Laboratory School General Artifacts, 1940-2012

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Title: Laboratory School General Artifacts, 1940-2012

Record Series: 21/01/11

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21/01/11 Laboratory School Artifacts, 1940-2012

Creator: MPLS

Date: 1940-2012

Extent: 14 boxes (10.42 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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No restrictions. Materials are open for research.

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This material arrived in the University Archives after the closing of the Laboratory School in June 2012.

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Scope and Content

The material in this collection consists of artifacts from the Malcolm Price Laboratory School.  It ranges widely from small awards medals to large banners that likely hung on Laboratory School walls.  It also includes several classroom artifacts. 


Box 1

Item 1
Medals with ribbons, medals 1 1/4" in diameter, red ribbon; Iowa High School Speech Association, with masked face theatrical logos (11 copies)

Item 2
Medals with ribbons, medals 1 5/8" in diameter, IHSSA All State Festival, masked face theatrical logos (5 copies with green ribbon, 1 copy with blue ribbon)

Item 3
Lapel pins, 3/4" X 1", orange, black, and white; N. U. High, Price Lab School, with panther (2 copies)

Item 4
Medal, 1 3/8" in diameter; American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Black Hawk County, 1976

Item 5
Lapel pin, 7/8" X 3/4"; theatrical masks, back-to-back

Item 6
Lapel pin, 1/2" X 1/2"; theatrical mask

Item 7
Lapel pin, 3/4" in diameter; crest, theatrical masks (2 copies)

Item 8
Buttons, various sizes, shapes, and styles; promoting reading and libraries, not specific to or produced for the Laboratory School (10 pieces)

Item 9
Homecoming buttons, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1990 (2 copies), 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 (8 copies), 2009 (2 copies)

Item 10
Buttons, various sizes, made specifically for and promoting the Laboratory School; including, Hello!  Welcome to Price Lab School; Expect the Best, MPLS, 1988-1989; Panther Spirit; Can't Hide that Panther Pride!; NUHS Panthers; 6-7-8 Middle School is Great!; Celebrate American Education Week; SLIK-12 @UNI.EDU

Item 15
Refrigerator magnets, circular, 5 3/4" diameter, plastic; orange, black, and white; Price Lab School, NU High School, panther (2 copies)

Item 17
Lanyard key chain, 21", black and orange fabric; NUHS, 2012

Lapel pin, AHSME, American Mathematics Competition, Honor Roll

Lapel pin, AHSME, American Mathematics Competition, Honor Roll of Distinction

Visitor passes, orange and black (2 pieces)

Box 2

Item 16
Water bottle, 8 1/2" tall, orange and white; NU and Panther paw printed on it

Item 11
T-shirt, black with white and green printing; IT-Adventures, Making it Fun, with Top Ten Things I Know About Information Technology (2 pieces)

Item 12
T-shirt, black with orange and white printing; NU Student Senate (4 pieces)

Item 13
T-shirt, white with black and orange printing; Without the N. U. Pep Band it's just a Game (3 pieces)

Item 14
T-shirt, orange with black printing; PLS Cyborg Panthers, iSTEM (4 pieces)

Item 18
Performance letters, orange and black:  (1) band emblem; (2) academic letter with academic excellence pin attached; (3) theatre letters, 6 large and 4 small; (4) academic  letter with academic excellence pin and 3 gold stars attached

Item 19
Banner, 43" X 33", white cloth with orange and black letters, orange and black fringe; NUHS, Since 1967

Item 20
Banner, 43" X 33", orange cloth with black letters, black fringe; SCHS, 1961-1967

Item 21
Banner, 43" X 33", black cloth with orange letters, orange fringe; TCHS, 1909-1961

Box 3

Automatic voting machine instruction model no. 12880, 14 1/2" X 12", steel, with handle, built by Automatic Voting Machine Corporation, Jamestown, New York; set up for the 1940 election with national, state, and local candidates, as well as local issues loaded onto the machine

Box 4

Northern University Chamber Orchestra, music holders:  violincello, stand 1; violoncello, stand 2; doublebass

Grant Wood:  his life and paintings, audiocassettes and filmstrips, International Film Bureau

Classroom science device, 12" X 16", aluminum and plastic, W. M. Welch Scientific Company; measurement of angles

Box 5

Space Dome Planetarium Projector, created by D. Louis Finsand, c. 1992

Box 6 - NOTE: Shelved in oversize area

Item 27

Item 145 (Amy #6)

Framed photograph, 20" X 22"; Malcolm Price

Box 7

Item 28

Item 141 (Amy #1)

Framed and matted photos, 19" X 23 1/2"; five photos matted in large orange and black frame, included in photos are Malcolm Price, Nancy Price, Ross Nielsen, John Kamerick, Laboratory School 90th birthday, May 17, 1974

Item 29

Item 142 (Amy #2)

Framed and matted photos, 21" X 24"; seven photos matted in frame, included in photos are Malcolm Price, Nancy Price, Howard Knutson, Ross Nielsen, John Kamerick, Laboratory School 90th birthday, May 17, 1974

Box 8

Item 22

Banner, 58" X 22", vinyl; Price Lab, NU High, Care & Excellence, Educating for Reflective Practice

Box 9

Item 26

Original Artifact Item 175 (Amy # 51)--(Gen Art # 30)

Banner, 80" X 20", laminated, purple, gold, and white; "Transforming Price Laboratory School into Iowa's Statewide Research and Development School"

Box 10

Item 25

Original Artifact Item 169 (Amy #188)--shelved in Oversize Area

Banner, 156" X 48", vinyl; Welcome to Price Lab Teacher Institute

Box 11

Item 23--shelved in Oversize Area

Banner, 101" X 32", vinyl; Price Laboratory School, University of Northern Iowa, PLS, Iowa's Laboratory School, Welcome Back to a New Year!

Box 12

Item 1--shelved in Oversize Area

Laminated poster, 37" X 121"; red paper banner laminated between clear plastic sheets.

Printed statement attached to red banner:  We the students, teachers, and teacher education students of Price Laboratory School/Nothern University High School at the University of Northern Iowa believe in and abide by the rights and responsibilities of the United States of America Constitution.  As students and teachers at PLS/NU High, we share the constitution with the rest of the public by modeling the behaviors, rights, and responsibilities given in the Constitution not only on Constitution Day but every day of the year.

Written by: Ana Tallakson, Emily Highnam, Andrew Stone, Jensen Horan, Judy Bleile, and Karen Engels.  Members of the PLS Middle School Senate.

Letters of "We the People" formed by small photographs of Laboratory School students.

Twelve sheets of student and teacher signatures attached to red banner

Box 13

Item 24--shelved in Oversize Area

Original Artifact Item 208 (Amy #196)

Banner, 54" X 36", white cloth with black fringe; Northern University High School, Little Panthers, with Panther figures

Box 14 - NOTE: Shelved in Oversize Area

Banner,  32" X 25", vinyl, white with black and orange print, "N. U. H. S. Class of 1983, Because they taught us ... Les Hale, James Welch, Margaret Merrion, Andy Mussel, Mark Ellis, We Believe in Music!"


Processing Information

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