Lynn Cutler papers

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Title: Lynn Cutler papers

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Creator: Cutler, Lynn

Date: 1968-2014

Extent: 24 boxes (28.58 linear feet) plus 1 oversize folder (3.58 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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This collection was donated to SC&UA over the course of about 30 years by Lynn Cutler. Boxes 1 and 2 were donated to SC&UA on August 10, 1992, box 3 in December 1996, boxes 4 and 5 in January 1997, and Boxes 6 and 7 were donated on January 31, 1997. Boxes 8 and 9 were donated on March 31, 1997 and boxes 10 and 11 in 2001. In October 2005, SC&UA acquired boxes 12 through 17. The most recent acquisition, boxes 19 to 24, were received in September 2021.

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Historical Note

Lynn Cutler was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1938. She attended the University of Illinois from 1955 to 1957, before enrolling at the Iowa State Teachers College (now the University of Northern Iowa), from which she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Social Science in 1962. She also received her master's degree in Education, Guidance and Counseling from UNI in 1967. She entered politics in 1962 and was appointed to the Iowa Commission on Children & Youth in 1963. She also taught in public schools and served as a Head Start administrator.

In 1974, Cutler became the first woman elected to the Black Hawk County (Iowa) Board of Supervisors. She also chaired the Board for two years. She ran unsuccessfully for the United States Congress in Iowa's third congressional district in 1980 and 1982, losing narrowly both times. President Jimmy Carter appointed Cutler to the United States Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations in 1977 and served as its vice chair in 1978.

Cutler was heavily involved in the Democratic Party and served in leadership roles. In 1981, she was elected vice chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), where she liaised with state and local elected officials, fundraised, and oversaw outreach efforts to women and the Jewish community. She held her DNC position until 1993. Cutler then served in the Clinton administration as deputy assistant to President William Clinton and as senior advisor to the White House chief of staff on Indian Affairs. President Clinton also selected her as the permanent White House delegate to the United Nations World Conference on Women in Beijing.

She also worked as a senior consultant with The Kamber Group Communications Firm beginning in 1985 and later served as a senior policy advisor in the Chicago office of Holland & Knight, where she worked on municipal and Indian tribal matters.

Cutler has served on a variety of regional, state, and national boards, such as the National Women's Political Caucus advisory board, the National Democratic Women's Institute board, and more. She is also the recipient of various awards and recognitions.

Cutler has four children and is married to L. Ronald Scheman. More information about her life and professional honors and activities can be found in boxes 4 and 17.


This collection is arranged according to acquisition dates:

  • Pre-2021 acquisitions
  • 2021 acquisitions

Scope and Content

The Lynn Cutler papers, 1968 to 2004, offer insight into Cutler's career, primarily her involvement with the Democratic Party and her role in the Clinton administration in the 1990s. It additionally provides information about the Democratic Party and its work during the 1980s and 1990s. The extensive run of official Democratic National Committee (DNC) correspondence gives a good overview of the day-to-day concerns of the Democratic Party during that era and the collection overall contains strong materials related to women's issues, which was a matter of particular interest for Lynn Cutler.

Pre-2021 acquisitions:

The first two boxes include materials about the DNC, the Jewish Democratic Study Group, voting projects, and medical aid to El Salvador. Box 3 focuses mainly on the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. The fourth and fifth boxes contain papers on different subjects, such as the Board of National Endowment for Democracy, the DNC, political campaigns, and women's issues, along with congressional correspondence. Box 5 also includes several photographs.

Included in boxes 6 and 7 are additional materials related to the Fourth World Conference on Women, the DNC, the Institute for Women's Policy Research, and the Clinton / Gore campaign. There are additional folders dealing with women and the organizations with which Cutler was involved. Boxes 8 and 9 consist of materials related to such topics as the Fourth World Conference on Women, the Center for Policy Alternatives, scleroderma research, President Clinton and Hillary Clinton, and women's issues. Also includes in these boxes are several videotapes, an audiocassette tape, and three photographs of Cutler with well-known political figures. In the folder with speeches by President Clinton and Hillary Clinton is a photograph of Cutler with the President and Tom Harkin.

Boxes 10 and 11 contain, among other items, Cutler's appointment calendars (dating from December 1997 to January 2000), information from trips to Iowa, political lists, and materials related to women's issues and Indian Affairs. About half of the materials in boxes 12 through 17 consist of incoming and outgoing correspondence from the DNC. Cutler either wrote or received most of the correspondence, though there are also copies of correspondence written by or to other members of the organization. The rest of the material consists of information about Cutler's activities, campaigns, and career; preparations for the Democratic National Convention during her term as DNC vice chair; and matters related to women and American Indians. Box 18 includes materials from Cutler’s campaigns, the DNC, information about American Indians, along with subject files.

2021 acquisition:

The bulk of box 19 onwards contains materials primarily from the 1990s and covers Cutler's time at the DNC and her years working in the Clinton administration. These boxes include a variety of ephemeral materials, such as invitations to White House functions and inaugurations; signed notes from President Clinton and Secretary of State (then First Lady) Hillary Clinton; and Cutler's copies of presidential trip booklets dating from 1997 to 1999. The acquisition also includes topical materials ("Unfinished Business of the Women's Movement" and "Institutional Racism in America Society" along with records pertinent to other aspects of her work, such as international trips (Africa and Israel) and correspondence from elected officials supporting Cutler's bid to become Chair of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.

There are also a variety of photographs, including two albums from Cutler’s trip to Africa with Ronald H. Brown (then chairman of the DNC, later Secretary of Commerce); her time with the Gore campaign; images from Clinton’s Pine Ridge visit; and photographs of Cutler and notable people, including the Clintons, Gore, elected officials, and celebrities. Some of these latter photographs are signed. An additional album focuses on the 1986 “Business Women and the Political World: New Partnerships” conference organized by Cutler.


Box 1

Folder 1: Personal and professional appointments and schedules, 1989-1991

Folder 2: Telephone logs, January 1991 - May, 1992: list of incoming calls to Ms Cutler's office (with name of caller and purpose of call)

Folder 3: Women's Council of the Democratic National Committee, 1984 (group formed to organize women for Democratic participation in 1984 elections): list of donors to this group (with donation amounts and dates of donation); arranged by state

Folder 4: Jewish Democratic Study Group: membership list, correspondence, meeting agenda, articles of incorporation, by-laws, statement of purpose, newsclippings, minutes: 1989-1990

Folder 5: Democratic Party Platform Committee Hearings, May 10, 1988: testimony from representatives of interest groups speaking about such topics as children, the elderly, civil liberties, education, and women

Folder 6: Health Roundtable of the Democratic Business Council, 1987: membership lists, invitations, responses to invitations, correspondence, memos, and agenda relating to roundtable meetings on February 3, March 24, and July 9, 1987

Box 2

Folder 1: Voter Participation Project: Voter registration information and planning kit for social agencies, 1986; Report of the Task Force on Barriers to Voting, National Association of Secretaries of State, 1988; Network Notebook of the Voter Participation Program, Democratic National Committee, 1988; Report of the Task Force on Voter Participation, Democratic National Committee, executive summary, 1984; correspondence, memos

Folder 2: "Building a Democratic Decade"--guide to the 1990 census and redistricting

Folder 3: "Project 500: Resource Guide to the 1990 Elections and the Battle for Control of Redistricting," Democratic National Committee, 1990

Folder 4: Children's Project--Medical Aid to El Salvador, 1987-1988: reports, correspondence, newsclippings

Box 3 (added December 1996)

Folder 1: Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, 1995

  • General support documents, memos, papers
  • Beijing Talking Points Bringing Beijing Home
  • Current
  • Fund Raising
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton's Beijing Speech

Folder 2: Iowa Campaign to Ratify...Elimination of Discrimination against Women

  • Speeches; Supporting Conferences, 1993-95
  • UNIFEM; Video: "Cornerstone for the Future: Girls and Young Women"
  • White House Follow-Up, 1996
  • Women's Issues--Articles and Clippings, 1991-95
  • Women's Issues--Literature, 1994-95
  • Working File

Folder 3: Population Initiative and Conferences, 1994

Box 4 (added January 1997)

Folder 1: Audio Cassette Tapes: Kathleen Dunn, Hillary Clinton, Lynn Cutler - 3/31/94

  • "The O'Leary/Kamber Report: Clinton Legal Defense Fund" 1993
  • "Women's Bureau," Morning Edition, NPR 5/13/94

Folder 2: Beijing Conference, 1994

Folder 3: Biography

Folder 4: Business Women and the Political World

  • Program Evaluations
  • Steamboat Conference, 1986

Folder 5: Campaign Manuals, 1984

Folder 6: Center for Policy Alternatives/Women's Voices: Solutions for a New Economy, 1996

Folder 7: Clinton/Gore Campaign Platform, 1996

Folder 8: Commission on the Status of Women

Folder 9: Computer Disks

Folder 10: Correspondence

  • Incoming Letters; Out-Going Letters, 1989-1992
  • Pan-Am Flight, 103, 1993
  • Personal, 1993
  • Thank You's

Folder 11: Delta Queen Riverboat Contract, 1986

Folder 12: Democratic National Committee--Expenditure/Check Requests, 1990-1991

Folder 13: Democratic National Committee--Members

Folder 14: Democratic National Committee Meeting--Cleveland, 1994

Folder 15: Democratic National Platform, 1984

Folder 16: "Discourse and Its Discontents" by Frederick Schauer

Folder 17: Election of 1996

Folder 18: Health Care, 1993-1994

Folder 19: Health Care--Society for the Advancement of Women's Health Research, 1994

Folder 20: Inalienable Rights, Fundamental Freedoms--UN Agenda, 1996

Folder 21: John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Fellowship,1994

Folder 22: Kamber Group

Box 5 (added January 1997)

Folder 1: Machine Politics, Sound Bites and Nostalgia, edited by Michael Margolis and John Green

Folder 2: Medical Aid for El Salvador's Children's Project, 1988

Folder 3: National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, June, 1995

Folder 4: National Civilian Community Corps, 1994

Folder 5: National Endowment for Democracy: Board Meetings, June 9, 1995; January 24, 1996; March 27, 1996; June 14, 1996

Folder 6: National Jewish Democratic Council, 1993-94

Folder 7: Newspaper Articles

Folder 8: Pax Americas

Folder 9: Photographs

Folder 10: Project Rapunzel, 1993

Folder 11: "Reach Out: Clinton, Congress, and Health Care"--Video 1994

Folder 12: Women

Folder 13: Women and Development, 1994

Folder 14: Women and Families--Clinton's Accomplishments and Agenda, 1996

Folder 15: Women in Clinton/Gore 1996 Campaign

Folder 16: Women in Politics, 1994 Election

Folder 17: Women in the Americas, 1994

Folder 18: Women's Business Ownership

Folder 19: Women's Conferences/Pre-Conferences

Folder 20: Women's Council--Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, 1993-94

Folder 21: "A World View of Women"

Folder 22: On top: Women's Equality Day, 1993 Certificate; Air Force One Flight Certificate and Napkin

Box 6 (added February 1997)

Folder 1: Anti-choice Propaganda

Folder 2: "Beijing and Beyond: Journalists Look at Women's Issues Into the 21st Century," 1995

Folder 3: Brazil and Argentina Trip, 1994

Folder 4: Center for Policy Alternatives--National Conference, May 9, 1996

Folder 5: Chicago Foundation for Women

Folder 6: Clinton/Gore Campaign, 1996

Folder 7: Clinton, Hillary Rodham

Folder 8: Colorado Women's Foundation, 1994

Folder 9: Congressional Spouse List, 1991

Folder 10: Crittenton Networking Lunch, 1995

Folder 11: Democratic National Committee: General, 1995-96; Lists, 1992; Mailings, 1995; National Democratic Women's Network, 1994-96; Talk Radio, 1996

Folder 12: Domestic Violence, 1995

Folder 13: EMILY's List Information, 1994

Folder 14: EMILY's List Women's Monitor, 1996

Folder 15: Fourth World Conference on Women: Correspondence; Department Memos, 1994-95; Draft Platforms; General, 1995; Letter of Invitation to U.S. Delegation, 1995; News Clippings, 1995; Press Coverage, 1995

Folder 16: "Framing Identity: The Press in Crown Heights," Dec. 1996

Folder 17: IWA List, 1991

Folder 18: Institute for Women's Policy Research

  • General 1996
  • Research News Reporter and Index, June 1996
  • Research News Reporter, October 1996 (Research News Reporter, 1996 in Box 7)

Folder 19: International Center for Research on Women, Annual Report 1995

Folder 20: Latin America, 1994

Folder 21: March 5, 10:00 a.m.

Folder 22: Message Log, 1996

Folder 23: National Endowment for Democracy, 1996

Folder 24: President Clinton's Plan for...

Folder 25: Pro-Israel PACs

Folder 26: Scleroderma Literature, 1994-1996

Folder 27: The Sister Fund--"From Backlash to New Vision: Communicating a Broader Vision of the Women's Movement"

Folder 28: Summit on Women's Economic Security, 1995

Folder 29: Supporting Women and Families: President Clinton's Accomplishments and Agenda, 1996

Folder 30: Violence Against Women, Dallas Morning News, 1993

Folder 31: Wage Issues, 1994-95

Folder 32: White House, June 1996

Folder 33: White House Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach, November 27, 1995

Folder 34: On Top: Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, 1995

Box 7 (added February 1997)

Folder 1: Women

  • Center for Policy Alternatives--Linda, 1995
  • Commission on the Status of Women--NGO, 1995
  • General, 1994-95; Polls, 1995; Women's Project (Voting), 1995-96
  • "Uncommon Women on Common Ground", 1995

Folder 2: Women Incorporated

Folder 3: Women Leaders Luncheon, December 13, 1995

Folder 4: Women's Leadership Forum--Information, 1995

Folder 5: Youth Voices Project, 1996

Folder 6: Institute for Women's Policy Research--Research News Reporter, 1996

Box 8 (added April 1997)

Folder 1: Abortion Access Project

Folder 2: Appointment Calendar, 1992

Folder 3: Audio Cassette--"Diane Rehm, School Prayer, December 1, 1994"

Folder 4: Center for Policy Alternatives

  • Annual Board Meeting, December 12, 1996
  • Board Meeting, May 9, 1996
  • Executive Committee Meeting, September 26, 1996
  • State of the States for Women and Politics, 1995
  • Women's Voices, September 24, 1996

Folder 5: Clinton, Bill and Hillary Rodham--Speeches, 1995-1997

Folder 6: Clinton/Gore Campaign 1996

Folder 7: Clinton, Hillary Rodham--Foundation Comments, 1995

Folder 8: Correspondence: Personal; White House

Folder 9: Democratic National Committee

Folder 10: Early Voting--Tennessee

Folder 11: El Salvador--U.S. Presidential Observer Delegation to Elections in El Salvador, March 19-21, 1994

Folder 12: First Hemispheric Roundtable of Women Leaders, October 6-7, 1994

Folder 13: Fourth World Conference on Women: Delegation Briefing Book, 1995; Delegation Meeting , August 7-8, 1995; General; Media Guide, 1995; Remarks and Statements by U.S. Delegates; Talking Points

Box 9 (added April 1997)

Folder 1: Fourth World Conference on Women

  • UNESCO Action for Equality, Development and Peace
  • White House
  • World Women

Folder 2: Free TV Time for Presidential Candidates, 1996

Folder 3: Human Rights in China, 1995

Folder 4: International Women's Media Foundation, 1996

Folder 5: Machine Politics, Sound Bites and Nostalgia

Folder 6: Media Guidebook for Women

Folder 7: Miscellaneous

Folder 8: NDA Handbook: How Domestic Organizations Monitor Elections

Folder 9: New Paradigm Seminars, 1994

Folder 10: Newspaper Clippings, 1986-1996

Folder 11: Pew Global Stewardship Initiative

Folder 12: Photographs

Folder 13: Polling, 1996

Folder 14: "Population, Development, and the Role of Women"

Folder 15: Presidential Transition, 1992

Folder 16: Scleroderma Research Foundation

Folder 17: Shalala, Donna E.--Speech Given at National Women's Political Caucus Convention, August 5, 1995

Folder 18: Tabloids, Talk Radio and the Future of News

Folder 19: Video--"Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democratic Convention, 1996" and "Nightwatch--Term Limits, October 18, 1991"

Folder 20: Video--"Lynn Cutler and Company--Crifer and Company"

Folder 21: Video--"Democratic Convention, July 13-16, 1992"

Folder 22: "Women in the Americas: Participation and Development," April 5-7, 1994

Folder 23: Women's and Children's Issues

Folder 24: Women's Issues

Folder 25: Women's Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program--Leadership Council

Folder 26: Women's Leadership Forum, 1995-1996

Folder 27: Women's Leadership Issues, 1994

Box 10 (added March 2001)

Folder 1: Biographical information

Folder 2: Appointment calendar, December 8, 1997-March 31, 1998

Folder 3: Appointment calendar, April 1, 1998-January, 2000

Folder 4: Waterloo, Iowa trip, April 6, 1999

Folder 5: Waterloo, Iowa trip, August 21-27, 1998

Folder 6: Iowa background for Vice President's visit, January 2000

Folder 7: Vilsack-Pederson inaugural, 1999

Folder 8: Presidential Inauguration, 1997

Folder 9: Ron Brown Fellowship

Folder 10: Iowa Political Lists

Folder 11: Political Lists

Folder 13: State of the Union Address, January 27, 2000

Folder 14: Executive Office of the President telephone director, May 1999

Folder 15: Office of the Vice-President staff list

Folder 16: America's Millenium

Folder 17: America's Commitment: 1999 update

Folder 18: America's Commitment: Women 2000

Folder 19: NARAL

Folder 20: Women's Voices 2000

Folder 21: One America in the 21st Century

Folder 22: Mississippi Delta: Beyond 2000

Folder 23: Regional Differences in Indian Health

Folder 24: Tribal Council Contributions to Local Economic Development

Folder 25: Lily Centre for Women's Health

Folder 26: Morris Udall memorial service, January 16, 1999

Box 11 (added August 2001)

Folder 1: Articles

Folder 2: Back to Business Committee

Folder 3: Celebrity List

Folder 4: Center for Policy Alternatives

Folder 5: Chicago 3/20

Folder 6: Children's Issues

Folder 7: Correspondence

Folder 8: Counterpoint Summer 1995

Folder 9: Democratic National Convention 1992

Folder 10: Democratic Women 2000

Folder 11: Election 1992

Folder 12: Election 1996

Folder 13: Enough is Enough

Folder 14: Gore 2000

Folder 15: HRC-March 8

Folder 16: The Impact of Women in Public Office

Folder 17: Judy Mann articles

Folder 18: List Hollywood (Barbara Bolye Dinner)

Folder 19: Middleburg Retreat 1999

Folder 20: Miscellaneous

Folder 21: Miscellaneous Lists

Folder 22: Native Americans

Folder 23: Newspapers Articles

Folder 24: Photographs

Folder 25: Presidential Inaugural 1997

Folder 26: Pundits

Folder 27: "A Tribute to Jackie"

Folder 28: White House Ceremony for the Signing of the Israel-Palestinian Agreement, September 13, 1993

Folder 29: Whitewater

Folder 30: Women and Politics

Folder 31: 1992 Women's C-G Steerling

Folder 32: Women's Proposal

Folder 33: Women's Research

Folder 34: Women Stats-Pre 1988 Political

Folder 35z; Women's Voices 2000

Boxes 12-14 contain correspondence. There is a very limited quantity of correspondence from 1972 through 1980, the period of time before Lynn Cutler was elected Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. The volume of correspondence increases dramatically after that election. The correspondence in these boxes relates primarily to Lynn Cutler's duties and responsibilities as Vice Chair. There are letters and memos about policy, conferences, campaigns, appointments, news, and social and political gatherings. There are also occasional clippings and news articles in these files. Correspondents include major Democratic elected officials at the local, state, and national levels. Correspondence is again limited from the time after Lynn Cutler's service as Vice Chair ended in 1993.

Box 12

Correspondence, 1972 -April 1986

Box 13

Correspondence, May 1986-October 1989

Box 14

Correspondence, November 1989-1997

Box 15

Folder 1: Democratic National Convention, 1980, Platform Committee report

Folder 2: Democratic National Convention, 1984, convention book

Folder 3: Democratic National Convention, 1992, delegate tracking

Folder 4: Democratic National Convention, 1992, Women's Caucus

Folder 5: Democratic National Convention, 1996

Folder 6: Lynn Cutler travel information, Ohio-Texas

Folder 7: Lynn Cutler trip to Iowa and Minnesota, October 30-November 1, 1983

Folder 8: Democratic National Committee Vice Chair election campaign, 1981

Folder 9: Democratic National Committee Vice Chair election campaign, donor thank you letters, 1984

Folder 10: Democratic National Committee Vice Chair election campaign, 1985

Folder 11: Democratic National Committee Vice Chair election campaign, 1989

Folder 12: Democratic National Committee reports, 1985

Folder 13: Democratic National Committee press releases, 1984

Folder 14: Lynn Cutler testimony before Democratic National Committee Platform Committee, March 27, 1984

Folder 15: National Conference of Democratic Mayors, 1983

Folder 16: Democratic Party National Strategy Council, 1983

Folder 17: The Clinton Contrast--a sourcebook; Democratic National Committee Communications and Research, May 6, 1992

Folder 18: Vice President Al Gore, speeches and announcements

Folder 19: President Clinton's trip to Arkansas, December 10, 1999

Box 16

Folder 1: " . . . To form a more perfect union . . . "; Justice for American Women, 1976

Folder 2: Women and the New Economy Issues Forum, Waterloo, 1999 ]

Folder 3: White House Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach, 1997-1999

Folder 4: Women's issues, 1997-1999

Folder 5: Women who shape the future, 1994

Folder 6: Business Women and the Political World, steamboat cruise

Folder 7: Lynn Cutler press statements on women, 1983-1984

Folder 8: Speeches on women's achievements

Folder 9: Harriet Woods letter, 1983

Folder 10: Alan Baron trust, 1990

Folder 11: Women elected officials, map, 1995

Folder 12: Ceremony for the signing of the Israel-Palestinian protocol, 1993

Folder 13: Diplomatic reception, June 6, 1984

Folder 14: Speeches referring to American Indians

Folder 15: American Indians, 2000-2001

Folder 16: Indian telecommunications training initiative, 2000

Folder 17: National Indian Business Association

Folder 18: Press clippings, 1983-1991

Folder 19: Presidential observer for El Salvador elections, 1994

Folder 20: JMB properties

Folder 21: Bernie Aronson memos, 1983

Folder 22: Byron Georgiou, 1990

Folder 23: President Clinton's new market tour, overview and press coverage, July 5-8, 1999

Folder 24: President Clinton's speech on banning guns for misdemeanor domestic violence offenses, 1996

Folder 25: Blair House papers, January 1997

Folder 26: State of the Union address talking points, 1995

Folder 27: State of the Union address, January 27, 2000

Folder 28: Greetings from President and Mrs. Clinton

Box 17

Folder 1: Lynn Cutler photographs

Folder 2: Lynn Cutler biographical information

Folder 3: Lynn Cutler political campaign material

Folder 4: Lynn Cutler Roladex listings

Folder 5: Cutler Group on women's issues, 1994

Folder 6: Political fund-raising invitations

Folders 7-23: Videotapes

  • Folder 7: Joe White Committee, Lynn Cutler for Congress, "MWGFY", 30 seconds, September 23, 1982 (VHS format)
  • Folder 8: Joe Slade White Committee, Cutler for Congress, "Leader" (Beta format)
  • Folder 9: Lynn Cutler, Crossfire, September 7, 1987 (VHS format)
  • Folder 10: C-SPAN view call-in, December 21, 1989 (VHS format)
  • Folder 11: Crier and Company, Lynn Cutler, Susan Molinari, and Ann Stone, November 26, 1991 (VHS format)
  • Folder 12: CNN air check, Crier and Company, January 14, 1992 (VHS format)
  • Folder 13: CNN Crossfire, Lynn Cutler, August 24, 1992 (VHS format)
  • Folder 14: CNN Crossfire, Lynn Cutler, September 16, 1992 (VHS format)
  • Folder 15: CNN, Lynn Cutler with Sununu, 1993 (VHS format)
  • Folder 16: CNN air check, Lynn Cutler, October 13, 1993 (VHS format)
  • Folder 17: CNN, Lynn Cutler, on Whitewater with Bay Buchanan, March 24, 1994 (VHS format)
  • Folder 18: Cal Thomas, August 24, 1994 (VHS format)
  • Folder 19: Special edit: DTH school assembly tape (1) Promo, 1992 excerpt (PR-28); (2) Against All Odds (TV-102); (3) CBS Evening News-S.A. (TV-137). Dubbed April 4, 1995, 17 minutes (VHS format)
  • Folder 20: Vice chairmen tape #1 (VHS format)
  • Folder 21: FMLN commanders, Perquin, Morazan, (El Salvador), undated (VHS format)
  • Folder 22: Lehrer Report; Nightline, undated (VHS format)
  • Folder 23: Lynn's video Kaleidescope, undated (VHS format)

Box 18

Folder 1: Biographical information

Folder 2: Photographs

Folder 3: Iowa Women's Hall of Fame nomination, 1998

Folder 4: Black Hawk County

Folder 5: Lynn Cutler-Cooper Evans debate, October 18, 1982 (VHS videocassette)

Folder 6: Correspondence

Folder 7: Newsclippings

Folder 8: Invitations and programs

Folder 9: Cater inauguration, 1977

Folder 10: Campaigns

Folder 11: Jewish community

Folder 12: Native Americans

Folder 13: Women

Folder 14: Democratic National Committee

Folder 15: Democratic National Committee meeting, 2008

Folder 16: William Clinton

Folder 17: William Clinton, selected remarks, 2013 (Clinton Foundation)

Folder 18: Hillary Clinton

Folder 19: Al Gore

Folder 20: Tom Vilsack

Folder 21: Ed Asner

Folder 22: West Wing of the White House history

Folder 23: Executive orders relating to American Indians

Folder 24: Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian

Folder 25: Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian, Board of Trustees orientation, 2014

Folder 26: Lynn Cutler for Congress campaign buttons

Folder 27: National American Indian Heritage Month, 2000, proclamation

Box 19

Folder 1: Ephemera

Folder 2: Ephemera

Folder 3: Ephemera

Folder 4: Presidential trip schedules

Box 20

Folder 1: Israel trip, December 31, 1987-January 11, 1988

Folder 2: Lynn Cutler - Democratic National Committee - Africa, June 26-July 11, 1991 (folder 1 of 2)

Folder 3: Lynn Cutler - Democratic National Committee - Africa, June 26-July 11, 1991 (folder 2 of 2)

Folder 4: Native Vote, 2000

Folder 5: Wedding, c. 1992

Folder 6: Small Business, 1996

Folder 7: [Lynn Cutler notebook / notes]

Folder 8: New Markets trip / [Pine Ridge trip], July 1999

Box 21

Folder 1: LC - Women’s Conference, 1991 / Dem[ocratic Women], 2000

Folder 2: Correspondence - Lynn Cutler for Chair of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 1993

Folder 3: Clippings

Folder 4: Photographs [1991 Africa trip?]

Folder 5: Photographs [1991 Africa trip?]

Folder 6: Photographs

Folder 7: Photographs

Folder 8: Photographs

Box 22

Folder 1: Photographs

Folder 2: Photographs

Folder 3: Cutler Th 2 - Namibia

Folder 4: [Correspondence & Notes]

Folder 5: [White House correspondence]

Folder 6: Iowa [Gore campaign], 1999

Folder 7: Lynn Cutler

Folder 8: [Clippings & Correspondence]

Folder 9: Photo album - [Cutler & Others], 1997-2000

Folder 10: Photo album, “New Partnerships” conference (Mississippi Queen), 1986

Folder 11: Photo album: “New Partnerships” conference (Mississippi Queen), 1986

Box 23

Folder 1: 1970s materials

Photo album, 1991 Africa trip

Photo album, 1991 Africa trip

Box 24

Folder 1: Harvard materials, 1994

Folder 2: Women’s issues materials

Folder 3: Campaign posters

DVD, “Lynn Cutler Speaks at UNI,” March 26, 2007

VHS, “B-roll - Dollar Coin White House Event, May 4, 1999”


White House Christmas card, 1998

White House Christmas card, 1999

“Your Souvenir Guide Book to the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration in Black Hawk County, Iowa” (from “1970s materials” folder)

Lynn Cutler list of quotes

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The collection and finding aid has been processed, written, and updated by the following people: University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson (Boxes 1 and 2, January 1993; Box 10, March 2001; Boxes 12-17, March 2007); Library Assistant Susan Witthoft (Boxes 3-5, January 1997; Boxes 6-7, February 1997; Boxes 8-9, April 1997); Public History intern Julie Tilton (Box 11, August 2001); and the 2021 acquisition was processed and finding aid updated by Archival Processor Tessa Wakefield, September 2021. Peterson and Library Associate Dave Hoing provided additional updates in January 2016 and October 2017, respectively. Linear feet county updated on August 9, 2017.