Cedar Arts Forum, Records, Publications, and Papers, 1959-1998  

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Title: Cedar Arts Forum, Records, Publications, and Papers, 1959-1998  

Record Series: MsC-62  

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Creator: Cedar Arts Forum

Date: 1959-1998

Extent: 31 boxes (39.834 linear feet); 3 oversize items (3.58 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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No restrictions. Materials are open for research.

Physical Access: Box 26 is located in Manuscripts Oversized 2.

Technical Access: There is a considerable amount of material recorded on outdated technology, such as VHS tapes and audiocassettes. These have not been digitized or transcribed.

Related archival materials can be found in MsC-65, College Hill Arts Festival Collection, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Northern Iowa.

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Historical Note

History of the Organization

The Cedar Arts Forum was founded in January 1975 to serve as a local arts agency and as a "catalyst for the arts in a multi-county, Cedar Valley, region."  The Cedar Arts Forum succeeded, with a considerable expansion in programming and geographical coverage, the Waterloo Arts Council.

The Cedar Arts Forum produced workshops, lectures, conferences, exhibits, performances, and arts residencies for schools, communities, and the general public.  Among its best known projects were the annual String Camps, the Very Special Arts Festivals, Food and Art in Lincoln Park, Artworks at the Airport, Black Hawk County art purchases, the Chamber Music Rural Residencies, and Artists in the Schools.  The organization brought local, national, and international performers to Black Hawk County and the surrounding area.

Renata Sack served as Executive Director of Cedar Arts Forum from its inception in 1975 until its dissolution in June 1998.  The extraordinary breadth and depth of Cedar Arts Forum programming are testaments to Renata Sack's energy, intelligence, persistence, negotiating skills, and wide-ranging interests.

Scope and Content

After Cedar Arts Forum decided to dissolve in the spring of 1998, Executive Director Renata Sack contacted University of Northern Iowa Archivist Gerald L. Peterson to see if the University Archives would be interested in the records and papers of the organization.  Gerald Peterson visited the organization's office in the Waterloo Public Library building and determined that the records were a valuable historical resource for research on the arts in the Black Hawk County area over the last quarter of the twentieth century.  Gerald Peterson transported the records from the organization's office to the University Archives in the summer of 1998.

Portions of the records were well-organized, though older records tended to be isolated from similar, more recent records.  In addition, material in unusual formats, such as posters, large photographs, videotapes, and textiles, was separated from material in more ordinary formats.

The current arrangement of this collection retains, in so far as possible, whatever original order was apparent when the records were acquired.  Most of the processing work consisted of eliminating duplicates, photocopying extensive files of newsclippings, and bringing scattered material back together.  After processing, the collection fell into four major parts.

  • Part 1, consisting of Boxes 1-4, includes the business papers, organizational records, and publications of the Cedar Arts Forum.
  • Part 2, consisting of Boxes 5-8, includes files relating to individual or groups of artists and performers who were associated with Cedar Arts Forum programming.
  • Part 3, consisting of Boxes 9-20, includes subject files relating to local, state, regional, and national art organizations, programs, grants, developments, and trends.
  • Part 4, consisting of Boxes 21-25, includes material in unusual formats such as plaques, photographs, posters, and textiles.

Researchers should note that there is sometimes considerable overlap between and among the parts of the collection.  For example, a researcher interested in a performer who put on a show at Hawkeye Community College should look in both Part 2, where there may be a file on the particular performer, and Part 3, where there may be correspondence with Hawkeye Community College officials about the performance.  A researcher interested in the Cedar Arts Forum String Camps should look in both Part 3, where there are records relating to the annual workshops, and Part 4, where there may be T-shirts associated with the camps.

The contents of Boxes 28-31 are a later addition to the collection.  In March 2010, Gerald Peterson picked up four boxes of videotapes from Renata Sack and brought them to the University Archives.  The videotapes are nearly all in VHS format.  Most of the tapes were labeled, though the labels were occasionally cryptic about the actual contents.  Due to time constraints, the tapes were processed without being viewed.  Consequently, the precise contents of the tapes cannot yet be verified.  The inventory of Boxes 28-31 is simply a transcription of the tape labels.

In September 2010, Gerald Peterson picked up two boxes containing videotapes and audiocassettes from Renata Sack and brought them to the University Archives.  This material became Box 32.  The inventory of that box is simply a transcription of the tape labels.

The records of the Cedar Arts Forum are probably the strongest documentation of public art programming in the Black Hawk County area for the last twenty-five years of the twentieth century.  The records provide an excellent look at the way in which public art was financed and staged in Iowa and the Midwest during that time.  The records document significant succeses in which the Cedar Art Forum served as a model arts agency, as well as some very difficult times.  Files relating to individual artists, who worked in many venues and media, are extensive, with local and national newsclippings, agency publicity material, and personal correspondence.  The artists range from those with quite local reputations to others of international repute.  The records in this collection document Renata Sack's involvement in state, regional, and national arts organizations, as well as in local government and civic organizations.  They provide an excellent view of trends in art, design, and community development on many levels.  Documentation relating to the work of the Iowa Arts Council and the Iowa Assembly of Local Arts Agencies is especially strong.  Of special note, in an area slightly outside arts programming, is the material in Part 3 of this collection relating to the design and routing of highways through Waterloo.  Renata Sack served on several boards involved in this work.

With the exception of restricted access to certain personnel and correspondence files, the entire Cedar Arts Forum collection is open to researchers.  Most of the collection is organized to the item level, but portions are organized only to the folder level.



Note: Boxes 1-4 document the business, legal, and organizational arrangements of the Cedar Arts Forum.  They include such material as the articles of incorporation, Board minutes, employee records, and correspondence, as well as publications of the Cedar Arts Forum.  There is also a large file of news clippings relating to the programs of the organization.

Box 1

Waterloo Arts Council

Records of the Waterloo Arts Council, 1959-1974, including articles of incorporation as well as scattered correspondence, board minutes, annual reports, tax returns, and newsclippings; this Council served as a local arts agency before the Cedar Arts Forum was organized

Cedar Arts Forum

Articles of incorporation and by-laws; roster of charter members; matters relating to the dissolution of Cedar Arts Forum, 1998; brief histories, summaries, and surveys of activities of Cedar Arts Forum; board responsibilities and profiles; board membership rosters; board minutes, 1975-1998; board agenda; board correspondence; board retreats, 1991, 1995, 1997; board member's notebook, 1991-1994 (Part 1)

Box 2

Board members notebook, 1991-1994 (Part 2); correspondence, 1975-1986; goals and objectives, 1898-1991; committee organization, structure, and responsibilities; Executive Committee, minutes, 1988-1991; Legislative Committee; Marketing Committee; Nominations Committee; long range planning and Program and Planning Committee; fundraising and Funding Development Committee; Finance Committee; financial statements and audits; budget; miscellaneous bills and correspondence, 1976-1980; miscellaneous grants paperwork, 1977-1978

Box 3

Personnel and staffing; employment surveys; affiliated artists contracts; office occupancy agreement, 1983; insurance; corporate and payroll taxes (restricted access); CETA records, 1977-1981 (restricted access); CETP records (restricted access); employee personnel files (restricted access); Renata Sack correspondence, photos, presentations, and news articles; Ferner Nuhn correspondence; An Arts Directory of Black Hawk County; membership directory, 1981-1982; Cedar Arts Forum Newsletter

Box 4

Cedar Arts Forum Newsletter; Cultivator; newsclippings relating to publicity and programs of the Cedar Arts Forum


Boxes 5-8 contain information about performers and artists, most of whom performed in Cedar Arts Forum productions.  The files include correspondence, performance programs and publicity, local and national newclippings relating to the performer, publicity furnished by the performer's agent or agency, and photographs.  Some files are quite small; others, such as those relating to Bill T. Jones, are extensive.  Material relating to combined performances of two or more artists may be filed under just one or all of the artists' names.  The files are arranged alphabetically by the performer's name.  The dates following the artists' names indicate when the artists were associated with Cedar Arts Forum programs.

Box 5

  • Aiken Puppets, 1985, 1986
  • Alma Iowana, 1982, 1985, 1985, 1986
  • Laura Amend, 1977
  • Bill Barder--AEA 7--animated film-making, 1985
  • Chris Bennett, 1990
  • Carol Bly, 1992
  • Augosto Boal and Paulo Friere, 1996
  • Boccherini Ensemble, 1992, 1993
  • Bountiful Harvest, Hawkeye Community College, 1994
  • Robert Bunney, 1977, 1978
  • Michael Carey, 1987, 1988, 1995
  • Alan Cemore opera project, 1981
  • Chunghi Choo, 1991
  • Chorale Concert, St. Stephen the Witness Student Center, 1995
  • Concert in the Neighborhood, St. Stephen the Witness Student Center, 1995
  • Dance Co'Motion, 1981, 1982
  • Dance on Tour, Arts Midwest, 1995
  • Sharon Daniels, 1977, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1990
  • Joan Dixon, 1984, 1986
  • Il Dolcimelo, 1994
  • Clive Elliott, 1992
  • Emile Beaux Jeux Trio, 1993, 1994, 1995
  • Eulenspiegel Puppet Theater, 1996
  • Eurythmeum Stuttgart, 1981
  • Film series, 1984
  • Free Strett Theater, 1988
  • Fundus Puppets, 1993
  • Sarah Grant-Hutchinson, 1988
  • Balcomb Greene, 1993
  • Chaden Halfhill, 1995
  • Renate Hauff, 1987
  • Harvey Hess, 1993

Box 6

  • Carl Homstad, 1984, 1990, 1994
  • Daniel Huber, 1988
  • Sharita Hunt, 1984
  • Diana Hutchinson, 1985, 1986
  • Iowa Independent Film Festival, 1996
  • Jazz India, 1997
  • Bill T. Jones (extensive files covering 1975-1996)
  • Steve Kelsey, 1988
  • Justin Kolb, 1982, 1983
  • Bonnie Koloc, 1982
  • Ja-Hyeong Koo, 1998
  • Danila Korogodsky, 1990
  • Vidie Lang
  • Jennifer Langham, 1979, 1982
  • Margaret Larsen, 1987
  • Brian Lynner, 1992
  • Awele Makeba, 1989, 1990
  • Trudy Martin--Mosaic Dance Company, 1997
  • Julie McDonald, 1989
  • Robert and Margery McDuffie, 1985, 1986, 1990, 1996

Box 7

  • Daniel McKelway, 1987-1990
  • Meet the Composer (Arts Midwest), 1995
  • Herfried Mencke, 1982
  • Metro Dance Theater, Amy Lichty, 1977, 1978, 1981
  • Metropolitan Chorale, 1980-1997
  • Judith Moen, 1988
  • Dave Moore, 1980s
  • Concetta Morales, 1989, 1991
  • Frederick Moyer, 1988
  • Mojiganga Puppets, 1995
  • La Negra Karin y los Llaneros, 1996, 1997
  • Perry Nesbitt, 1991
  • Greg Neuman, 1992, 1993
  • Kent Newman, 1992, 1993
  • Douglas Niedt, 1982, 1983, 1985
  • Northeast Iowa Spinners and Weavers Guild, 1977-1990
  • Oktoberfest, 1983, 1984
  • Ted Piltzecker, 1987
  • Ron Popenhagen, 1979, 1983, 1988
  • Puppeteering Workshop, 1986
  • Eric Ruske, 1990, 1991
  • Russian Puppet Theater, 1996
  • Sherry Saterstrom, 1984
  • Christopher Severin, 1975
  • Douglas Shelton, 1988]
  • Ricky Smith, 1981
  • Bonnie Sparling, 1988
  • Daniel Stein, 1981, 1982
  • Karin Stein, 1991
  • Paule Stein, 1981
  • Terry Pearson Stevens, Visions Dance Company, 1989
  • Dana Strack, 1989
  • Daniel Sullivan, 1976, 1977, 1979

Box 8

  • Sunday Film Series, 1996-1998
  • Susan Thomasson, 1987
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock, 1995
  • Threefold Harvest, 1993
  • Tiddlywinks Players, 1977, 1980
  • Wallace Tomasini
  • Unified Jazz Ensemble, 1992-1997
  • Juan Valenzuela, 1975
  • Very Special Arts Festival, 1981-1996
  • Joan Webster-Vore, 1989, 1990
  • Robert Weide, "Mother Night", 1997
  • Jack Wilkes, 1988, 1989
  • Women in Clay, 1991
  • Ying Quartet, 1992, 1993, 1994
  • Young Concert Artists, 1991
  • Ray Youngbear, 1995

Note: Boxes 9-20 are subject files dealing with conferences, programs, state and federal grants, state and national arts organizations, community development efforts, and other Cedar Arts Forum work.  The files include correspondence, applications, newsclippings, programs, and publicity material.  There is occasional overlap between subject files.  A good example of overlap occurs in material relating to grants:  files may be arranged by the name of the grant program, the granting agency, and the community in which the grant is carried out.  The processor of this collection relied primarily on the original order of the material to make arrangement decisions.  Some files are extensive; others are quite small. The files are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box 9

  • Aesthetics and Infrastructure--extensive correspondence, grant applications, financial records, and transcripts for the 1994 conference held at Hawkeye Community College
  • Jane Alexander
  • Area Education Agency 7
  • Art Beyond Boundaries conference, 1992
  • Artists in the Schools and Communities grants and programs
  • Arts and Humanities month
  • Arts Education
  • Arts in Rural Communities
  • Arts for the Handicapped
  • Arts Midwest
  • Artwork at the Airport--correspondence, photos, publicity on art shop at Waterloo Airport

Box 10

  • Banner project, 1978
  • Black Hawk County Art Purchase--inventories, publicity, photos from program to purchase art for local public buildings
  • Bravos, Art for a Change, 1995
  • Buchanan County Arts Association
  • Business and the arts--appeals to business owners and managers to support the arts
  • Calendar project, 1988, 1989, 1990--documentation associated with production of local arts calendars
  • City of Cedar Falls--primarily correspondence relating to support of arts programs by the city; Sturgis Falls Celebration; Oster Regent Theatre
  • Challenge grants, 1989
  • Chamber music conference mini-grant
  • College Hill Arts Festival, 1980-1990
  • College Square Mall
  • Community Arts Challenge Grant, 1992
  • Community cultural planning, 1991--extensive documentation of a community-wide (primarily Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa) effort to understand, assess, and plan the local cultural landscape

Box 11

  • Community cultural planning, 1991--continued from Box 10, includes "Cedar Falls Leisure and Arts Survey" (1990); "Cultural Assessment Phase of the Community Cultural Plan for Black Hawk, Bremer, and Buchanan Counties, Iowa", by Community Ventures
  • Community Incentive Grant schedule of appearances, 1978-1979
  • Controversial art resolution of support, 1990
  • Covenant Medical Center, 1991
  • Cultural grants--for Iowa communities, including appearance of Awele Makeba
  • CSPS
  • Deere and Company
  • Dunkerton Schools playground--Bond Anderson
  • Phil Elliott
  • Enhancement for the Arts
  • Environmental and community enhancement
  • Ethics in the Art World conference, 1988
  • Fifteenth anniversary celebration
  • Friendship Village
  • Gateway Committee, 1989-1990--documentation of efforts to add beauty to the relocated Highway 218, interstate highway substitution plan
  • Gold Card Club membership, 1990--enhanced level of Cedar Arts Forum membership
  • Grace Methodist Church--extensive plans for a project to use the vacated Waterloo church as a home for Cedar Arts Forum and other cultural enterprises

Box 12

  • Grants--lengthy file of grant applications for a variety of programs
  • Hawkeye Community College
  • Health and Safety in the Arts workshop, 1991
  • James Hearst Scholarship
  • Hearst Center for the Arts
  • Highway 218 corridor study, 1989
  • Hotel/motel tax grants
  • Immigration forms for international performers
  • Independence Community Schools
  • Iowa and federal legislation relating to the arts
  • Iowa and the arts
  • Iowa Arts Caucus
  • Iowa Arts Council--extensive files relating to grants programs, minutes of board meetings, and Renata Sack's involvement and association with the Council

Box 13

  • Iowa Arts Council, continued from Box 12, including grant application for Bill T. Jones appearance
  • Tractor, 1993-1995--journal of the Iowa Arts Council
  • Iowa Assembly of Local Arts Agencies--extensive files of correspondence, minutes, and statements documenting the involvement and association of Cedar Arts Forum and Renata Sack with the Assembly

Box 14

  • Iowa Assembly of Local Arts Agencies, continued from Box 13--including IALAA News, 1984-1989, the Assembly newsletter
  • Iowa Citizens for the Arts
  • Iowa Cultural Center at the Iowa State Fair
  • Iowa folk art
  • Iowa Humanities Board
  • Iowa Public Broadcasting Network
  • Lois Jecklin--correspondence
  • Jesup, Iowa--extensive documentation of a variety of programs associated with the Jesup schools and the general community over many years, including artists in residence, performances, and public celebrations

Box 15

  • Jesup, Iowa, continued from Box 14
  • Junior Art Gallery
  • Junior League
  • Ruth Kao--correspondence, newsclippings, photos relating to life and textile work of former member of the University of Northern art faculty
  • Leadership Investment for Tomorrow (LIFT)
  • Meetings with local members of the General Assembly
  • Lincoln Park (Waterloo, Iowa) activities, 1982-1991--Food and Art in Lincoln Park
  • Local Arts Leadership Institute, 1987
  • McElroy Trust grants
  • Metro Fund

Box 16

  • Metro Youth Symphony
  • Midwest Rural Arts Forum, 1995
  • Louis Napoleon
  • National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies
  • National Bank of Waterloo
  • National Endowment for the Humanities--extensive files on grant-funded programs including the Chamber Music Rural Residencies, a highly successful enterprise of Cedar Arts Forum
  • National Jazz Service Organization
  • Naumberg Competition, 1991--Hai-Ye Ni and Anne Epperson

Box 17

  • Perry Nesbitt
  • Opera residency grants
  • Operational support grants, 1992-1997
  • Partners in Education
  • Performing arts auditorium plans
  • Performing arts grant, 1998
  • Photography, "Hands On", University of Northern Iowa, 1987
  • Plains Bookbus
  • Principal Financial
  • Public Art Symposium, 1991
  • Quality of Life meetings
  • Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team (R/UDAT)--Gateway Committee--planning and survey documents for the relocated Highway 218 corridor through Waterloo, Iowa
  • Resources Plus--good documentation of the association of local cultural agencies in and around Black Hawk County, Iowa
  • Retired Senior Volunteer Project (RSVP)
  • Riverfront Project, 1994-1995

Box 18

  • Rotary Club
  • Rural Arts Initiative
  • Rural programming--Target Stores and Pioneer Hi-Bred
  • Margaret Santee
  • Sesquicentennial of Iowa
  • Silos and Smokestacks
  • William Strickland
  • String Camp, 1977-1993--programs, arrangements, correspondence, and some videotapes relating to the highly successful annual workshop that brought young string players together to learn and perform on the University of Northern Iowa campus

Box 19

  • String Camp, 1994-1998, continued from Box 18
  • University of Iowa Arts Outreach
  • UNI-Civic Arts Association
  • UNI Ethnic Minorities Cultural and Educational Center
  • UNI Gallery of Art
  • UNI School of Music
  • Up Downtowners--extensive files of a group that promoted downtown Waterloo, Iowa

Box 20

  • US West Foundation
  • Viola, cello, and voice competition, 1978-1980
  • Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra
  • Waterloo Chamber of Commerce
  • City of Waterloo, Iowa
  • Waterloo Community Foundation
  • Waterloo Courier tabloid sections on the arts, 1985, 1989
  • Waterloo Design Review Board--Renata Sack was a member of the Board
  • Waterloo Greyhound Park
  • Waterloo Recreation and Arts Center
  • Waterloo School District
  • West Junior High School, plans for rehabilitation as arts center
  • Waterloo Women's Club
  • Waverly-Shell Rock Schools
  • Women in the Arts

Note: Boxes 21-25 include material in unusual or oversized formats such as photographs, videotapes, posters, plaques, and textiles.

Box 21

Cedar Arts Forum plaques and awards

Box 22

Textiles, primarily String Camp T-shirts

Box 23

Audio-visual material and photographs: not yet inventoried or described

Box 24

Audio-visual material and photographs: not yet inventoried or described

Boxes 25-27

Posters and other material in oversized formats: not yet inventoried or described

Note:  Boxes 28-31 acquired by Gerald L. Peterson from Renata Sack, March 2010

Box 28

Bill T. Jones, One Step at a Time

Bill T. Jones, transferred copy

Bill T. Jones, taped March 16, 1981, from Alive From Offcenter

Billl T. Jones, IPTV, 1980

Bill T. Jones, Everybody Works, IPTV, 1980

Bill T. Jones, December 11, 1980, a Renata Sack Production

Bill T. Jones, dance, symposium

Bill T. Jones

Patricia Johanson, The Leonhardt Lagoon, Dallas, Texas, videotape by Jyoti Duwadi, 1992

McDuffie, loop version, take one, 10 minutes

Robert McDuffie

Robert McDuffie, February 1986

Greg Neuman, Neuman Project, excerpts from Genesis, a dance trilogy, August 20, 1993, 10 minutes

Neuman Project, excerpts from Genesis, a trilogy, January 11, 1994, 9:57

Greg Neuman, first performance

Greg Neuman, second performance

Greg Neuman, Jesup, KCRG-TV, January 1992

Focal Point, the Community:  cultural planning, Danielle Withrow, Jim Kerns, Renata Sack, taped February 19, 1991, broadcast, February 24, 1991

Dr. Terry

Plenary session

Candidate Forum, Renata Sack, February 14, 1994

Dr. J. Kupfer

Dr. A. Chappell

Rural Arts Initiative

The Canterbury Trio, classical music

The Canterbury Trio, 1982; The Art of Basketmaking

Food and Art in Lincoln Park, June 7,1988, KWWL news, Gary Sarnoff

Food and Art in Lincoln Park, June 6, 1990

Box 29

CBS Sunday Morning, Country Airs, March 21, 1993

CBS Sunday Morning, Ying Quartet, Jesup

CBS Sunday Morning, Ying Quartet, Jesup, March 21, 1993

Waterloo Symphony, Sharita Hunt

Russian Dancers with UNI kids

Live from the Met, Aida, January 3, 1985, Leontyne Price, Florenza Cossotto, John McCurdy, James McCracken, Simon Estes, Dimitri Kavrakos

Sunday in the Park with George; Live from Lincoln Center, Candide

Crisis in the Arts, San Diego, 1991

Sights and Sounds Show, arts resources, 1988

Very Special Arts Festival, Sights and Sounds piece, UNI-Dome

Dancers in Company, University of Iowa, 24 minutes

Ceramics, Very Special Arts Festival

Very Special Arts Festival, 1991

Krumm CMRR interview, July 22, 1992

Living in Iowa, April 6, 1997

The Ying Quartet, an Iowa Experience, Blooming Tree Productions

NEA ensembles, Spencer, March 1993

Emile Beauz Jeux Trio, spring concert, May 26, 1995

CBS Sunday Morning, report on NEA, Bill T. Jones, October 30, 1992

BOAL, May 3, 1996

Ying Quartet's stay in Jesup, documentary produced by Michele Putnam

Awele Makeba

Awele Makeba

Awele Makeba

Awele Makeba, storyteller, 45 minutes

Ying Quartet

Box 30

Spillville Triple Treat, November 1992

Renata Puppets, November 21, 1996

Aida, Susan Thomasson

Claudia Hommel, Souvenirs of Paris, 4:30 minutes

Music appreciation concert, May 5, 1994

Frederick Moyer, pianist, visits elders and preschoolers at Columbian park, Lafayette, Indiana

Frederick Moyer, pianist, Walnut Ridge Academy, Waterloo, Iowa, junior high school, 450 students, April 17, 1989

Musical Harvest concert, November 17, 1994

String Camp, 1995, 80:15

String Camp concert, 1991

String Camp, 1994

String Camp, 1995

String Camp before (???)

String Camp concert, 1992

String Camp before (???)

String Camp, 1993

String Camp, 1994

Scented Magic, Camp New Hope, August 25, 1988

String Camp, 1985

String Camp, Channel 2 news, June 15, 1996

String Camp, 1996

String Camp, 1995

String Camp, 1995

String Camp, 1996

Box 31

Art and Child, puppets, Cynthia Bickley-Green, 1993

Awele Makeba, KGAN

Los Llaneros, FY 1988-1989

Tama Hall, Dolo???

Living in Iowa, IPTV, 1992

Revival on Fifth Street

Fundus, John Gross, KGAN, November 18, 1996

Fundus, John Gross, KGAN, November 18, 1996

Revival on Fifth Street, an art school for Waterloo

West Intermediate, Cynthia Bickley-Green, May 1993

Overview of Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, Diana Balmori

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, Frederick Steiner

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, Patricia Johanson

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, Ron Jensen

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, Kristina E. Hill

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, Gerould Wilhelm

Aesthetics and Infrastructure:  designing a livable environment, John Tillman Lyle

Homstad's The Trout

Art education satellite town meeting

Maria Callas, Life and Art

How an art school can make a difference, Bill Strickland speaks to the Waterloo community

Bill and Renata, Woods and Latin, 6:35, 7 inch reel-to-reel audio tape recording

Box 32

Videocassettes, VHS format

  • A sampling of Cedar Arts Foum programs, March 1996
  • Welcome and introduction, March 12, 1991
  • Kent Newman
  • Cedar Arts promotion--Kent
  • Cedar Arts Forum, 3:30
  • Robert McDuffie, 10th anniversary
  • Harvest, 1994, Chamber Music Ensembles
  • Arts advocacy--Joan Chalmers
  • Public arts projects:  Buster Simpson
  • Public art:  expanding visions in an age of compromise, Patricia Phillips
  • Public art on campus:  enrichment, enhancement, or basic element of an educational environment?, Lynette Pohlman
  • Public art, plenary panel discussion, Patricia Phillips, Ron Jensen, Lynette Pohlman, and Buster Simpson
  • The engineer-artist team approach, Ron Jensen
  • Continued plenary panel discussion


  • Daniel Stein, '81
  • Jennifer Langham and the Iowa All Stars, December 3, 1979, UNI
  • Nan Stillians, Tinka interview, '87
  • Sharon Daniels
  • Douglas Niedt and the Chamber Orchestra of Iowa, September 10, 1983
  • Ying Quartet, St. Paul Sunday, January 24, 1993
  • Unified Jazz Ensemble (2 cassettes)
  • Tedmuzik
  • Farewell concert, March 1, 1981
  • Entrevista on KUNI
  • JAQ, KUNI, Ann Day
  • Thomas Becker, guitarist
  • Joan DeVee-Dixon
  • Ted Piltzecker
  • Emile Beau Jeux
  • Canterbury Trio
  • Dustin Kolb, piano
  • Unified Jazz Ensemble
  • Ying Quartet
  • Nan Stillians, September 11, 1987
  • West High Chamber Orchestra, March 28, 1982
  • Dan Sullivan and Sharon Daniels, April 2, 1977
  • Sharon Daniels
  • Memorial service to celebrate the life of Raymond T. Forsberg, October 7, 1985
  • Joan Dixon, Mozart
  • Awele Makeba, Schares, November 6, 1990
  • Canterbury Trio


  • three art pieces

Processing Information

Collection processed by Gerald L. Peterson, University Archivist, with assistance from Student Assistant Jordan Ockerman; finding aid prepared by Gerald L. Peterson, November 2004-January 2005; modified,  February 2, 2015 (GP). Last updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, October 2017. Linear feet count updated on August 7, 2017.