James William Maucker Papers, 1920-2000

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Title: James William Maucker Papers, 1920-2000

Record Series: 02/05/01

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02/05 James William Maucker

Creator: Maucker, James William

Date: 1920-2000

Extent: 42 boxes (18.50 linear feet)

Repository: Special Collections and University Archives, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa.

Language: Materials entirely in English.

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Papers in Boxes 1-34 received by 1974 and in the 1970s and 1980s. Contents of Boxes 35-36 given by Doreen Weber, Dr. Maucker's widow, in 2008. The contents of Boxes 37-39 were given to SC&UA in 2009 by Ann Maucker King, Dr. Maucker's daughter.

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Historical Note

James William Maucker was born in Rock Island, Illinois, on September 16, 1912.  He graduated from Rock Island High School in 1929.  He attended Augustana College and graduated from that institution in 1933.  He received a master's degree (1936) and a Ph. D. (1940) from the University of Iowa, where he worked with E. F. Lindquist on educational measurement.  Following military service during World War II, he served as Dean of the School of Education at Montana State University from 1946 through 1950.

Dr. Maucker became President of the Iowa State Teachers College (now University of Northern Iowa) on September 1, 1950, and served in that capacity until June 30, 1970.  He then moved to Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas, where he served in a variety of administrative positions.  Following his retirement, he lived in the Nisswa, Minnesota, area.

Dr. Maucker married Helga Amelia Peterson in 1937.  They had three children: Ann, James, and Robert.  Helga Maucker died in 1989.  Dr. Maucker married Doreen Weber in 1993.  They returned to Cedar Falls in 1994.

Dr. Maucker died July 5, 2005.

Dr. Maucker presided over a period of extraordinary growth and development at the University of Northern Iowa.  Enrollment nearly tripled during his administration.  Many new buildings were constructed to accommodate this growth.  The institution itself grew from a teachers college to a university with a graduate curriculum.  And, at least for the last few years of his administration, the work was accomplished against the background of student protest and social upheaval.

Scope and Content

The arrangement of the papers reflects the incremental growth of the collection.  There is a certain amount of redundancy to the arrangement, with material on the same topic located in two or three places.  Consequently, researchers who are interested in a particular topic should be sure to look at the inventory of the entire collection.

This collection offers the opportunity to study Dr. Maucker in a professional, avocational, and personal light.  He was involved in all of the major developments and occurrences at the University of Northern Iowa for two decades.  He led the university during difficult, exciting, troublesome times that some faculty members still remember as a kind of Golden Age for the school.  He left his personal stamp on much of the history of that period.  But the papers in this collection from both before and after his administration offer a nice picture of his life out of the public eye. 

Also included in this collection is a scrapbook titled, "Teachers from Foreign Lands," which was a gift to President Maucker. The scrapbook was from a group of visiting teachers who came to ISTC during the 1952-1953 school year through a joint sponsorship with the United States Department of State. The goal was to build better relations between and among foreign countries and the United States. The scrapbook contains a dedication to President Maucker and staff, written by J. Francisco Rodrigues, captioned photographs of the group's various activities, and the visiting teachers' signatures.


Box 1: Biographical information



Biographical sketches

Helga Peterson Maucker (wife)

Awards and honors National Education Association awards, 1954-1957

Memos to self (follow-up of meetings, discussions)

Faculty Men's Club speeches

Newspaper articles of miscellaneous Maucker views and activities

Conferences, meetings, and offices

Resignation, December 17, 1969

Maucker T.V. remarks, April 22, 1970 (7" audio reel)

Testimonial dinner, April 30, 1970

James Lechay portrait of Maucker

Boxes 2-3: Addresses and reports, 1951-1970

There is a separate finding aid available in Special Collections which lists titles and dates of Maucker's addresses and reports.

Boxes 4-6: Official memoranda, 1950-1970

Most of these memoranda were sent to faculty and staff of the university, but occasionally to administrators, students, the Board of Regents and others, announcing plans, policies, and decisions.

Boxes 7-9: Correspondence, 1950-1970

Correspondence both to and from President Maucker over a wide variety of topics from 1950 to 1970. Most of these letters address appointments, salaries, staffing, and routine business matters. Some may contain information related to subjects in other boxes in the collection.

Boxes 10-17: Administration

Boxes 10 and 11 contain minutes of the two advisory boards to President Maucker. The Coordinating Group consisted of the administrative officers of the university. The name of the Coordinating Group was changed to the President's Cabinet in July, 1968. The Panther Round Table held monthly dinner meetings to bring campus student leaders together with administrative and faculty officers for discussions with the President. Student members included student government officers, residence hall presidents, Greek officers, and student publication leaders.

Box 10

Minutes of the Coordinating Group, 1951-1964

Box 11

Minutes of the Coordinating Group, 1965-1968

Minutes of the President's Cabinet, 1968-1970

Minutes of the Panther Round Table, 1962-1970

Box 12: Interinstitutional

"Presidents and Provosts" meetings and correspondence (I.S.T.C., S.U.I., and I.S.C.), 1957-1959

Future development of the 3 Regents institutions: reports and correspondence

Report to Regents--Enrollment, Student Housing and Dining, 1959-1969

Messerly study of universities' financial operations, June, 1969

Committee to Study Regents Universities, 1969

Iowa Braille and Sight-Saving School, 1968-69

Vocational-Technical Education, 1962-68

Boxes 13-14: Budget

Box 13

Budget reports to faculty, 1960-1970

Budget and legislative appropriations workbooks, 1953-1965: detailed appropriations requests of the State Board of Regents to the General Assembly.

Box 14

Budget and legislative appropriations workbooks, 1965-1970: detailed appropriations requests of the State Board of Regents to the General Assembly

Boxes 15: Organization

Including material about the history of the university, particularly related to the changes in name and status (I.S.N.S., I.S.T.C., S.C.I., and U.N.I.)

State support of higher education in Iowa

Chronological outline of legislative appropriations acts

The Governors of Iowa as educational leaders

The Founding of the College

Financial History of I.S.T.C. by Benjamin Boardman

Growth and progress at U.N.I.

Image of I.S.T.C. by G. H. Holmes, January 26, 1960

Attitudes of Cedar Falls community toward U.N.I., 1969

Box 16: Organization

Committee on Standards and Directions, 1958-1962

Committee on Administrative Reorganization, 1964-68

Administrative reorganization, 1954-1965

Box 17: Organization

Status change -- I.S.N.S. to I.S.T.C.

Status change -- I.S.T.C. to S.C.I. (1959)

Status change -- S.C.I. to U.N.I. (1965-1967)

Advisory Committee on Future Development minutes, 1965- 1966

Suggestions for name of new university, 1966-67

Social Science Department reorganization, 1969

Boxes 18-31: Faculty, Staff, Students

Box 18

Advertising in journals

Campus food services policies

Committee appointments, 1954-1970

Committee on Institutional Ego

Committee on Faculty Rank, 1968-1969

Confidentiality of student records, October, 1968

Curriculum items

Disability insurance plan, 1962

Doud Loyalty Oath

Epsilon Pi Tau controversy, 1956

Flags, Display of

Holiday policies

Non-discrimination in off-campus houses, 1961

Open meetings policy

Other policies and procedures


Retirement/insurance policies and plans

Salary schedules and regulations

Scheduling of events Sex differences in high school class rank, 1963

Socio-economic status of students at SCI, 1963

Solicitation policy

Student discipline policy

Student fees and student aid scholarships, 1961

Student-teacher ratio, 1961-62

Student volunteer services to community agencies

Tenure recommendations, 1959-1967

Boxes 19: Class Load Studies

Material used in preparing studies of semester class loads. Also included are memos and correspondence to and from President Maucker, Assistant to the President Pendergraft, Vice-President Lang, Assistant to the President Stansbury, and department heads concerning staff load.

Class Load Studies, Fall, 1957 - Summer, 1962

Box 20: Class Load Studies

Class Load Studies, Fall, 1962 - Fall, 1964

Box 21: Class Load Studies

Class Load Studies, Fall, 1965 - Fall, 1967

Box 22: Class Load Studies

Class Load Studies, Fall, 1967 - Fall, 1969

Box 23

Class size, 1928-1965

I.S.T.C. Analysis of teaching loads, 1957 and 1958

Comparative study of instructional loads, 1963

Faculty workload study, revised September 1972

Faculty turnover, 1947-1969

Employment status of married faculty

Military duty--faculty status

Policy for faculty members taking graduate work

Faculty evaluation

Faculty meetings

Faculty handbook

Report on faculty morale questionnaire, June 7, 1961

Professional Development Leaves, 1965-1973

Bibliography of faculty publications, 1960-1970

Establishment of merit system, 1967

Collective bargaining--withholding of union dues

Box 24

Faculty research applications, 1958-1962

Research experimentation applications, 1957-1962

Ford Foundation reports, 1966-67; 1967-68

Projects supported by federal government and private foundations


Faculty dismissal and grievance, 1951-1966

Grievance--Marjorie Campbell

Grievance--John Walton

Box 26

Colombian Exchange, 1961-1971

Exchange program, South Carolina State College, 1970

Cooperative doctorate with SUI and Drake

Sioux Empire College--merger request, 1968

Navy training program--survey, 1950

Grand View College proposal--three-year plan

Box 27

Academic freedom, 1952-1970: Policy for on-campus speakers and programs, 1964; 1968

Edward Hoffmanns case, October 1967

Hoffmanns case--Maucker's personal notes and memos

Hoffmanns case--Northern Iowan articles and policy statement

Hoffmanns case--news articles and editorials Maucker statement on academic freedom, October 1967

Community response

Faculty response

Student response

Student demonstration, October 19, 1967

Ad hoc advisory committee, November 1967

Chicago Area Draft Resisters (CADRE) 1968

Regents resolution on academic freedom (Carl Childress English assignment), January 19, 1970

Edward Voldseth "no-confidence" referendum, April 1970

Box 28

Minority Group Education (general), 1968-70

Minority Group Education (curriculum), 1968-70

Minority Group Education (students)

Minority Group Education (Waterloo center), 1968-70

UNI-CUE demolition, 1974

Committee on University Responsibility for Minority Group Education, 1969-1970

Afro-American Society--Key Hole Room, Union, 1969

Afro-American Society--"Black Student Demands," 1969

Ethnic Minority Cultural and Education Center, 1969-70

Box 29

Student sit-in at President's Home, March 16 & 17, 1970

Tape recordings of Advisory Committee discussing hearing procedures concerning student discipline related to sit-in at President's Home (2 7" audio reels, taped May 2, 1970)

Box 30

Teacher Education Conference (first Prospective Teachers Day), 1952

Colloquia on Teacher Education, 1952-1968

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education: reports and letters

Accreditation in teacher education: letters, Maucker reviews of articles on accreditation

Outline of reports to NCA

Survey of graduate students completing MA in Ed, 1964, on satisfaction with graduate programs/course work

Request for specialist program for superintendents, 1960

Council of Graduate Schools in U.S.:letters of application for membership

Central States Universities: letters

Box 31

All-college convocations

Founders Day--75th anniversary, May 1, 1952

Birthday party for UNI, July 1, 1969

Martin Luther King memorial service, April 8, 1968

Kent State memorial service, May 20, 1970

Boxes 32: Campus Planning and Development

Room utilization report, 1956

Campus grounds planning, 1960-1968

Policy on use of campus facilities by outside groups, March 3, 1960

Caudill, Rowlett, and Scott, Consultant Architects for Campus Development, 1967-1968: correspondence, reports of interviews and questionnaires on campus development

Naming and renaming of buildings on campus

Naming of buildings--Regents Complex

Naming of buildings--Russell Hall

Naming of buildings--Sabin Hall and Wright Hall

Naming of buildings--Tower Complex (Dancer & Bender)

Naming of streets, 1956

Campanile--addition of bells, 1965

Museum building, 1965-66

Civil Defense: fall-out shelter plan, 1963

Student Dormitories, Inc., 1967-68

Central Hall fire, July 22, 1965

Biology Annex fire, March 11, 1970

Dutch Elm Disease, 1957-1966

Box 33: New buildings and works of art

McCollum Science Hall--John Schulze mural, 1968-70

Maucker Union Lounge--Hu Hung-Shu light-relief, 1967-70

Maucker Union--Bob Lorr sculpture, 1969-70

Regents Dining Center--Edmund Whiting sculpture, 1965

Donald O. Rod Library, 1962-1964

Donald O. Rod Library--Ted Egri sculpture, 1963-65

Donald O. Rod Library--Ralph Haskell sculpture, 1963-64

Russell Music Hall--Donald Finegan sculpture and David Delafield mosaic, 1960-62

Towers Complex--Dale Eldred sculpture, 1970

Box 34

Film: "College President's Forum, SUI, ISC, ISTC" 1958

Box 35

Roy Behrens correspondence

Cullen Lakes Property Owners Association

 Lower Cullen Lake cabin

Emeritus Association

Family addresses

James Hearst

Robert Maucker (brother of James William Maucker)


Imperatives for excellence in teacher education, Third Charles W. Hunt Lecture, 1962

"A vigor whose uncoiling," in Frontiers in teacher education, Illinois State Normal School, Normal, Illinois, 1957

"Statement of the theme," presidential address of Strength through Appraisal, AACTE annual meeting yearbook, 1963

Box 36

Maucker family correspondence

Longevity study


Martin J. Nelson

John and Merle Peterson

Remarks to Class of 1960 reunion, 2000

Maucker Union remarks, 1998

Ross Nielsen memorial service remarks

Oppenheim sculpture remarks, 2000

Ted Soteroplos

Symposium Club

Tenure ideas

Thomas Thompson

Emporia tornado, 1974


UNI strategic plan, 1997

A second course in algebra, New York, Macmillan Company, 1957


Box 37

News clippings

Tributes and presentations to and by James William Maucker

Last will and testament, 1985


Elementary school and high school report cards

Rock Island High School Class of 1929 reunion, 1989

Journal, 1938

Wedding booklet, J. W. Maucker and Helga Peterson

Helga Peterson Maucker

Income tax form, 1943

Military service

Maucker portrait by Lechay

Addresses and statements, especially relating to academic freedom and professional ethics

Meiklejohn Award, 1968

Box 38


Correspondence--Emporia State University

Correspondence and reports--Cullen Lakes

UNI Foundation


Letters to family, 1988-2000

Christmas plans

Family history

Family poetry and recipes

Box 39

"Prediction of success in Advanced Officer Training Programs," in Personnel research, Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University Press, 1947.

Educational measurement, Washington, D. C., American Council on Education, 1950.

A first course in algebra, New York, Macmillan Company, 1955.

Answer book for A first course in algebra. New York, Macmillan Company.

Teachers' handbook to accompany A first course in algebra. New York, Macmillan Company.

E. F. Lindquist, "The Iowa testing programs; a retrospective view," Education, volume 81, number 1. (reprint)

"Implications of in-service education programs for teacher education institutions," in In-Service Education, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1957

Box 40

Rockety-I annual publication of the Junior Class, Augustana College and Theological Seminary, 1933; James William Maucker, managing editor

Measurement and evaluation of high school students' understanding of modern society.  Dissertation of James William Maucker, University of Iowa.  August 1940

Box 41

Alexander Meiklejohn Award, April 26, 1968

Box 41

"Teachers from Foreign Lands" scrapbook, 1952

Appraisal, Destruction, and Scheduling Information

The "Teachers from Foreign Lands" scrapbook was transferred from RG 23 Photograph Collection to the James Maucker Papers in May 2021.


Processing Information

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