Women's Studies Program Subject Files

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Title: Women's Studies Program Subject Files

Record Series: 12/11/01 [Box 7-11]

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12/11/01 Women's & Gender Studies Collection

Creator: Women's Studies Program

Date: 1969-1999

Extent: 5 boxes (6.25 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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No restrictions. Materials are open for research.

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Director of Women's Studies Susan Hill arranged for this material to be transferred to SC&UA in the spring 2002 semester.

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Scope and Content

This collection includes records pertaining to the history of the Women's Studies Program at the University of Northern Iowa. The folders begin in the 1960's and outline the development and achievements of the program over the next thirty years.

A significant portion of the history is recorded in the annual reports, beginning with the 1980-1981 academic year. Following many of the annual reports is a folder noting annual activities. The next major categories are the Women's Studies Advisory Board minutes, beginning in 1975; budget records, dating back to 1973; and the curriculum file, which shows how UNI faculty incorporated feminist theory into their syllabi as early as 1971.

Almost every year the program held a celebration to commemorate women's history. The tradition began by inviting a keynote speaker for an address in March and has since grown to a month long recognition of women's contributions to society. These materials are included in the Women's History Month files or the annual activities folder for that particular year.

Speaker's contracts and itineraries are located under the name of each presenter. Information on speakers engaged in conjunction with a larger complex of events might be filed under the title of that gathering. The program has sponsored conferences to educate the campus and the community on women's empowerment as well as strategies and techniques to combat sexism.

The International Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995 brought UNI onto the global scene of feminism. The university sent a delegation of women to the conference, who, when they returned, shared what they had learned from this symposium with the campus and the community. The twentieth anniversary of the Women's Studies Program, celebrated in 1997, also spurred several panel discussions and community outreach programs.

Director of Women's Studies Susan Hill arranged for this material to be transferred from the Women's Studies Program office to the University Archives in the spring 2002 semester. Public History intern Brenna M. Vogel worked with the existing order of the material, consolidated similar material, and took appropriate conservation and preservation measures shortly after the material arrived in the Archives.

Researchers interested in the history of Women's Studies at UNI may also wish to consult two other record series in the University Archives: Women's Studies Program Files, Record Series 03/10/03, acquired in 1999, and Subject Files, Record Series 03/10/02, a collection of publications and information on a broad range of women's issues, assembled by Women's Studies Program staff..


Box 1

Annual Report 1980-1981 Annual Report 1981-1982; Annual Report 1982-1983; Annual Report 1983-1984; Annual Report 1984-1985; Annual Report 1985-1986; Annual Report 1986-1987; Annual Report 1989-1990; Annual Report 1990-1991; Annual Report 1991-1992; Annual Report 1992-1993; Annual Activities 1992-1993; Annual Report 1993-1994; Annual Report 1994-1995; Annual Activities 1994-1995; Annual Report 1995-1996; Annual Activities 1995-1996; Annual Report 1996-1997; Annual Activities 1996-1997; Annual Report 1997-1998; Annual Activities 1997-1998; Annual Report 1998-1999; Annual Activities 1998-1999; Calendar of Events; Annual Report 1999-2000; Annual Activities 1999-2000; Annual Report 2000-2001; Weekly Announcements 2000-2001; Annual Report 2001-2002; Weekly Announcements 2001-2002

Box 2

Board Minutes 1975-1982; Board Minutes 1982-1985; Board Minutes 1985-1988; Plan for Women's Studies Board; Board Minutes 1988-1990; Board Minutes 1990-1992; Board Minutes 1992-1994; Board Minutes 1994-1996; Board Minutes 1996-1999; Board Minutes 1999-2002; Budget 1973-1982; Budget 1982-1983; Budget 1983-1984; Budget 1984-1985; Budget 1985-1986; Budget 1986-1987; Budget 1988-1990; Budget 1990-1991; Budget 1991-1992; Budget 1992-1993; Budget 1993-1994; Budget 1994-1996; Budget 1996-1998; Curriculum 1971-1979; Curriculum 1980-1984; Curriculum 1985-1986; Curriculum 1987; Curriculum 1988-1989; Curriculum 1990; Curriculum 1991-1993; Curriculum 1994-1999; Curriculum 2000; Curriculum 2001-2002; Women's History Day 1982; Women's History Week 1983; Women's History Week 1984; Women's History Week 1985; Women's History Week 1986; Women's History Month 1987; Women's History Month 1988; Women's History Month 1990; Women's History Month 1991; Women's History Month 1992; Women's History Month 1993; Women's History Month 1994; Women's History Month 1995; Sexual Assault Awareness Month 1997

Box 3

Kate Kasten 1984; Fatma Alloo 1986; Gillian Delear & Chris Hawkins 1986; Rosemary Ruether 1986 & 1999; Pat Mayer 1989; Dale Spender 1990-1995; Faye Ginsburg 1991; Adrien Wing 1991-1998; Leslie Havaron (Feminism & Acrobatics) 1992; Ellie Smeal 1992; Diane Rosenblum 1994; Amy Sheldon 1994; Cheris Kramarae (1994-) 1995; Rekha Basu 1995; Heather Dolphin/Catherine Farris 1995; Werner Fornos 1995; Tania Kamal-Eldin 1995; Michael Kaufman & Michael Kimmel 1995; Bruce Kellner 1995; Jael Sillman 1995; Linnea Stenson 1995; Mary Ann Tetreault 1995; Stacy Van Gorp & Tasha Meyer 1995; Stacey Wolf/Jill Dolan 1995; Teresa Barnes 1996; Karen Brown & Mama Lola 1996; Paulo Freire & Augusto Boal 1996; Paula Kamen 1996; Linda Lester 1996; Erica Rand 1996; Arlene Raven 1996; Evelyne Accad (& Cynthia Hahn) 1997; Ann Atwater & C. P. Ellis 1997; Susan M. Davis 1997 Frigga Haug 1997; Karen Vuranch 1997; Hafsat Abiola 1998; Sarah Schulman 1998; Charlotte Bunch 1998; Lisa Fischer 1998; Holly Hughes 1998; Melissa Malde 1998; U of I Speakers 1998; Yamila Azize Vargas 1998; Sue Rosser 1999; Rosemary Radford Ruether 1999; Roxie Tullis 1999; Rebecca Walker 1999; Ann Goetting 2000; Ruchira Gupta 2000; Elaine Tyler May 2001

Box 4

"Take Back the Night" 1980; Midwest Women's Studies Conference 1981; Questionnaire & Restatement of Minor 1982; Women's Studies Questionnaire 1983; Kedron Consort 1984; "Sex Equity in the Classroom" 1984; "Sex Equity in the Classroom" Budget Records 1984; Women's Studies 10th Anniversary Celebration 1986-1987; Diversity Week 1987-1995; UNI Marketing Students Report on; Women's Studies 1989; Introducing Women's Studies Panel 1990; 19th Amendment Society 1991; Educational Symposium 1992; Emma Goldman Exhibit 1992; Susan B. Anthony Presentation 1992; Expanding Options for Women 1993; "Take Our Daughters to Work" 1993-1995; UNI Woman Leadership Conference 1994; Status of Iowa Women 1995(?); Women's Suffrage Celebration 1995; Women's Suffrage Panel 1995; Spiderwomen 1995; UNI Women's Health Conference 1995; Activist Fair 1995-1996; Wittenmyer Sculpture 1996; Cyberspace Conference 1995; Beijing Conference 1995; Davenport Conference on Beijing 1995; Beijing 1996; "Act Locally, Think Globally" 1996; Beijing Teleconference 1996 [Folder #1]; Beijing Teleconference 1996 [Folder #2]; Expo 1996; Diversity in the Workplace Panel 1996; Women's Studies 20th Anniversary 1997; 20th Anniversary Museum Exhibit 1997; Museum Spending Record 1997; Communications Conference in Austria 1997; Beyond Our Doorstep 1997; Community Shapers Panel 1997; Different Dialogues 1997; "Using Oral History to Record Community History" 1997; Portraits in Progress 1997; "Raising a Girl in the '90s" 1997; International Women's Conference 1997; Potluck 1997; Treasure Hunt 1997; Status of Iowa Women Town Meeting 1997; Violence Conference 1998; Treasure Hunt 1998; Washington, D. C. 1998; Add Women Campaign 1998; Women's Studies Fall Reception 1998; Iowa Diversity Conference 1998; Self Defense Class 1998; Women Composer's Concert 1998; Fundraiser 1998; Treasure Hunt 1999; Career Planning Workshop 1999; Ice Cream Social 1999; Critical Writing Conference 1999/2001; Potluck 1999; Feminist Parenting Panel 1999; WSSAP 2000

Box 5

Women's Caucus 1969-1973; Handbooks Early '70s; Sex Discrimination at UNI (& Affirmative Action) 1970s; Women's Studies Publicity 1972-1976; Women's Studies at UNI 1972-1981; Faculty Survey 1973; Women's Studies Resource Center 1973-1980; Women's Studies Minors 1973-1997; Women's Studies Bibliography 1975-1976; Women's Studies Association 1976-1982; Regional Women's Studies Association 1977-1978; National Women's Studies Association 1977-1986; Women's Center - Cedar Falls/Waterloo 1978; Women's Center 1979; Women's Action League Pamphlets 1970s-1980s; Women's Studies Association 1981; Faculty Interest Survey 1981; Definition of Women's Studies Coordinator 1982; Women's Studies at UNI 1982-2001; Social Services Pamphlets 1983; Women's Studies Resources 1984; Women's Action League 1984-1985; Guidelines for Nonsexist Language 1984-1986; Publicity 1985; Women's Action League 1985-1986; National Women's Studies Association 1985-1987; Women's Studies Scholarships 1985-1989; 5-Year Evaluation of Director 1986; Search for Acting Director 1986; Women's Action League 1986-1987; Carol Morgan Application 1987; Donna Thompson Application 1987; Search for Director 1987; Women's Studies Scholarships 1987; Women's Action League 1987-1988; Example Newsletters 1987-1991; Martha Reineke Application 1989; Women's Studies Foundation Account 1989-1997; Women's Studies Scholarship 1990; Budgeting for Director's Replacement 1990; Gender Equality Association 1990-1995; Sandra Schnittjer Case 1991; Women's Studies Scholarship 1991; Women's Studies Graduate Assistantship 1991-1992; Women's Studies Scholarship 1992; Women's Studies Graduate Assistantship 1992-1993; Independent Study Major (Karen Wells) 1993; Leadership Studies 1993; Women's Studies Scholarship 1993; Women's Studies Potential Brochures 1993; Graduate School for Women 1993; Women's Studies Graduate Assistantship 1993-1994; Grace Ann Hovet AAUW Nomination 1994; 5-Year Evaluation of Director 1994 American Association of University Women - Cedar Falls 1994; Faculty Activity Reports 1994-1996; Women in College of Education 1996; Carol Morgan 1996; Advisory Board Assessment 1997; European Women's Historian 1997; HUNT (Student Feedback) 1998; Internship in Women's Studies 1998; Assessment 1999; Job Search for New Director 1999; Internship Reports 1999

Processing Information

Papers processed and finding aid prepared by Brenna M. Vogel, Public History intern, under the supervision of Gerald L. Peterson, Special Collections Librarian and University Archivist; January-April 2003. Modified: May 8, 2008 (GP). Updated by Library Associate Dave Hoing, November 2017 and February 2018. Linear Feet updated August 16, 2017.