American Federation of Musicians, Waterloo Local 334 and Oelwein Local 483 Papers, 1922-1993

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Title: American Federation of Musicians, Waterloo Local 334 and Oelwein Local 483 Papers, 1922-1993

Record Series: MsC-52

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Creator: American Federation of Musicians

Date: 1922-1993

Extent: 10 boxes (6.25 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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No restrictions. Materials are open for research.

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Paul Rider, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Northern Iowa and a member of the Waterloo local, gave these papers to Special Collections in the summer of 1997.

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Historical Note

Most of the papers are from Waterloo local 334, but there is a small collection of papers from Oelwein Local 483 as well.   The Oelwein papers had apparently been transferred to Waterloo when the Oelwein local ceased operations.

Scope and Content

Most of these records relate to membership and to the enforcement of union regulations.   The records give at least some of the history of publicly-performed music in the Black Hawk County area in the 20th century.  The strength of the collection is concentrated in the 1970s, but good membership records and basic local records extend back to the 1920s.  Faculty and staff of the University of Northern Iowa are well-represented in the records.


Box 1, Waterloo local 334

Folder 1: Waterloo Federation Constitution and Bylaws

Folder 2: Waterloo Federation minutes, 1933-1955, 1963-1972

Folder 3: Waterloo Federation elections, 1960, 1964-1978

Folder 4: Waterloo Federation newsletter, 1958-1979

Folder 5: Resolutions (passed)

Folder 6: Federation initiation fee, 1971-1976, 1980-1991

Folder 7: Correspondence

Folder 8: Correspondence, Waterloo Federation

Folder 9: Correspondence, political, 1988-1990

Folder 10: Waterloo Federation Scale of Prices, 1928, 1946, 1949, 1976, 1978, 1979

Folder 11: Midwest Conference of Musicians: Conference minutes, 1947-1974; 1979-1992 incomplete; General (including bylaws), 1953-1992

Folder 12: Congress of Strings, 1965-1978

Box 2, Waterloo local 334 contracts

Folder 1: Beaver Hills Country Club, 1979-1980

Folder 2: Broom Factory, 1977-1984

Folder 3: College Hill establishments, 1981-1983, 1989-1991

Folder 4: Colony Club, 1978-1980

Folder 5: Conway Square/Conway Civics Center, 1978-1984

Folder 6: Eagles Ballroom, 1978-1979

Folder 7: Electric Park, 1977-1990

Folder 8: Elks Club (Waterloo), 1977-1993

Folder 9: Holiday Inn (Cedar Falls), 1977-1980

Folder 10: McElroy Auditorium/Cattle Congress, 1978-1993

Folder 11: Porky's Red Carpet, 1978-1980

Folder 12: Quality Inn, 1980-1983

Folder 12: Que Lounge, 1975

Folder 14: Ramada Inn, 1977-1980

Folder 15: Red Fox Inn, 1978-1981

Folder 16: Shrine Club (Waterloo), 1977-1980

Folder 17: Sunnyside Country Club, 1977-1989

Folder 18: Supervisor's Club (John Deere), 1978-1980

Folder 19: Twin Torch, 1977-1982

Folder 20: University of Northern Iowa, 1977-1990

Folder 21: Waterloo/Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra, 1979-1992

Folder 22: Cedar Falls miscellaneous contracts, 1978-1990

Folder 23: Janesville miscellaneous contracts, 1977-1986

Folder 24: Waterloo miscellaneous contracts, 1977-1990

Folder 25: Waverly miscellaneous contracts, 1977-1980

Folder 26: Miscellaneous local contracts, 1977-1992

Folder 27: Travel engagement certifications, 1975-1980

Folder 28: Engagement reports

Folder 29: Work dues equivalents statements, 1973-1992

Folder 30: Per capita payments, 1946-1978

Folder 31: Performance payroll, 1974-1979

Folder 32: AFM Insurance, Mutual Benefit Trust, 1991-1992

Folder 33: Insurance Administration Service, 1988-1993

Folder 34: Musicians Insurance Trust, 1977-1986

Folder 35: Musicians Performance Trust Funds, 1974-1986

Box 3, Waterloo local 334

Folder 1: Membership and other accounts ledgers, 1922-1938, 1949-1963

Folder 2: Membership accounts, 1951-1962, 1972, 1973, 1978, 1980

Folder 3: Membership transfers, new members, suspensions, reinstatements, 1939-1950

Folder 4: Membership transfers, 1975-1979

Folder 5: Membership resignations, 1957-1980

Folder 6: Membership roster, 1992-1993

Folder 7: Life members, 1956-1969

Folder 8: Life membership applications, 1959-1978

Folder 9: Death assessments paid, 1930-1979

Folder 10: General ledger, 1941-1947, 1979

Folder 11: 10% Surcharge collection ledger, 1952-1963

Folder 12: Voucher ledgers, 1947-1961, 1972-1973

Folder 13: Application blanks, members A-Moc

Box 4, Waterloo local 334

Folder 1: Application blanks, members Mod-Z

Folder 2: Miscellaneous ledgers, 1970s

Folder 3: Auditor's reports, 1929-1950

Box 5, Waterloo local 334

Folder 1: Auditor's reports, 1951-1978

Folder 2: Record of dues, form B

Box 6, Oelwein local 483:

Folder 1: Constitution and Bylaws

Folder 2: Minutes

Folder 3: Federation initiation fee

Folder 4: Dues, 1966-1972

Folder 5: Work dues

Folder 6: Cash income, 1970-1987

Folder 7: Disbursements, 1954-1987

Folder 8: Music Performance Trust

Boxes 7 and 8, Waterloo local 334

All folders: Membership statement cards

Boxes 9 and 10, Waterloo local 334

All folders: Membership account ledgers

Processing Information

Material processed by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, Library Assistant Susan Basye, and Student Assistant Curt Hanson, and finding aid prepared by Susan Basye, October 1998; updated, January 30, 2015 (GP). Last updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, October 2017. Linear feet count updated on August 9, 2017.