Central District Association of the American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Papers, ca. 1933-2012  

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Title: Central District Association of the American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Papers, ca. 1933-2012  

Record Series: MsC-34

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Creator: Central District Association of the American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance  

Date: ca. 1933-2012

Extent: 25 boxes (30 linear feet) and 1 pdf

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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No restrictions. Materials are open for research.

Technical Access: "Photos of Central District Presidents" is available in print or digitally as pdf upon request.

Immediate Source of Acquisition:

"Photos of Central District Presidents," was added to the collection in February 2021 upon receipt from Rick Pappas, the SHAPE America Central District Archives Chair, who compiled the document. The December 2021 addition was donated by Rick Pappas.

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Scope and Content

Association Archivist Ruth Johnson collected many of these papers during the 1990s from association officers and members. She brought them in batches to Rod Library Special Collections and arranged them there. Most material is arranged chronologically within categories. When possible, we have kept this part of the collection as she arranged them. 

However, several years after the original collection was donated, a large shipment of additional material was received. These were not in any particular order, and have been cataloged as an addendum to the original collection.

2021 additions:

An addition of the pdf, "Photos of Central District Presidents," was added in February 2021. The December 2021 addition to this collection consists of Central District Physical Education Association minutes, a leadership roster, the 2014 convention programs, president photos dating from 1992-1993 to 2021-2022, and a KAHPERD (Kansas) document titled, “100 years of KAHPERD.”

Please note that the collection's control file contains additional resources. Please ask SC&UA staff for access.


Acronyms are used throughout.  Some of these refer to different organizations and some to the same organizations that have undergone name changes. In addition, sometimes different acronyms are used interchangeably and simultaneously by the same group.

Here is a list of the acronyms:

AAAHPERD = Association of the American Alliance for Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; also known as AAHPERD (American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance), and, as of 2013, SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators). This collection includes only pre-2013 material, so the acronym SHAPE is not used here.

BOG = Board of Governors

CDAAAHPERD = Central District Association of the American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; also known as CDAAHPERD (Central District of the American Association of Health, Physical Recreation, and Dance); CDAHPER (Central District of the Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation); and CDHPER (Central District of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation)

CAPECW = Central Association of Physical Education for College Women, aka CAPEHE (Central Association of Physical Education in Higher Education)

EAPECW = Eastern Association of Physical Education for College Women, aka EAPEHE (Eastern Association of Physical Education in Higher Education)

IAHPER = Iowa Association of Physical Education and Recreation

IAHPERD = Iowa Association of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

KAHPER = Kansas Association of Physical Education and Recreation

MAPECW = Midwestern Association of Physical Education for College Women, aka MAPEHE (Midwestern Association of Physical Education in Higher Education)

MWSPH = Middle West Society of Physical Education

NAPECW = National Association of Physical Education for College Women, aka NAPEHE (National Association of Physical Education in Higher Education)

SAPECW = Southern Association of Physical Education for College Women, aka SAPEHE (Southern Association of Physical Education in Higher Education)

WAPECW = Western Association of Physical Education for College Women, aka WAPEHE (Western Association of Physical Education in Higher Education)


Box 1

Folder 1: 1967, History of Central District for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, by Mabel Lee

Folder 2: 1963, History of Middle West Society of Physical Education, by Mabel Lee

Folder 3: 1962-1987, Archival material

Folder 4: 1921-1981, History of Iowa Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Folder 5: 1950-1978, History of Kansas Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Folder 6: Photographs of past presidents

Folder 7: Honors and recognition

Folder 8: Leadership rosters

Folder 9: Convention programs

Folder 10: "Photos of Central District Presidents" (pdf version also available)

Box 2

Folder 1: Convention programs

Folder 2: Necrology

Folder 3: 1933-1938 historical records

Folder 4: 1933-1941 convention annual reports

Box 3

Folder 1: 1941-1952 convention annual reports

Folders 2-4: 1950-1958 CDAHPER general information

Folder 5: 1952-1955 miscellaneous committee reports

Box 4

Folder 1: 1951-1957 correspondence

Folder 2: 1953-1957 convention annual reports

Folder 3: 1955-1958 miscellaneous committee reports

Folder 4: 1957 honor awards

Folder 5: 1958 CDAHPER constitution and bylaws

Box 5

Folder 1: 1954-1962 convention proceedings (1958 missing)

Folder 2: 1953-1954 Leonard Marti correspondence

Folder 3: 1957-1958, Edwin Elbel correspondence

Folder 4: 1960, 1985, 1985, health periodicals

Folders 5-7: 1998-1999 CDAHPER history

Folders 8-10: 2000-2001 presidential notebook, Deborah Loper

Box 6

Folder 1: 1951-1991 correspondence, including from most of CDAHPER's presidents

Folder 2: 1957 and 1960 conventions annual reports

Folder 3: 1959-1960 CDAHPER handbook

Folder 4: 1961-1966 CDAHPER general information

Box 7

Folder 1: 1960-1972 CDAHPER miscellaneous financial information

Folder 2: 1961-1973 honors and awards

Folder 3: 1966 AAHPER operating code

Folder 4: 1966-1969 exhibit and exhibitors' information

Folder 5: 1966-1968 CDAHPER general information

Folder 6: 1970-1971 annual convention reports.

Box 8

Folder 1: 1968-1979 miscellaneous reports, conventions, membership lists, directory

Folder 2: 1968-1979 general information

Box 9

Folder 1: 1944-1985 CDAHPER Executive Committee meeting minutes

Folder 2: 1949-1971 convention information

Folder 3: 1949-1974 financial reports

Folder 4: 1950-1974 CDAHPER grant requests

Folder 5: 1958-1971 operating codes and bylaws

Folder 6: 1958-1984 miscellaneous committee reports

Box 10

Folder 1: 1977-1981 Papers of Walter "Pax" Ricketts

Folder 2: 1979-1981 CDAAHPERD miscellaneous reports

Folder 3: 1980 CDAAHPERD convention materials

Folder 4: 1980-1985 CDAAHPERD general information

Folder 5: 1981-1983, 1983-1984, 1984-1985 CDAAHPERD miscellaneous reports

Folder 6: 1982-1983 CDAAHPERD directories

Folder 7: 1983 CDAAHPERD 50th anniversary mementos

Folder 8: 1983, 1984 CDAAHPERD Representative Assembly reports

Folder 9: 1984 CDAAHPERD convention materials

Folder 10: 1984-1985 correspondence to CDAAHPERD

Folder 11: 1985 CDAAHPERD convention materials

Box 11

Foloder 1: 1948-1984 AAHPER convention booklets

Folder 2: 1978-1979 certificates of deeds to AAHPER for floor space in a building

Folder 3: 1983-1986 CDAAHPERD miscellaneous reports

Folder 4: 1983-1990 CDAAHPERD treasurer's reports

Folder 5: 1985 CDAAHPERD reports to the president-elect

Folder 6: 1985-1989 CDAAHPERD convention materials

Box 12

Folder 1: 1985-1989 CDAAHPERD convention materials

Folder 2: 1986-1987 CDAAHPERD reports to the Board of Governors

Folder 3: 1986-1987 Miscellaneous newsletters

Folder 4: ​1987-1988 CDAAHPERD financial statement

Folder 5: 1988 AAHPERD Oral History Guidelines

Folder 6: 1988 CDAAHPERD strategic plan

Folder 7: 1988 CDAAHPERD report of the president

Folder 8: 1988-1989 Papers of Chuck DeCorsey

Folder 9: 1988-1990 CDAAHPERD general information

Box 13

Folder 1: 1989-1990 Papers of Shirley Dutton

Folder 2: 1989-2002 Update newsletters

Folder 3: 1990 CDAAHPERD operating code

Folder 4: 1990-1996 AAHPERD strategic plan

Folder 5: 1991 CDAAHPERD convention reports

Folder 6: 1991 CDAAHPERD report to Board of Governors

Folder 7: 1992 CDAAHPERD convention reports

Folder 8: 1993 CDAAHPERD convention material

Folder 9: 1993-1994 CDAAHPERD operating code

Folder 10: 1993-2001 CDAAHPERD annual reports (lacks 1995, 1999, and 2000)

Folder 11: 1994-1995 CDAAHPERD miscellaneous reports

Folder 12: 1995 CDAAHPERD convention reports

Folder 13: 1998-2001 CDAAHPERD convention material

Folder 14: 2001-2002 CDAAHPERD list of committees

Folder 15: 2003 CDAAHPERD mid-year reports

Folder 61: 2004-2005 CDAAHPERD convention contracts

Box 14

Folder 1: 2001 CDAAHPERD strategic plan

Folder 2: 2003-2004 CDAAHPERD operating codes

Folder 3: 2003-20006 BOG CDs

Folder 4: 2004 CDAAHPERD mid-year reports

Folder 5: 2004-2005 CDAAHPERD correspondence

Folder 6: 2005 CDAAHPERD annual report

Folder 7: 2005 CDAAHPERD criteria for success

Folder 8: 2005 CDAAHPERD synopsis of reports

Folder 9: 1923-1975 Physical education and sports for women


These boxes are filed chronologically by year, without regard to subject, and within each year alphabetically.  Each box has general information about the various incarnations and branches of AAHPERD: reports, minutes of meetings, convention proceedings, newsletters, financial material, past member and officer lists, history, necrologies, and correspondence.

Box 15


Box 16


Box 17


Box 18


Box 19


Box 20


Box 21


Box 22 - Miscellany

Folder 1: 1953-1980 CDAHPER miscellaneous material

Folder 2: 1962-1966 CDAHPER correspondence

Folder 3: 1965 CDAPHER constitution and bylaws

Folder 4: 1969-1973 CDAHPER miscellaneous reports

Folder 5: 1970-1976 Minnesota Journal for Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Folder 6: 1970-1985 Update newsletters

Folder 7: 1973 CDAAHPERD grant proposals

Folder 8: 1975 CDAAHPERD constitution and bylaws

Folder 9: 1981-1983 IAHPERD miscellaneous reports and publications

Box 23 - Ephemera

Folder 1: AAHPERD banner

Folder 2: Index cards

Folder 3: VHS taped recording of scholarly papers

Folder 4: Small coin purse containing lady’s watch

Folder 5: Convention pins

Folder 6: Box of slides

Folder 7: 8" x10" photographs of CDAHPER officers and members

Folder 8: Miscellaneous 5" x 7" photographs

Folder 9: Two small photograph albums

Folder 10: Photographic negatives

Box 24 - Ephemera (Not kept in folders)

Set of four CDAAHPERD drinking glasses

CDAAHPERD long-sleeved shirt, mug, and candy jar

Campaign ribbon for Kathleen Kinderfather

Four trophy plaques for Kathleen Kinderfather

Box 25

Folder 1: Leadership Council minutes, Nancy Eklund death, 2020-2021

Folder 2: Leadership Council minutes, delegates, goals, 2019-2020

Folder 3: Minutes, 14th Annual Leadership Summit, 2018-2019

Folder 4: Minutes, strategic plan, annual reports, summit comments, 2017-2018

Folder 5: 50 Million Strong Action Plan, wards program, funding request, 2016-2017

Folder 6: Minutes, convention program, convention expenses, 2014-2015

Folder 7: Minutes, transition plan, AAHPERD Board of Directors, 2013-2014

Folder 8: Leadership roster, 2012-2013

Folder 9: Newsletters, 2011-2012

Folder 10: History of Colorado Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

Folder 11: Operating Code

Folder 12: Past presidents

Folder 13: “100 years of KAHPERD”

Folder 14: Central District President photos, 1992-2021


Processing Information

Papers collected and processed by Association Archivist Ruth Johnson; original collection reprocessed and addendum processed by Library Associate Dave Hoing, November-December 2015. Last updated October 2017 (dh). Linear feet count updated on August 9, 2017. Updating by Jaycie Vos, February 2021, to include addition and Tessa Wakefield in December 2021.