Lantern Slides of Rural Schools, undated

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Title: Lantern Slides of Rural Schools, undated

Record Series: 10/01/01 [Box 37-42]

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10/01/01 University Relations Collection

Creator: ISTC

Date: Undated

Extent: 6 boxes (2.5 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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Scope and Content

The theme of the lantern slides centers on the country school in Iowa during its peak years and the role of the Iowa State Teachers College in the growth of the country school.

The 903 glass slides are divided into two categories: The country schools and the Iowa State Teachers College (ISTC). 

The country schools group is further sub-divided into two series: the lettered series, B-Y, and the miscellaneous series.  The lettered series illustrates the general life of the student in the country school room and shows scenes related to the daily functions and activities of the school.  This series also includes images of town schools.  The miscellaneous series includes photographs of Iowa country school buildings, school transportation, farm scenes, maps indicating schoolhouse locations, and interior photographs of rural schoolrooms. 

The Iowa State Teachers College group is also sub-divided into two series: the lettered series, A-E, and the miscellaneous series. The lettered series includes images of buildings on the I.S.T.C. campus, athletic scenes, students preparing to become teachers, the Campanile, etc. The miscellaneous series includes photographs of the nursery school at I.S.T.C., songs and cheers, main I.S.T.C. buildings, and portraits of both I.S.T.C. Presidents—Seerley and Latham.


Country Schools – Lettered Series

Box 1

  • B – Outdoor activities at a country school (8 slides)
  • C – Necessary equipment used in the county school (4 slides)
  • D – Student outdoor activities (22 slides)
  • E – Country school scenes of student groups, projects, and activities (22 slides)
  • F – Farm scenes in the school district (21 slides)
  • G – Pictures of different school buildings, a few school groups (29 slides)
  • H – Rural teacher groups, organizations, and activities; population chart for Iowa (24 slides)
  • I – A day in the district: Country school scenes (22 slides)

Box 2

  • J – Classroom activities (8 slides)
  • K – Female students working with food (1 slide)
  • L – Outdoor scenes or student activities (13 slides)
  • M – Harvested produce, classroom interior, students, schoolhouse (10 slides)
  • N – Students in outdoor garden (56 slides)
  • O – Students involved with activities dealing with nature and science outside the classroom (16 slides)
  • P – Students involved in farming (55 slides)
  • Q – Students working with chickens and ducks (6 slides)
  • S – Students with teacher outside of Sabin Hall (1 slide)

Box 3

  • T – Students farming and gardening (30 slides)
  • U – Town schools: horse-drawn buses, equipment, classrooms, teachers, graduates, athletics (127 slides)
  • V – Water cooler (1 slide)
  • W – Board of Directors, students (3 slides)
  • X – Students observing canned goods (10 slides)
  • Y – Students involved in agriculture (3 slides)


Country Schools – Miscellaneous Series

Box 4

  • a – School buildings in Iowa (81 slides)
  • b – Early school transportation and bus barns (38 slides)
  • c – Iowa state maps of school locations and school districts (12 slides)
  • d – Playground activities (9 slides)
  • e – Heating and restroom facilities (19 slides)

Box 5

  • f – Student classwork (45 slides)
  • g – Classrooms of various schools (45 slides)
  • h – Students in groups (41 slides)
  • i – Farm scenes (17 slides)
  • j – Sports: gymnastics, boys’ and girls’ basketball, locker rooms, gymnasiums (8 slides)
  • k – Unidentified (11 slides)


Iowa State Teachers College – Lettered Series

Box 6

  • A – Main buildings on campus (19 slides)
  • B – Library reading room, girls’ hockey (4 slides)
  • C – Sports (6 slides)
  • D – Students preparing to become teachers (9 slides)
  • X – Commons, band, Campanile (4 slides)

Iowa State Teachers College – Miscellaneous Series

  • a – I.S.T.C. nursery school (2 slides)
  • b – Songs and cheers (12 slides)
  • c – Unidentified (23 slides)
  • d – I.S.T.C. Presidents Seerley and Latham (2 slides)
  • e – I.S.T.C. buildings:  Wright, Old Administration, Auditorium, and Bartlett (4 slides)

Processing Information

Material originally processed, and finding aid prepared, by University Archivist Gerald L. Peterson, 1994. Updated for the web by Assistant Archivist Dustin Witsman, January 2015. Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, November 2017 and April 2018 and Archival Processor Tessa Wakefield, March 2020. Linear feet updated August 23, 2017.