Iowa Cooperative Study of Post High School Education, 1965 - 1967

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Title: Iowa Cooperative Study of Post High School Education, 1965 - 1967

Record Series: 01/01/01 [Box 31-33]

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01/01/01 Board of Regents Collection

Creator: Board of Directors for the Study of Post High School Education in Iowa  

Date: 1965 - 1967

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Historical Note

This study was organized by the Iowa Association of Private Colleges and Universities, the State Board of Public Instruction, and the State Board of Regents. Its purpose was to reassess each of the Iowan junior colleges’ and Iowan universities’ demographics and how to improve the overall quality of the universities in the state of Iowa.

The Board created eight different sub-goals for which separate committees were then assigned:

  1. To estimate the size and characteristics of post high school students. (Committee A)

  2. To determine the educational needs of post high school students and how to best accommodate them. (Committee B)

  3. To determine the areas of research and service which can be used most effectively and efficiently by post high school educational institutions. (Committee C)

  4. How to distribute the programs, research and service of post high school. education  among the present and future institutions. (Committee D)

  5. To determine the facilities needed to accommodate future students and programs. (Committee E)

  6. To determine the future staff needs of post high school educational institutions. (Committee F)

  7. To discover the best coordination and governance of education beyond high school. (Committee G)

  8. To find methods of financing post high school education. (Committee H)

Upon completion of the study, various higher education institutions in Iowa made some changes to their curricula and guiding philosophies. Junior colleges in the state emphasized the integrity of the university and its development and academic freedom. Iowa State University began to offer more majors in scientific fields. The State College of Iowa began to implement more non-teaching programs due to increased enrollment in these areas.

Scope and Content

This collection contains the plans, preliminary findings, committee notes, reports, and correspondence from the Iowa Cooperative Study of Post High School Education, which occured from 1965 to 1967. These print documents are a mixture of handwritten, typewritten, official, original, and copied content. Reports include both narrative content and numerical data.  Institutions involved in this study were Iowa State University, University of Iowa, State College of Iowa (now the University of Northern Iowa), the Iowa Association of Private Colleges & Universities, the State Department of Public Instruction, and the Board of Regents. Notable State College of Iowa members who contributed to this project were President J. W. Maucker (Chairman) and Dr. Marshall Beard. Once the study was completed it was delivered to the public.


BOX 1:

  • Folder 1: History, Purposes, etc.
  • Folder 2: Board of Directors
  • Folder 3: Consultants for the Various Studies
  • Folder 4: Areas of Responsibilities
  • Folder 5: Major Div. of Study
  • Folder 6: A Handbook for Committees 1965
  • Folder 7: Population and Enrollment Projections, Preliminary Report of Committee A
  • Folder 8: Committee A
  • Folder 9: Student Characteristics - Preliminary Report of Committee B
  • Folder 10: Post High School Programs and Institutional Functions, Preliminary Report of Committee C
  • Folder 11: Committee C
  • Folder 12: Faculty and Staff, Preliminary Report of Committee D
  • Folder 13: Committee D
  • Folder 14: Facilities, Preliminary Report of Committee E
  • Folder 15: Financing Post High School Education, Preliminary Report of Committee F
  • Folder 16: Economic Development and Manpower, Preliminary Report of Committee F
  • Folder 17: Committee F
  • Folder 18: Coordination and Governance, Preliminary Report of Committee G

BOX 2:

  • Folder 1: Recommendations of Certificate, Diploma, and Associate Degree Task Force
  • Folder 2: Complete Report of Certificate, Diploma, and Associate Degree Task Force
  • Folder 3: Tentative Recommendations of Articulation Sub - Committee    
  • Folder 4: Complete Report of Articulation Sub - Committee
  • Folder 5: Undergraduate and Baccalaureate Degree Task Force
  • Folder 6: Graduate and Advanced Professional Task Force
  • Folder 7: Proposal for Progress
  • Folder 8: Proposed Plan for Organization of Study of Iowa Higher Education: Data and Inv. Avdit - Replies from J.C. Cole
  • Folder 9: Proposed Plan for Organization of Study of Iowa Higher Education: Less than BAC Degree - Letter to the Pres.
  • Folder 10: Proposed Plan for Organization of Study of Iowa Higher Education: Reports to P & F - P & L Corresp.
  • Folder 11: Summaries, Conclusions and Recommendations of 5 State-wide Studies in Higher Education
  • Folder 10: Financing Higher Education in Iowa  

BOX 3:

  • Folder 1: Reports, correspondence, etc. [1]
  • Folder 2: Reports, correspondence, etc. [2]
  • Folder 3: Reports, correspondence, etc. [3]

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