at a company event
  • Man throwing a football from atop a  power line pole
  • Jay Hutchinson
  • Mark Murphy receiving the President’s Award for bravery
  • Lynn Mains  receives department commendation
  • Short write up on Bob McGarrah aka “Mr. West Milford”
  • Moe D’Auria and Michelle Damini prepare food and presents for needy families
  • Tim Pigot job shadowing Angelo Regan
  • Three men checking out a switch board
  • Don Van Wort awarded for 35 years of service
  • Bill Mainey conducting tests
  • Eugene McGowan fine tunes a meter
  • Energy skits
  • Fred Rella at local condominium development
  • Two older men conversing
  • Elizabeth M. Cole celebrating her 12th year of service
  • Ray Owens at his retirement party after 32 years of service
  • Employees around a POW MIA flag
  • Jim Tarpey in his office
  • Toys for Tots drive
  • Jan McClennan helped to collect over 100 teddy bears
  • Mark Johnson atop a power line pole
  • Service Anniversaries for the months of November and December
  • Color photograph of older couple


  • Four images of eagles
  • Man watching over the Mongaup Valley
  • Close up of circuit board
  • Man with the heading “A Century of Service” overtop of him
  • Man posing next to some pipes
  • Chris Winslow donating blood
  • Anne Meyer celebrating 30 years of service
  • Frederick J. Stewart
  • List of products and services bought by O&R
  • Lillika giving a presentation over handwriting while Joan Kapusinsky listens
  • Dave Clark helping to install a utility pole
  • Barry Terilliger celebrates 20 years of service
  • Harold F. Browne celebrates 30 years of service
  • Lineman Ray Hernandez works on underground power line
  • Timothy Garvin
  • Write up on Charlie Swartwout receiving the 1988-89 Gold Award
  • Jack Nevin and Harry Kasch help rescue a baby black bear
  • Power line workers working at night
  • Business information.  NJ Transit.  Dated January 31, 1989.
  • Color photograph of man standing outside near equipment dated 7/28/1989


  • Eight unidentified color photographs
  • Panel of judges
  • Two newly hatched eagles from the Mongaup area
  • Jim Tannhauser at Thomas Jefferson School in Nothvale, NJ
  • Man standing outside
  • Three men atop a power line
  • Bald eagle in Mongaup Valley
  • Ed and Bob Blanke wait to receive their Eagle Scout badges
  • Ranendra N. Roy
  • Graphic of an outlet
  • Graphic of a power switch
  • Party in honor of George Scheldig’s retirement
  • John S. Lacenere receiving an award for retirement after many years of service
  • Frank Swain celebrating his retirement
  • Heading of LampPost Vol. 6 No. 2
  • Steven J. Conklin celebrates 35 years of service
  • Thomas A. Donovan retires after 35 years of service
  • Employees and company mascot receiving an award
  • United Way symbol
  • Logo for Women’s Council of Orange and Rockland
  • Thomas J. Whelan
  • Man speaking at convention
  • “Power Partners” logo
  • Unnamed man
  • Man with United Way logo in background
  • Orange and Rockland logo
  • Joe McKeever selects a gasket for equipment overhaul
  • Article: She’s Positively Determined


  • Woman presenting award
  • Two men working on power lines that are down
  • Light Savers award
  • O&R energy and environment mug
  • Toys collected from toy drive at O&R’s Blooming Grove Operations Center
  • Ric Skinner playing the guitar
  • Service truck and workers working on power lines
  • Presenting an award
  • “Here and There: News about O&R people” logo
  • Colored photograph of an office
  • Two colored photographs of a service truck
  • Color photograph of children on a truck for a parade


  • Orange and Rockland 25 Year Club, list of employees that have been there 25 years or more
  • List of 1992 employees who are retiring this year
  • Orange and Rockland 1992 logo
  • Two men conversing
  • Man showing off award
  • Couple at an event
  • Bucky Simpson
  • Woman holding a child
  • Women in clown make up
  • Orange and Rockland address
  • Orange and Rockland graphic
  • List of employees who have given 35 years of service
  • Men installing a large pipe
  • Energy efficient bulb
  • Large smoke stack
  • Short write up about Orange and Rockland
  • Graphical representation of the growth of $1,000 invested in O&R stock
  • Two men and a woman outside of a house
  • Color photograph of a lamp
  • Color photograph of an award presentation


  • Jeanne King, Frank Kaczamark, Jr., and John Arraiz celebrated for years of service
  • Building being decorated for Christmas
  • Roy Talmadge
  • List of employees retiring in January, November, and October
  • Photo of Bob
  • Employees at the Benefiting Junior Achievement’s bowl-a-thon
  • Lou Friscoe stocks fish into Peck’s Pond
  • Close up of O&R truck
  • Man pulling cable from a truck
  • Employees volunteering at Minisink Valley High School
  • Three workers standing by a truck
  • Silhouette of worker atop power lines
  • Attendees of “A Day in the Village”
  • Tim Hallock and Steve McCready dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz for “A Day in the Village”
  • Short write up about events affecting the company
  • Short write up about Roy Kepler leaving on a mission trip
  • Marilyn Pedro
  • Natural gas powered GMC truck
  • Short write up about Orange and Rockland
  • Map of New York, New Jersey area
  • Man wearing O&R hard hat
  • Close up of some sort of equipment
  • Close up of cable
  • Close up of worker’s locker
  • Color photograph of man standing in his office with sunglasses on
  • Color photograph of same man standing on a bridge


  • Jim Hekl
  • John Bryan
  • Saddle River’s Mary Maiorano
  • Bob Seip
  • Maribeth Dodge
  • Freddie LaFlair, B. Grove
  • John Nevin
  • Donald Thorpe
  • Vernell Thompson
  • Lynn Donovan-Krakaur and family
  • Bill Myers
  • Helen Koza
  • John Murphy
  • Paul Lattimer
  • Steve Babey
  • Paul Carey
  • Train scene with subject headings on the side
  • Write up about trains transporting coal
  • Jessica Schweizer helping Gwen and Delacey Williams to give their father Gary a hand
  • Ray Dalland
  • Charlie Swartwout receiving the annual community achievement award
  • List of the class of 1994
  • Celebrating Jeanne King’s 40th anniversary with the company
  • Bob Berkowitz being honored at the Volunteer of the Year
  • Lynda Schermerhorn meets with area builder about the Kings Estates construction project in Warwick
  • Three men conversing at a formal event
  • Lit Christmas tree with Orange and Rockland logo featured beneath it
  • Quote from and photos of Vic Blanchet
  • Man working on power lines
  • Ray Mayfield keeping equipment in good condition
  • Bob Threm drilling a hold in the ice
  • Jon Zanger plowing snow
  • Jim Troup outside at the construction site
  • John Knape hard at work
  • Crew working on fallen utility pole
  • Bev Oliansky addressing customer concerns
  • Bill Price getting ready to climb a transmission line pole
  • Winners for the basketball tournament for Mickey Payran
  • Rich Fontana supervising
  • Write up on the 25 years of service club.  Reverse:  Service anniversaries listed by month
  • List of people retiring in the near future and an obituary of an employee


  • Rick Struck
  • Lee Haney
  • Pat Clark
  • Bob Donlan
  • Gordy Thew
  • Angelo Regan
  • Bill Mainey
  • Pat Blaine
  • Ray Heim
  • Rich White
  • John Garrett
  • Alan Freedman
  • Angie and Art Weygant’s wedding photo
  • John Richner, Jr.
  • Jan McClennan
  • Roger Metzger
  • Vern Robinson
  • Charlie Bende
  • Romer Thompson
  • Frank Peverly
  • Hans Hasney
  • Joe Keegan
  • Ken Kosior
  • Lou Friscoe
  • Steve Grandinali
  • Dan Perretti
  • Warren Palmatier
  • Jim Clawson
  • Mark Beamish
  • Men working on power lines in the snow
  • Lucy Sinacore and Toni Bennett volunteering as judges for a popular event for area students
  • List of employees reaching 30, 35, or 40 years of service
  • Logo for the 25 year club
  • Joanne Curley’s Marketing team
  • List of employees retiring in the near future.  Reverse:  List of promotions
  • Work on the transmission line upgrade project in Genung St. Both
  • Two men testing the water
  • Quote from and photo of Lou Peoples
  • Two men posing at a formal event
  • List of class of 1970
  • Curt Mandoske and Bob Scolaro posing in front of a truck
  • Tisha Seaman and Dorean Reily


  • Business information.  Conrail.  Dated January 22, 1996
  • Color photograph of landscape along a body of water


  • Two color photographs of office building exterior
  • Color photograph of a man and a woman putting files away
  • Two color photographs of an office cubicle


  • Header with Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc., Pike County Light & Power Co., and Rockland Electric Company and their respective locations
  • Heading of a letter from Orange and Rockland to their employees, dated, May 8, 1998
  • Schedule to determine sick leave for O & R 1998
  • Three color photographs of office cubicles
  • Color photograph of a parking lot outside of a building


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Box 10A

Books, continued

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Box 11




  • Volume VII, Number 1, Spring 1999


  • Volume 9, Number 1
  • Volume 9, Number 2
  • Volume 10, Number 1
  • Volume 10, Number 2.
  • Volume 11, Number 1
  • Volume 11, Number 2
  • Volume 12, Number 1
  • Volume 12, Number 2
  • Volume 13, Number 1
  • Volume 13, Number 2


  • March 1950
  • May 1953

Locomotive & Railway Preservation

  • Issue 54. July-August 1995

Locomotive Quarterly

  • Volume XX, Number 2. Winter 1996

Model Railroader

  • September 1999

The Mountaineer

  • Volume XVII, Issue 2, May 2006
  • Volume XVII, Issue 3, September 2006
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  • Volume XIX, Issue 2, May 2008
  • Volume XXI, Issue 1, January 2010
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  • Volume XXII, Number 2, May 2011

Popular Mechanics

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Railfan & Railroad

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Box 12

Periodicals, continued

Trains, continued

  • January 1987
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Box 13

Periodicals, continued

Trains, continued

  • July 1995
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  • March 1996
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 The Unionville Flyer.  Official Publication of the Middletown and New Jersey Railway Historical Society

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 “The Unionville Photo Flyer.”  Official Publication of the Middletown and New Jersey Railway Historical Society

  • Vol V. No. 5
  • Vol X. No. 5
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Vintage Rails

  • No. 3. Spring 1996
  • No. 4. Summer 1996
  • No. 7. Spring 1997
  • No. 12. May/June 1998
  • No. 13. July/August 1998
  • No. 14. September/October 1998


Audiovisual Material

Box 14

Audiovisual material

1991 ATHS National Meet: Marlborough, MA.  VHS.

Ace of Black Diamonds.  VHS.  Hopewell Productions, 1985.

The Alaska Railroad: the Land of Never-Night.  VHS.  Mind’s I Productions, 1995.

All Aboard America’s Best Model Trains.  VHS.  GoodTimes Home Video Corp., 1994.

America By Rail.  Produced by Les Jarrett & Gregg Scholl.  2 volume VHS set.  Distributed by CounterTop Video/James Entertainment, 1994.

  • Volume 1  the Heartland
  • East Coast – Winter Wonderland

American Steam.  10 volume VHS set.  Madacy Entertainment,  1998.

  • Steam in the 50's
  • Steam in the 50's & 60's
  • Twilight of steam
  • Steam giants across America
  • Steam shortlines of the South
  • Classic steam of the 20's-40's
  • Cass & Mower logging trains
  • Colorado steams
  • Colorado narrow gauge
  • Canadian steam

America’s Highways.  VHS.  A&E Television Network, 1995. 

America’s Railroads.  The Steam Train Legacy.  2 volume VHS set.  Timeless Media Group, 2005. 

Amtrak’s Auto Train.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1994. 

Autumn Spectacular.  VHS.  MenkelSounds.  1998.

Before the Hyphen:  And the Early Years of Erie-Lackawanna Railroad.  VHS.  Revelation Audio-Visuals, 1990. 

Best of Video Rails. Part I.  VHS.  Lambert Enterprises, 1990.

Berkshires and Hudsons of Boston & Albany Railroading In the Northeast.  VHS.  Blackhawk Films. 

The Big Train.  Freight by Flexivan.  VHS.  Chicory Productions. 

Big Trains Rolling:  Wheels of Progress.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1991. 

Birth of a Locomotive.  VHS.  Rail Innovations. 

Blue Mountain Odyssey: 4-6-2 425 In Excursion Service.  VHS.  Mark I Video, 1986.

Box 15

Audiovisual material, continued

Branson Scenic Railway.  VHS.  Kaw Valley Films, 1996.

C & O 614:  Return of a Thoroughbred.  VHS.  Mark I Video, 1996 (two copies)

Chesapeake & Ohio 614T: the March to Hinton.  VHS.  Video Rails, 1985.

The California Zephyr.  VHS.  Video Rails.

Choo Choo Christmas.  VHS.  Countertop Video Corp., 1996.

Christmas Trains. VHS. Pentrex, 1996.

Classic Collector’s Series.  Volumes I, VII, VIII of VHS set.  Video Rails, 1992.

  • Hank Griffith's Collection
  • Southern Pacific--1941

Clear Signal.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1992.

Conrail Fast Freights:  Juniata Rails.  VHS.  Railroad Video Productions.

Conrail Fast Freights:  The River Line.  VHS.  Railroad Video Productions.

Conrail Hot Spots East.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1995.

Conrail’s River Line.  VHS.  Highball Productions.

Countdown to Merger:  Santa Fe’s Marceline Subdivision.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1996.

D & H – New Haven N.Y.S.&W. – Erie Lackawanna Scrapbook.  VHS.  Railroad Video Productions.

Daylight to Vancouver.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1997.

Detroit Edison Coal Trains:  From Coal to Kilowatts.  VHS.  Green Frog Productions, 1994.

Diesel on the Southern Tier.  VHS.  JMJ Productions.

Dream Trains:  Short Hops & Whistle Stops.  VHS.  Sentimental Productions, 1996.

Erie-Lackawanna Encore!!.  VHS.  Revelation Audio-Visuals, 1993.

Energy for the World.  VHS.  Norfolk Southern, 1991.

Erie Centennial Day.  DVD.  The Historical Society of Middletown and the Wallkill Precinct, 2010.

The Erie Lackawanna Railroad.  2 volume VHS set.  Green Frog Productions, 1993.

  • The West End
  • The East End 

Erie-Lackawanna Legacy.  2 volume DVD set.  Revelations Audio-Visuals.

  • Survey of Entire Erie
  • DL & W 

Erie-Lackawanna Legacy.  2 volume VHS set.  Revelations Audio-Visuals.

  • Survey of Entire Erie
  • DL & W

Box 16

Audiovisual material, continued

Erie Steam.  2 volume VHS set.  Mark I Video, 1992.

  • Commuter Power
  • Main Line Action

Europe by Train:  Relive the Past, Discover the Future.  VHS.  Taylored Video Services. 

Exploring Selkirk.  DVD.  Broken Knuckle Video Productions, 1998.

Flying Scotsman:  Preserving the Legend.  VHS.  Brentwood Home Video, 1996.

The Friendly Service Route.  VHS.  Revelation Audio-Visuals, 1994.

From the Ashes.  VHS.  Revelation Audio-Visuals, 1991.

The General.  DVD.  Kino International.

Gerald M. Best’s 1927 Steam Odyssey.  VHS.  Interurban Videos, 1991. 

Giants on the Rails.  VHS.  Skyfire America’s Video Storyteller, 1995.

Ghost Trains of the Old West.  VHS.  Monterey Movie Company, 1990.

Great American Train Rides.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1993. 

Great American Train Rides: 8 Great Train Rides.  2 volume VHS set.  Pentrex, 1994. 

The Great Canadian Train Ride.  VHS.  International Travel Films, 1993. 

Great Model Railroads.  Volume 18 of 26 VHS set.  Allen Keller Productions, 1987.

The Great Montana Train Ride and the National Parks of the North.  VHS.  TM Books and Video, 1997. 

A Great Railroad at Work.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1992. 

Great Railway Journeys of the World:  Confessions of a Train Spotter.  VHS.  BBC Enterprises Ltd., 1988.

The Great Train Stations of America.  VHS.  Questar, 1997.

Great Trains Ride Again.  VHS.  Goldhill Video, 1995.

The Great Trans-American Train Ride.  VHS.  International Travel Films, 1995.

A History of the Alaska Railroad.  VHS.  KAKM.

History of the World’s Fastest Trains: The Quest for Speed on the Rails.  VHS.  Goldhil Video, 1996. 

The Hudson Division.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1992. 

The Iron Road.  VHS.  Atlas Video, Inc.

Irish Railway Journey:  Derry To Kerry.  VHS.  Acorn Media, 1995.

Last of the Giants.  VHS.  Video Rails, 1992.

A Lionel Christmas. VHS. TM Books Video.

Livingston Rebuild Center.  VHS.  Video Rails, 1990. 

Box 17

Audiovisual material, continued

Locomotion:  The Amazing World of Trains.  4 volume VHS set.  A & E Networks, 1993.

  • Engines of Enterprise
  • Taming the Irong Monster
  • The War Machine
  • Magic Machines and Mobile People

Love Those Trains.  VHS.  The National Geographic Society, 1984. 

M&NJ Operations in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  VHS.  Peter Brill and Carl Detwyler. 

The Magic of Lionel Trains.  VHS.  TM Books Video, 1993.

Memories.  VHS volume 5.  Railroad Video Productions. 

Memories of the Erie Railroad:  First-Generation Diesels.  VHS.  Mark I Video, 1988.

Memories of the Erie-Lackawanna Railroad.  2 volume VHS set.  Mark I Video, 1997.

  • Hoboken Terminal to Arden
  • Moodna Viaduct to Binghampton

Memories of the New Haven Railroad.  VHS.  Mark I Video, 1988.

Memories of the New York, Ontario & Western Railway.  VHS.  Mark I Video, 2002.

Middletown, Unionville & Water Gap.  VHS.  Carl Detwyler.

Military History Railroads.  VHS.  A Lou Reda Presentation. 

Modern Marvels:  The Transcontinental Railroad.  VHS.  A & E Home Video, 1995.   

Movin’ On.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1994. 

National Parks of the West by Train.  VHS.  Goldhil Video, 1996. 

New Haven Mainlines.  VHS.  Greg Scholl Video Productions. 

The New Haven Railroad in the 1950’s.  VHS.  Greg Scholl Video Productions, 1990. 

The New York, New Haven & Hartford.  VHS.  A & R Productions, 1996.  (two copies) 

North Jersey Railroading:  “The End of an Era”.  VHS.  Railroad Video, 1987.

Northeast Action!. VHS.  Valhalla Video Productions 1993.

Box 18

Audiovisual material, continued

Operation Fast Freight.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1996. 

Orange Empire Railway Museum.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1995. 

The Pascack Valley Line.  VHS.  Railroad Video Productions. 

The Port Jervis Line.  VHS 2 parts.  Railroad Video Productions.

Promontory.  DVD.  Topics Entertainment, 2010. 

A Railroad at Work.  VHS.  Video Rails. 

Railroad Video Quarterly.  VHS.  Revelation Audio-Visuals.

Railroadin’.  VHS.  Blackhawk Films, 1983. 

Railroading in America.  VHS.  Goldhil Video, 1995. 

Railroading with the Rio Grande.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1993. 

Railroads in U.S. History. DVD. Ambrose Video, 2010.

Railway to the Moon:  A Timeless Adventure.  VHS.  Mt. Washington Cog Railway, 1993. 

Red Express:  The Trans-Siberian Railroad.  VHS.  ABC Video, 1993. 

Ride the Sandy River Railroad.  VHS.  JLB, Inc., 1989. 

Riding the Rails on America’s Most Beautiful Steam Engine.  VHS.  Skyfire, 1993. 

Rio Grande Rotary.  VHS.  Video Rails, 1993. 

Rio Grande Steam ’92.  VHS 2 parts.  Video Rails, 1995. 

Rockets & Rails:  The NASA Railroad.  VHS.  Green Frog Productions, 1993.

The Rockies by Rail.  VHS.  Acorn Media, 1998.

Route of the Chiefs:  Santa Fe 3751.  VHS.  Video Rails, 1993. 

Running a Steam Locomotive:  The Video Encyclopedia of Steam Locomotive Operation.  3 volume VHS set.  National Syndications, 1995. 

  • Running a Steam Locomotive
  • Passenger Locomotives
  • Freight Locomotive Operation

Santa Fe Employee Recognition Special.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1992. 

Santa Fe:  The Diesel Locomotive:  Its Servicing, Maintenance, and Repair.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1995. 

Slugs in Action.  VHS.  PK’s Provided Services. 

Screaming Steam.  VHS.  Motor Classics, 1991. 

Box 19

Audiovisual material, continued

Snow on the Run and This is My Railroad, Southern Pacific, 1950s Diesel Version.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1989.

Steam Across America.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1995. 

Steam to Chicago.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1993.

Steamtown Grand Opening.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1995.   

Strasburg Railroad:  America’s Historic Steam Railroads.  VHS.  Goldhil Video, 1994.

Summer Steam Spectacular:  The Fabulous 4-8-4s.  VHS.  Mark I Video, 1997.

Threshermen’s Reunion at the Rough & Tumble Museum.  VHS.  Railroad Video Productions. 

Thunder on the Rails.  VHS.  Skyfire, 1990. 

Today’s EMD Diesels.  VHS.  Kalmbach Publishing Co., 1997. 

Today’s Maine Railroads.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1993. 

Tower 55.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1996.

Tracking a Thoroughbred.  VHS.  Railroad Video Productions.

Tracks Ahead.  4 volume VHS set.  Pentrex, 1996. 

A Train Ride Thru Amish Country.  VHS.  E. I. V. Productions, 1995.   

A Train Watcher’s Diary.  volume 2 of VHS set.  Railroad Video Productions.

Train Wrecks, Crashes & Disasters: 1934-1955.  VHS.  Landmark Productions, 1992.

Trucks:  Wheels of Industry.  VHS.  A & E Home Video, 1994.

Warehouse on Wheels:  Operations of a Railyard.  VHS.  Pentrex, 1995.

Welcome on Board, the ‘Northern Belle’.  VHS.  AVC Enterprises, 1994.

Box 20

Audiovisual material, continued 

Wheels A’ Rolling.   VHS.  Pentrex.   

World’s Greatest Train Ride Videos.  VHS series.  National Syndications.

  • Canada
  • China
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Mexico
  • Scotland & Wales
  • Switzerland
  • Transiberian



Lapel pins and badges

Box 21

Lapel pins and badges

  • 1900-1975
  • Amtrak – America’s Getting into Training
  • Amtrak – I’ve Had a Superliner Experience
  • Amtrak – Tracks are Back!
  • Artrain
  • California State Railroad Museum – Sacramento
  • California State Railroad Museum – Toy Train Operating Society – Exhibit Founder
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1979 – Welcome!
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Fall 1979 – Welcome!
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1980 – Welcome!
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1981 – Welcome
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1982 – Welcome!
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1983 – Welcome!
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1984 – Welcome!
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1985 – Welcome! – Train Collectors Association, Nor-Cal Division
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1986 – Welcome! – Train Collectors Association, Nor-Cal Division
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1987 – Welcome! – Train Collectors Association, Nor-Cal Division
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1988 – Welcome! – Train Collectors Association, Nor-Cal Division
  • Cal-Stewart Meet – Spring 1989 – Welcome! – Train Collectors Association, Nor-Cal Division
  • Caltrain – I Rode the Rails
  • Choo Choo Barn – Traintown, USA – Strasburg, Pennsylvania
  • County Transit – Catch Our Spirit
  • CPR – I Rode on the Castro Point Railway
  • Early Bird Party – July 22, 1988 – Oakland
  • I Love Railroads
  • Still Play with Trains
  • It’s Valley Forge, By George
  • Lionel – Collector’s Club of America
  • Lionel – The Inside Track 1983
  • Lionel – The Inside Track 1984
  • Lionel – The Inside Track 1985
  • Lionel – The Inside Track 1986
  • Lionel – The Inside Track 1987

Box 22

Lapel pins and badges, continued

  • Pasadena Rose Special – PCR Convention 1982
  • Railfair Sacramento 1981
  • Sacramento Valley Historical Railways
  • San Francisco Bay Area – 34th National TCA Convention 1988
  • Save the Last Train
  • Strasburg Railroad – America’s Oldest Short Line
  • Think Happy
  • Toy Train Operating Society – I Helped Save the TTOS – Hero
  • Toy Train Operating Society – More Steam, More Fun – Official Recruiter 1987
  • Toy Train Museum – Only a Whistle Stop Away! – Paradise Lane – Strasburg, PA
  • Toy Train Operating Society – Steam’s Up for ‘86
  • Toy Train Operating Society – Steam’s Up for ’86 - Donor
  • Zephyrus, The West Wind – The Pioneer Zephyr – Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago


Greeting Cards and Postcards

Box 23

Greeting Cards and Postcards

National Railroad Museum Holiday Cards

  • 8823:  Home for Christmas
  • 8832:  Season’s Greetings
  • 8845:  Santa’s Workshop
  • 8854:  Passing Time (2)
  • 8861:  Western Star
  • 8863:  Home for Christmas
  • 8864:  A Christmas Ride
  • 8866:  Santa’s Train Garden
  • 8867:  Winter’s Crossing
  • 8869:  Holiday Run
  • 8871:  Sentimental Journey
  • 8873:  The Holiday Express
  • 8874:  Christmas Memories
  • 8876 : Christmas Hearth
  • 8878:  Morning Star
  • 8879:  Santa’s Train Garden
  • 8880:  Sunrise Special
  • 8881:  Home for the Holidays
  • 8883:  Daily Event
  • 8886:  The Night Before Christmas
  • 8887:  Lake Valley Station
  • 8888:  Dreamliner
  • 8889:  Holiday Express
  • 8890:  Winter Passage
  • 8891:  Night Departure
  • 8892:  Santa’s Assembly Station (3)
  • 8894:  Greetings at the Depot
  • 8898:  Cold Dawn
  • 8900:  Christmas Visit
  • 8902:  A Model Christmas
  • 8903:  Old-Fashioned Christmas
  • 8904:  Church in the Wildwood
  • 8906:  Wintry Pass
  • 8907:  Winter Crossing
  • 8908:  Winter Snow
  • 8910:  Santa’s Favorite Delivery
  • 8912:  The Pine Tree Limited
  • 8913:  Steamy Pass
  • 8914:  Silent Passage
  • 8915:  Midnight Passage
  • 8917:  Chili Line Express #269
  • 8918:  Wilton, N.H. (2)
  • 8919:  All is Bright (2)
  • 8920:  Curious Pup
  • 8921:  Holiday Caboose
  • 8922:  Holiday Departure
  • 8924:  Winter Engine
  • 8927:  Smoke & Steam
  • 8932:  Morning Star
  • 8934:  Holiday Homecoming
  • 8935:  Santa Napping
  • 8936:  12:24 Local
  • 8937:  Rio Grande
  • 8938:  Christmas Spirit
  • 8939:  JOY Wreath with Heralds
  • 8943:  In Awe of a Moment
  • 8977:  The Christmas Flyer (2)
  • 8980:  Final Destination

Unnamed series

  • P809:  Holiday Special
  • P812:  Christmas Memories
  • P815:  Winter Engine
  • P817:  Backwater Woodies
  • P819: Christmas Starlight Express
  • P820:  It’s a Wonderful Christmas
  • P822:  Twilight Flyer
  • P840:  Santa’s Trains
  • P843:  Merry Christmas to All
  • P849:  The Christmas Flyer
  • P854:  All is Bright
  • P856:  Lighting the Way
  • P857:  Welcome Home
  • P860:  Pine Ridge Holiday
  • P861:  Boston and Maine
  • P866:  Silent Passage
  • P867:  Arrival at Christmas Special
  • P869:  Snowy Retreat 

Black and white postcards

  • Arden
  • Bloomburg, New York
  • Central Valley, New York
  • Cornwall Public Library
  • DLW Depot.  Campbell, New York
  • EL Depot.  Bullville, New York
  • EL Depot.  Harriman, New York
  • EL Depot.  Highland Mills, New York
  • EL Depot.  New Hampton, New York
  • Erie Depot.  New York
  • EL R.R. Depot.  Campbell Hall, New York
  • Greycourt
  • Lehigh & Hudson R. R. Station.  Warwick, New York
  • LHR Station.  Chester, New York
  • LMR Depot.  Sugarloaf, New York
  • M&U Station.  Unionville, New York
  • Middleton, New York
  • MNJ Depot.  Westtown, New York
  • Monroe, New York
  • NH RR Depot.  Maybrook, New York
  • NYOW Depot.  Firthcliff, New York
  • NYOW Station.  Rock Tavern, New York
  • Otisville, New York
  • Pine Island
  • RR Station.  Cornwall, New York
  • Salisbury Mills
  • State Hill
  • Washingtonville Freight Station 

Erie Lackawanna Postcards in Color

  • Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad E-8A Unit Number 808-  This D.L. & W. E-8A Unit is actually former New Jersey Transit #4305, originally Pennsylvania Railroad #5702A and was painted into its D.L. & W. livery by the Central New York Chapter of the N. R. H. S.  Unit number 808 is viewed here on the evening of November 5, 1990 at Amtrak’s Syracuse, New York, Station.
  • Erie Lackawanna E-8’s-  train #1605, Hoboken to Spring Valley, NY, arrives at Hillsdale, NJ, on the New Jersey & New York Line, behind an ex-Lackawanna E-8 and sister unit.  Cars on this August 1971 day are ex-Santa Fe long-haul coaches, modified for suburban services.
  • Erie Lackawanna RS-3 No. 931-  EL, RS-3 idles on a turntable track of the Port Jervis, NT engine terminal, on a bitter cold night in January 1971.  Both #931 and the engine facility are gone today.
  • Erie Lackawanna U-33C-  EL U-33C No. 3305 & GP-35 No. 2582 lead NE-97 thru Sparrowbush, N.Y. on the Delaware Division in April 1974.  In another few seconds she will cross the Mill Rift Bridge into PA.
  • Erie Railroad-  Alco PA’s No. 850 and 863 head westbound out of Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, in April 1963.  Notice the red brick passenger station and repair shops to the right.  Photo by Michael Eagleson.
  • Erie Railroad-  Erie’s E-8 Unit Number 823 as viewed at Marion, Ohio, at the head end of an Express Train on February 22, 1957.
  • Reading Railway Company’s Locomotive Number 2102-  Reading’s T-1 Class (4-8-4), Number 2102, built by Reading Shops in 1945 is viewed at her new home on the Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad at Temple, Pennsylvania.  Number 2102 powers excursion trains on the Blue Mountain & Reading Railroad and also on off-line runs.

The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge-  One of the best known landmarks of the Hudson River is the old Poughkeepsie Railroad bridge.  The completion of it was celebrated in December 1888.  It was opened for service in January 1889.  Through trains from Boston, MA to Harrisburg, PA were inaugurated May 28, 1890.

Engine 999:  the wonder of the '90s; built by the New York Central Line; on May 10, 1893, this classic american typie locomotive reached the speed of 112 1/3 mph

Salisbury Mills:  color photo pasted onto greeting card; Photographic Impressions, Bill Gould, New Windsor, New York



Box 24


  • Lehigh New England signal sign
  • B & O Railroad weathervane

Box 25

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  • Norfolk Southern
  • The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
  • Erie Lackawanna
  • Erie
  • The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Co.
  • Lehigh New England
  • Providence & Worcester Railroad

Box 26

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  • Erie Railroad Company Bond
  • American Railroads map of the United States
  • Sticker book:  Train.  New York:  DK Publishing Inc., 2005.
  • Sleeves of photograph slides (2 sleeves)
  • New Haven Railroad calendars (1990 - 1993)
  • Lionel Classic Train catalogs

Box 27

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  • Erie
  • Main Central – The Pine Tree Route
  • The Belvidere & Delaware River Railroad
  • Edaville R.R. Family Fun Park
  • Amtrak
  • Santa Fe Railroad
  • Lionel Electric Trains
  • Toy Train Museum
  • Lackawanna Railroad
  • The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad
  • Conrail
  • Picture of a train

Railroad Spike

Framed picture of Erie Depot, Goshen, N.Y.

Model train – CSX 2157

Model train with stand – Santa Fe 2333 

Box 28

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  • De Witt Clinton ~ The first locomotive on the New York Central Road ~ 1831
  • Historic Track--Goshen, New York
  • Milwaukee Road
  • Mount Beacon & The Incline Railway
  • Muskingum Railroad
  • Model Steam Engine
  • 3600 H. P. Diesel Electric Locomotive (2 copies)
  • State of New Jersey ~ 3400 H.P. Diesel-Electric Commuter Locomotive
  • Union Pacific 8500-hp Gas Turbine

Plaque  of the Central New England & Western crossing the bridge across the Hudson at Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad advertising sign

Box 29

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  • Striped conductor’s hat
  • Erie Railroad hat
  • Model steam engine

Box 30

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  • Framed print of Maybrook Tonnage on the Move by Craig Staufer
  • Lunch tray featuring Whistle Stop by Dan Hatala  

Box 31

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  • Jacket; tan with Erie emblems on front and back

Box 32

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  • Teddy bear dressed as a engineer

Maps and Drawings

  • Central Railroad of New Jersey, Plan showing the general requirements for wires crossing over tracks, 1911, 22" X 15"
  • Orange and Rockland Electric Company, Monroe, New York, Map showing electric line crossings over railroads in Orange and Rockland territory, 1940, 36" X 36" (2 copies)

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